SR Chap 95!!!

Hey guyz as promised another chap of SR today,and here it is. Wow this fight is taking a long time to finish, I still don’t know when their fight would end, since I don’t read ahead. As I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention it again, please consider turning off your adblock as well as donating (more SR releases) to support this site. There will be 2 SR, 2 Awakening and possibly 2-3 AMAS per week. Anyway hope you guyz enjoy!!!!

edited by I. and R.

Chapter 95


9 thoughts on “SR Chap 95!!!

  1. Honestly with your translation speed, there is no point in translating this novel. I’m not being an a**hole it’s just the truth


      1. Someone who can’t understand logic and thinks I’m talking shot about somebody else 😑. This novel has 3000 chapters and the translator is doing 2 a week at most. Do simple math and you will know it’s pointless to translate this with that speed.


      2. obviously I know that, but you also have the option of not reading it, plus Awakening is like half way to being done, that’s when SR would at least release more


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