Awakening: Chapter 50-Launch

I’ve thought of my plan, and I’m gonna be trying to post at least 7-10 Awakening seeing that it got shorter, while I’ll probably post 2-3 Shadow Rogue, which will only be done in weekdays. On weekends I’ll be on break. here’s the new chapter. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everything happened in a split second. Everyone just saw Masashi suddenly standing up, instantly striking Maruo’s hand, and immediately kicking Maruo. In this way, the famous Tokyo Ripper fell to the ground motionless. The method was fast and simple giving people a kind of unreal feeling.

“It must have been terrifying, but it’s all right now.” Masashi’s hands gently touched Rumi and Kazumi’s face.

They stared at him for a while and suddenly bursts into tears.

After getting untied, the two girls hugged Masashi, four hands grabbed his clothes and a constant trembling motion can be felt.

Seeing them so scared, made Masashi feel a little regretful, and he should have just gotten rid of him right away.

In fact, Maruo had disguised himself well, at least until they went to his home, he didn’t find any problems with this man. But when Masashi tasted the guy’s cooking, he knew that this good man wasn’t actually good.

Although he didn’t know what he put, it was certainly not seasoning.
Maybe most people couldn’t taste any problem in the meal, but to this millennium old devil Masashi, it was a childish trick. His first idea was that this man may be one of the underground people or an associate that ReiLi mentioned. In order to confirm this, he pretended that he had fainted like everyone else. As he listened to Maruo, he realized that this guy was just an abnormal and paranoid person.

“It’s all right. It’s all right…..” Masashi kept repeating these words, as his hands gently stroke their hair.

After a while, the two girls finally calmed down, his hands still clutched at them tightly.

Masashi had no choice but to calm the two one by one.

Apart from Shizuko and her boyfriend, everyone gratefully thanked him. And because they were tied too long, they had a hard time standing. However, one thing of certain, everyone was filled with the joy of being alive.

“Gennai-san….” Clara cried as she said Masashi’s name while stumbling as she ran towards him.

“Are you all right?” Afraid that she might actually fall, Masashi’s hand held her.

Clara wanted to cry as she held him, but because Kazumi and Rumi were still hugging him, she had no place to hold.

“Clara, are you okay?” Murata also came over.

“I’m fine,” Clara said she looked profoundly at Masashi.

“The police are coming, let go down now.” Masashi didn’t want to get involve with the disputes between Murata and Clara and said with concern.

At this time, most of the students have gotten out of the room.

But suddenly, a girl screamed. Masashi looked back and saw Maruo, who was supposed to be lying down unconscious suddenly awake not knowing when he gained consciousness. The screaming girl hurriedly ran out. With her influence, others also followed her. Even Clara was forcibly taken away by Murata. At this time, there was only four people in the room: Masashi, Kazumi, Maruo, and Rumi.

The original arrogant man was now panting difficulty, along with a trace of blood streaming down his mouth.

Although he felt a bit embarrassed, he still wickedly looked at Masashi.

After looking at each other for approximately three seconds, and suddenly noticed a trace of joy from Maruo’s eyes.

“Too late, I want you buried with me.” Maruo burst out laughing.

To his surprise, Masashi had immediately held the two girls jumping out from the open window.

Seeing them disappear out the window, Maruo looked at the time bomb hidden behind the sofa, revealing a wry smile, saying to himself: “I’ve lost.”

After saying his last words, the bomb’s timer from “00:00:01” became “00:00:00”, and then saw a dazzling white flash….

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17 thoughts on “Awakening: Chapter 50-Launch

  1. Thanks for the chapter! This author’s writing style of this arc is… Well, it feels almost like someone told him/her: “Your pace is too slow! It needs more action and drama, immediately!” And on the next submission was told: “Good! Now end it with even more excitement!” Meh. I’m hoping it goes back to the smoother scene transitions like in earlier chapters. :/

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  2. This is literally the most cliffiest novel I have ever read. This novel has fully comprehended the heavenly dao of the cliff.


  3. Lol, I saw Maruo waking up moment he just left him there. Common sense man!! If guy who has done martial arts for who know how long doesn’t know that knocking out only works for while something is wrong -.-


      1. technically you wouldn’t know when someone will wake up, it’s not like he woke up right away. Plus he had other more important matters to attend to, like those frightened student so he would naturally not realize when he would wake up


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