Awakening Chap 124!!!!

Here it is the next chapter of Awakening, the last free chap of the week, but no worries I have one more release for this week as sponsored chapter. Anyway I have to go out since I still have a test, hopefully you guyz have a nice day with this release, this time it isn’t a major cliff, you should have seen my face when I saw you guyz comments for the seemingly NTR moment, but wasn’t when you guyz had seen 122, and for those that saw Naoko said in chap 122 that she’s dirty and stopped their you shouldn’t have as if you have continued there you would have noticed that Lei actually had someone protect her behind the scenes, so shame on you for those who didn’t continue 122 and thought the author would do such a thing. Anyway, ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 124


7 thoughts on “Awakening Chap 124!!!!

  1. Thank you.. for the chapter…

    Ah.. so sad for the life of phoenix

    hope he can find away to forcibly control his fate

    For LOVE nothing is impossible

    Evolve from phoenix to ouroboros


  2. A nice twist in case his ‘shell’ changes is he isn’t re-incarnated too far in the future and he gets together with Naoko again. Imagine the hardships he has, to meet her again. It would be pretty good. Though he may also just come back alive If that happens I feel we’ll learn some pretty cool stuff.


    1. Ah.. can he reincarnate in then past (5-10 year) so he will pull string of fate
      and make twist of plost, so when he gone (the young) he(the MC) will find naoko
      Ah.. such good imagine


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Is there a reason for the non-translated part at the end? Is it something missed or the raw of the chapter?


    1. oh no that’s nothing, because it had 4600 words, I divided it into two, the other half I did yesterday and the other half which you see is the left over that I pasted on microsoft word and translated a while ago. thnx I’ll take that off


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