Chapter 26-Quarter finals

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The afternoon matches finally continue. There was only a few school left as most have been eliminated, there are 20 teams left.

The Kendo club is strong but has only won two matches.

The instructor Omura was very pleased with her Kendo Club as they were able to get into the quarter-finals for the very first time. Rumi being made a vice-captain was a sagacious decision. This was a thought by a middle-aged man satisfied with his own decision.

While everyone was in high spirits, only Ogata was infuriated.
He doesn’t understand why such a beautiful girl such as Rumi is attracted towards this ordinary male student. No matter which aspect is mentioned, Ogata believes he is far superior than him, but even then Rumi still doesn’t see him.

Ever since Rumi joined the kendo club, he was captivated by this beautiful girl, which was then that he decided to get her.

But after more than a month’s worth of effort, Rumi still didn’t have any feeling towards him. Although she’s always modest and polite, he was still unable to be close to her.

Everyone can notice Rumi’s dependence and respect towards him. Either before or after the match, as long as there’s a free time she’ll stay at the boy’s side. She shows a kind of cute and joyful expression that many don’t see.

Looking at Masashi, Ogata’s anger grew fiercer and wished to ruthlessly attack him, while pretending to be innocent.

At the same time Ma Fang, the club manager was very curious about this guy named Masashi.

Together with everyone, Rumi listens carefully to the instructor’s lesson but acts differently in front of the man named Masashi. She hasn’t seen Rumi respect a person this much.

At other times, Rumi would talk to him very casually. But every time her match ends she would consult with him, revealing a look of respect towards him.

“Be careful with one of your opponent, Guang Yong, and if he beats you, then refer to them.” Masashi cautioned Rumi after one of those matches.

“Looking at Guang Yong’s matches, his attacks are ferocious and forceful, a very formidable opponent. Just that doesn’t make one very strong, why is senior telling me to be careful with him?” Rumi looks at Masashi with a puzzled look.

“Don’t you see it? That guy has been hiding his real strength.”

“What he has been hiding his power all along?” Rumi looks at her opponent surprised.

“Yes, regardless of the opponent he always shows a narrow win. If I am not mistaken, he’s not showing his strength because his goal is not the team competition, but in the individual competition. Such people are a formidable opponent. Guang Yong shows a lot of his talents, although quite fierce, his always wary of his opponent, so it will be very hard to win. However, he’ll probably only show his best in the finals. I didn’t think that there would be someone in high-school that would be such an interesting person.” Masashi exposed a playful smile.

“Isn’t this too sinister?” Rumi said discontentedly.

“Is it? I don’t think so. You think kendo should be a clean competition, but he wants to increase the chances to win his match. It’s just a question of personal choice. There is no absolute right or wrong.”

“Senior, I don’t really understand.” Rumi shook her head.

“I’ll give you a simple example, you like to drink soda, and Kazumi likes coffee, I like beer, the preferences of each one are not the same, do you think this is wrong? You might think that what he’s doing is sinister, but this is his own principle, just remember that. Do you understand now?”

“I understand, senior.”

“Since you already know that his hiding his strength, when facing him, don’t underestimate his strength, that’s what I wanted to tell you.”

“Senior, I will certainly do my best.” Rumi’s eye reveal a raging fighting spirit.

Masashi smiled, this lovely fellow is really pure.

Next, in the quarterfinals match, the kendo club’s opponent is from Chu private school. This high school kendo club is very famous in this region. They had also won the championship of the previous competition, making them a seeded team.

The competition was fierce, but the result is as expected the kendo club lost with one win and two losses.

Although they lost, several instructors such as Omura was very happy after all this is Kendo club’s best result compared to the past. Omura celebrated it with the others.

The next day is the individual competition which everyone anticipates the most. After all, high school students want to be famous. Just getting a good ranking in the individual competition, can cause a significant and sensational event on campus. Therefore, each player was imposing their threatening manner, showing their readiness to fight.

In order to pick their opponent, each picks a ballot, which is also an elimination competition. Rumi is in the fifth match. Ogata and another member, Ida, is at the eight and third match respectively.

Unfortunately, Ida’s opponent is the current best, Guang Yong, soon after he saw the draw he made a crying face.

“Ida seems very distressed.”

“Rumi, you’re laughing. You little brat.”

“Senior you’re talking nonsense, how can I laugh at people’s misfortune?” Rumi immediately protested.

“On behalf of my grandfather, I swear that I saw you laughing.”

