The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 67!!!!!

Hey guys, fourth chap of the week, chaps have increased by approximately 50%, last chap of the week as well as the next 5 for next may be released for nxt year since my editor is still busy, so i have no more chaps reserved that are edited, anyway ENJOY!!!!!

Chapter 67


The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 66!!!!

Here’s the third chap of the week, and as expected i only have one more reserved chap that’s edited, so 1 more tom probably and then the rest would either be next week or in january (not sure yet), anyway in the holidays i’ll be out with fam (no chaps that week), ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 66

Jobhunt Time!!!!!

I won’t be releasing any chaps this week which is perfect since its been a month now that i have no job, plus my editors out this week anyway, so I’ll be focusing on finding a job this week, will come back nxt week, well it’s still better than being away for 1-3 months ahhahahah