No Awakening Today!!!

Well, it’s what the title says, nothing today, I’ll make up for it either on thurs or fri. Idk if there’s Awakening tomorrow, but it’s highly likely. The reason why? Need to do some extensive reading for my essay due on friday, god dang, need to read about 120 more pages and I need the reading done by tomorrow so I can start my 9 page double page essay. So sorry about that, but tom we’ll see if there’s one. But next week’s probably gonna be a lot better, as my sched would be a lot better than the freakin rushed up reading that I need to do, and I just started my class like on monday andnow I need to do 9 page, I hate my class. Again, sorry I’ll make up for it.


4 thoughts on “No Awakening Today!!!

      1. Damn, I hate essays :(, especially uni essays! They’re evil!
        Just writing 1.5k words filled with “intelligence” is enough to send me to the afterlife…



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