“You think you’re good, Senior is bad.” Rumi was laughing.

Because Ida drew the third match, making him lose the competition in the first round. There was no suspense in the first round. Ida was against Guang Yong, so it was obvious he would lose the match.

Seeing Ida’s dejected look, Rumi was dispirited.

Masashi gently knocked her head saying: “Don’t be too compassionate ok? This lost might be a good thing for him. He needs to work harder, don’t you think?”

“Thank you, senior.” Rumi holding his hand, said softly.

“Well go and prepare for your match.”

“Senior, please wait a bit with Kazumi.” Then she went to the lounge to prepare.

Holding her equipment and bamboo sword Rumi went to the competition area, almost all the boys were looking at her.

As she was the only female competitor in this competition, added her cute and charming face, would naturally attract the attention of many men. No one was admiring her ability, even when she won her match as they believed that her opponents were just too weak.

After both parties wore their protective gear and performed the swordsman ritual, the match officially began.

Rumi’s opponent was Aso, a tall third-grade male. He immediately struck a pose. Combined with his height, he showed a very imposing manner.

Rumi wasn’t impressed, as he only put on a very ordinary middle posture.

Seeing that the opponent’s posture was very strong, made everyone worry about Rumi. Kazumi also nervously grabbed Masashi’s clothes.
The first attack came from the opposition Aso, like a tiger, he rushed towards her, attacking Rumi’s head.

While everyone was worried, Rumi swung her sword upward at the same time, cleverly breaking this fierce sword attack. Then ceaselessly swung her sword towards her opponent’s chest.

Aso, the opponent reacted fast against Rumi’s sword, and very awkwardly took a big step back to avoid her attack.

The whole process only took a second or two surprising everyone, Rumi’s movement was completely light like a charming butterfly.
Rumi voice could be heard as she continued her attack taking advantage of the gap that the opposition made. This sudden attack forced Aso into a corner without a choice, but to retreat.

This fight made people’s blood boil making them cheer loudly. As for other division matches, there was only silence.

“Hit and effective.” The referee waving his red flag cried.

Finally, Rumi hit the opponent Aso on the wrist, winning her first round. Immediately afterwards the audience claps can be heard.

“Brother, she won.” Kazumi excitedly pulled Masashi’s hand.

“Hitting the opponent so many times, she did well.” Masashi said with a smile.

In the second round, the opposition Aso immediately rushed towards Rumi after hearing the referee scream “Start”.

Seeing Aso’s fierce attack made Rumi sweat a bit.

“Brother, Rumi is okay, right?” Kazumi looked very worriedly towards Masashi.

“Rest assured, this level of attack she should be able to defend. As long as she gets through her opponents first round of attack, the opponent wouldn’t have a chance anymore.”

Kazumi looked at Rumi, and sure enough she didn’t show any panic. Although she didn’t know why, but she can see Rumi defending very well, constantly advancing and retreating.

“Rumi was brought up by her grandfather Nagakawa Kyuujirou’s rigorous training, although her female physique made her innate inadequate, whether it’s the speed or skill, she isn’t inferior to any adult. Seeing her skill, one can imagine how hard she worked, especially for such a girl like her.” Masashi sighed.

Kazumi thoughtfully watched Rumi. At the same time, the direction of the match gradually changed. Aso’s offensive strikes finally started to slow down, taking advantage of this change Rumi from time to time counter-attacked. After the opposition’s onslaught, the match became one-sided. Not long after Rumi effectively hit Aso.

Winning two rounds allowed Rumi to win her first match in the competition. The audience responded with a warm applause.
From that moment on, Rumi’s strength as a swordsman was recognized by everyone. No one treated her as a frail competitor.
When Rumi was returning, she was surrounded by her kendo club’s instructors and members, Kazumi took her hand, handed her a bottle of water, and then used her handkerchief to wipe the sweat from her forehead, in a gentle way.

Masashi smiled, it seems Kazumi does really look at her as a sister.
“You worked hard. You did well.” Masashi walked over and patted her head.

Rumi blushed like a small child who was suddenly praised by a person who rarely praises people.

Kazumi, looking at the scene, couldn’t help holding her laughter.

Rumi’s face becomes redder. At the same time, Ogata came from winning another match. Because almost everyone saw Rumi’s match, he was ignored. Accustomed to being the focus of attention, this was intolerable. But since it’s their favorite girl, there was no problem. But seeing the guy standing next to her made him feel very bad.

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