Inverted Dragon Scale Chapter 19!!!

It’s out, and it looks a lot better than the rough draft that I always post. Anyway hope you guyz enjoy!

edited by warlord212

Chapter 19

editor’s thoughts:

Hi Everyone! This is warlord212, also known as THE SUPREME SOVEREIGN OF EDITORS! I am now aiding in this project by editing. I really like the story and hope you guys do as well. I am not perfect, since I am only a SUPREME BEING WITH NIGH INFINITE POWER, but I still make mistakes. So any grammatical error that you see, you should probably leave a correction (Or just call my attention to it) in the comments. I also work as an editor for World of Cultivation, so be sure to check it out. That is all for now. I hope you all continue to read and enjoy Inverted Dragon Scale. Bye!


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