Awakening Chap 105!!!!

No more Awakening Chap this week, as this chap seems like it more than works up for the three chap per week, this time it’s 4000 words long, so I probably won’t release 1 more chap of Awakening this week, plus I still have to read a book that should take me 2 days because it’s only a story-like book. Anyway, if I’m feeling motivated i might release another, but no promises, ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 105-Masashi really does have game!!!


7 thoughts on “Awakening Chap 105!!!!

  1. I would gladly enjoy the chapter but i will wait for the chapter 104 to be release first, sorry.
    Well thank you anyway, that mean i will have 2 chapter for the next release right? (104 and this 105)


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