The Almighty Martial Arts System: Chapter 10!!!!

Here it is, the long awaited chap, for this week I’m thinking of focusing on doing this novel, so idk if there will be any chaps for awakening this week. As for donating for this project, I’m still not sure if I should put one or not, as many people probably isn’t even infatuated by it. And also I’m still in need of an editor/s, for those interested please contact me at  Anyway here it is, hope you guyz ENJOy!!!!

Chapter 10


8 thoughts on “The Almighty Martial Arts System: Chapter 10!!!!

  1. book an appointment three days in advanced
    advanced -> advance
    and was very please
    please -> pleased
    it was clear the they had skimp on the job and stint
    skimp – skimped. stint -> stinted
    as there exist a small
    exist -> exists
    there were village houses that was
    was -> were (cause its houses)
    nature color roof tile
    nature -> natural ?
    few thatch house
    house -> houses
    arrived a bit late
    late -> later
    would have only caught sight
    -> would have caught sight
    These scenery, was almost
    ->This scenery
    Her hands that was
    was -> were
    Not to be a dick but these are my suggestions for edits to the chapter
    Thanks for the chapter :D, i am liking this series


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