Awakening Chap 103 is out!!!

Hey guyz, blackace03 here! Another chapter, I actually quite liked this one, you should also see the new project I’m working on ‘The Almighty Martial Arts System’ probably gonna do that 2-3 times a week so hopefully it becomes more interestingly in the future, if it looks like it isn’t that good I’ll drop it, so hopefully it turns out good. Anyway, try it out, comment, and enjoy this new chapter!!!

Chapter 103-I hate Masashi’s male cousins


8 thoughts on “Awakening Chap 103 is out!!!

  1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    The Almighty Martial Arts System looks awesome from what I read on the synopsis but since you will release 2-3 times a week it will probably take a long time for people to really notice this novel.


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