Chapter 24-Before the Competition

I’m having a collab with Subudai11, so check his stuff out. Love his project of “My beautiful Teacher”, I recommend it. I also recommend Coiling Dragon for any of those who haven’t read it yet, if not go read it you’ll get addicted to it fast. Anyway here’s another chapter I’ll probably post 3-5 chapters a week.

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Saturday morning soon arrived. Masashi, Rumi and Kazumi came to Tokyo by bus, arriving at the kendo hall where the competition will be held.

When they walked in, they saw the members of their school’s kendo club and several instructors were also there. The people nearby were from many other schools who were preparing for the competition.

“Hello sensei, hello Ma Fang nee. I’m sorry, I’m late.” Rumi bowed towards the Kendo Club Instructor Omura Kusakabe and said.

“No, you’re not late, we just arrived early. Did you have a good rest last night?” Omura said kindly.

“Thank you for sensei’s concern, I had a good rest.”

“That’s good. This school hasn’t been in the ranking for many years now, and hope we can fight for a good result.”

“I’ll work hard sensei.”

“Don’t give yourself too much pressure, just do your best.” The girl named Ma Fang said.


“Are these two your classmates?” Omura, noticing Masashi and Kazumi, said.

“Sensei, this is Gennai Masashi senior, with his younger sister Kazumi. They’re my most important friends, can they sit here?”

“But according to the rules only player or instructor can stay here, the others can only sit at the audience spot.” Ma Fang difficulty said.

“Can’t you bend the rules? I want senior to see my match up close to find out where I’m lacking.” Rumi continually pleaded.

“Oh, does your schoolmate also know kendo?” Omura said while looking at Masashi.

“I know a thing or two.” Masashi dismissively said.

“Since its Rumi’s request, all right, I’ll let them watch the game right here. Rumi, you should go and prepare.” Omura doesn’t believe in what Rumi said, Masashi is not likely a kendo master.

Rumi, hearing Masashi can stay, sat down very happily and started to introduce the history of Kendo hall with Kazumi.

Masashi, while listening to the 30-year history of the kendo hall, looked around. The entire hall was very spacious, with good lighting and paved with wooden floors. The place was filled with many people using bamboo swords and wore protective gear practicing, shouting constantly.

“Ma Fang, has Ogata’s group arrived yet? Have you informed him?” Omura looked at the table, a little worried and asked Ma Fang, the kendo club manager.

“I informed him yesterday. Something probably happened, making them arrive late. I’ll call his home to ask again.”


Ma Fang was just about to call when she heard a few boys come running out of breath.

“We’re late, sorry sensei.” A guy said.

“Ogata you’re the captain, how can you be late? And why are you guys late with him?” Omura said with a gloomy face.

“Sensei, we were up late last night in preparation for today’s competition, so I woke up late today, please forgive me sensei.”

“Is that so?” Omura looked at the other boys and asked.

“Yes, last night, we fell asleep at Captain Ogata’s place. We have been training until 12 PM. Please forgive us sensei.” Several boys said in unison.

“Alright, next time don’t be late. Also, don’t practice until late at night. Go prepare quickly.”

“Yes, sensei.” Listening to them, Omura’s face looked satisfied.

Looking at her students back Omura showed delighted eyes, Masashi smiled.

“Rumi you’ve come.” Ogata saw Rumi sitting with Kazumi and immediately rushed to them.

“Hello, Ogata.”

“You’re still so polite, when did you get here?” Ogata took advantage of the situation and sat beside Rumi.

“I arrived an hour ago,” Rumi answered quietly.

“Are this your classmates?” Noticing Masashi, Ogata asked.

“This is my senior, Gennai Masashi, and his younger sister, Gennai Kazumi. They came today to cheer for me. Senior and Kazumi, this is our kendo club captain, Mr. Xu, who’s now in his second year.”

“Hello, my name’s Xu Ogata pleased to meet you.” Ogata looked at Masashi.

“Pleased to meet you,” Masashi said.

Kazumi didn’t say anything and just faintly nod.

“Senior do you want something to drink? I’ll go buy some for you.”

“I’ll go buy it, you stay here and talk with Kazumi. Kazumi, you want coffee, right? Rumi how about you?”

“I want soda.” Rumi was impolite to him.

“Ogata, what do you want?” Masashi turned around and asked Ogata.

“No I’m not thirsty, and our Manager will prepare those for us.”

“Then forget it.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, im glad you can work together with subudai so in the future there will be no useles conflict between translator


      1. “You’re still so polite, when did you get hear?” Ogata took advantage of the situation and sat beside Rumi. Hear -> Here


      2. thanks, and it wasn’t that it was a worse one before, I put America instead of Rumi 4th to the last one “I want soda” America was impolite to him.


  2. “You’re still so polite, when did you get hear?” Ogata took advantage of the situation and sat beside Rumi. ——> Here


  3. Is there a race between you and Subudai11? Looks like he hurried up finishing the chaps cuz you are releasing chaps. He said he will only post once a week for Awakening.


    1. there’s no competition, we’re having a collab, and the one he posted are all my translation which he edited making it a lot better, so if you haven’t read it yet go to his site instead


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