Chapter 23-Cheer

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“Changan, did you tell master about it?”

“I already told him about the matter,” Changan said while drinking tea.

“His grandma! Mr. Jin had sent someone to spy on us, watch how I handle him. Now that master wants to become an average person we’ll have to be more careful. But this may be a good opportunity for master to come back.” Rei Li revealed a mischievous smile.

“Do you think master wouldn’t know?” Changan said disdainfully.

“Changan, don’t tell master. Otherwise, I’ll die miserably.”


“What’s the matter?”

“Sorry, I forgot to turn off my phone, masters has been listening.”

“What?” Rei Li jumped towards Changan, grabbing his phone and cried: “Master, I was just kidding you don’t really … … huh?” Hearing the sound of a busy signal. Rei Li couldn’t help but be surprised at that moment.

“I was joking, an environmentalist like me never shuts down his phone and instead waste battery.” said Changan while leisurely getting out of the room.

“Changan, wait for me!” Couldn’t even take a joke, Rei Li shouted.


“Senior, next month I’ll be participating in the city’s high school kendo tournament. Can senior come and cheer for me?” Rumi came one afternoon wanting to talk about the matter.

“What, the High school also has a kendo competition?” Masashi strangely asked.

“Yes, I’ll serve as the school’s vice general of the kendo club. Can senior come to see me?” Rumi said shyly.

“I’ll go cheer for you.”

“Truly? Thanks, senior.” Rumi was very pleased, making her hold Masashi’s hand.

“What time is the match?”

“The match is next Saturday, in Tokyo kendo hall.”

“Well, I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you, senior.” A bright smile can be seen on Rumi’s face.

“The little girl is always at home. I’ll ask Kazumi if she wants to go or not. She shouldn’t have seen this competition.”

“If Kazumi can go the better it will be. Senior, I made these cookies in home economics class do you want to taste it?” Rumi took out a something wrapped in paper bags in front of Masashi.

“Are you sure I can eat it?” Masashi took a cookie from the bag and carefully studied it.
“It’s good senior. I worked very hard to make it.” Rumi said.

After knowing Masashi for over half a month Rumi has gotten more familiar with him, allowing her to talk to him casually.

“You already have a criminal record. I was impressed with last week’s piece of cake.”

“Last time I accidentally put in mustard, this time, I was very careful. You can be rest assured.” Rumi said confidently.

“Class is about to start. I’ll eat it later. You should also get back to class.”

I’m sure many people want to try this kendo girl’s cooking. Masashi decided to find a scapegoat to taste it first.

It looks like people really can’t be perfect, she’s full of spirit when learning kendo, but really bad in cooking. After Rumi made a dish, Kazumi no longer dared to let her cook and just let her help. Masashi doesn’t want anyone else to be poisoned, forcing Rumi to come home with them every day for dinner, making the meal livelier.

“Well, I’ll go back first. Senior shouldn’t always skip class.” Rumi seriously scolded Masashi.

Masashi smiled and began to miss the past where Rumi was obedient and courteous.

After going back to his seat, several boys gathered around him.
Seeing their attitude Masashi couldn’t help but get a headache.

“So jealous, if Rumi can do this for me I’ll be satisfied, You really are a fellow that makes one hate.” Said a boy with envious eyes watching Masashi.

“Masashi, please introduce her to me ok? I’ll treat you at McDonald’s?” said another guy with a sad tone while kneeling down.

“I thought you said you were only friends with that kendo girl? You went too far. Why did you give me false hope? Damn you.” A boy in tears said.

“I haven’t done anything wrong to you seniors. Don’t go to me every time I hang out with Rumi. Let me off, ok.” Masashi shook his head.

“No!” Several boys said in unison.

“Oh right, Rumi just gave me some cookies, I’ll give you guys some. Do you want to try it?” Masashi took out a bag filled with cookies.

“Is that true? Give me one!”

“This is the legendary kendo girl’s hand-made cookies?” A boy with a trembling hand picked a biscuit and said excitedly.

“This is the cookie that the school flower made, also filled with the fragrance of her breath.” Another boy holding a cookie madly smells.

“This cookie represents my first love. I will always treasure it.” A boy couldn’t help and prostate to worship the cookie.

Looking at those crazy fans, Masashi exposed a demonic smile.

“Why are there so many people absent, where did they go?” Asked the teacher in class after counting the number of students.

“Teacher, they seem to have eaten something bad, they’re now in the infirmary.” The student leader stood up and said.

“They’re too careless, well, let’s start the class now.”

“Rest in peace.” Masashi’s mouth gently moved.

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