Awakening Chap 160!!!

Hey guyz, here’s the first chap for Awakening this week, there will be one more and as I’ve said before I’ll only be releasing 2 chaps of awakening per week since it had gotten twice as longer than the ones in the past. As well as please consider turning off adblock and donate (for more releases) to support this site. Anyway, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 160


9 thoughts on “Awakening Chap 160!!!

  1. Well this was probably the first time I thought a chapter in this novel was complete garbage :/ 1/10. Why the fuck would he go there for revenge and randomly start playing basket with him? I can accept him waiting with his revenge if he doesn’t want to affect his public life but he could easily go to the other guys home and cripple him if he felt like, same for the person who was behind the whole thing. This was truly a complete garbage chapter…


    1. it’s not like he knew the guy right away, he still hadn’t investigated the guy and just went straight towards him instead of getting an information, so it’s understandable that he’d go to the basketball court where he actually knows where the guy would be, as for the other person, he still wasn’t sure if it was really her behind it, he thought that she might not do such an extreme thing


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