Awakening Chap 121 is OUT!!!

Here it is guyz, the next chapter of Awakening, I’ll probably only do two AMAS this week and one SR. This one’s a major cliff hanger, so for those people who doesn’t want that, just wait for the next chap. Want More Release? Donate for Awakening 5/20, anyway here’s the new chapter, ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 121-Can’t say anything as I might spoil this chap




33 thoughts on “Awakening Chap 121 is OUT!!!

  1. Well that guy just signed his death warrant. Out MC going to turn him into a bloody mess. Even more so depending on how far he goes with her.


  2. Holy sh*t, it took me like 30+ chapter before I finally remember who this Junichiro guy is and how did he pop up. I always thought he is an adult on the verge of turning 30 for some reason.


    1. Nah.., Help come or too late he death for sure
      Lei and Naoko has prepared for blablabla day and when the time close this thing happen so uqh You know H.E D.E.A.T.H F.O.R S.U.R.E (not like i know)


  3. I hate when they don’t listen. What amount of stupidity is this. I thought she trusted Lei/Masashi to the utmost, now she thinks that captain dumbass (Junichiro) is an upstanding person who would never drug her. Forget about the time he hires thugs to save to try and be a hero, they would never do anything underhanded, just absolutely ridiculous.


      1. well given her character, you can’t blame her for not suspecting the drink ordered already had something in it. Then again it was fishy the moment someone gave him a drink as soon as he got there.


      2. But he never ordered it, you know like the servant girl knew he would be there. Though with her she didn’t really notice because she was surprised to see him.


  4. Things were just getting good too! I thought we might get more chapters before this happened. That was such a trashy cliffhanger it makes me so mad that i have to wait for next chapter. Lei better beat the life out of that trash.


  5. Well thinking about this the truth is there are some way this interpected
    -Wishfull thinking when her hear healed by Lei maybe it can make it more this and that and make it can resist some drug with small chance
    -in novel maybe there some passerbay who know Naoko sensei like when Naoko sister found Lei after funeral..
    -or uqh with so many subordinate(former?-IDK) and connection , there is chance for protection from the dark

    Akh… can wait next chapter until this End with good or bad.


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