The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 12!!!!

Here it is, another chap for another day. The same as yesterday, I still need one more editor for this novel, so for those interested contact me at my email Also please consider donating to keep this site up (and more releases), as well as consider turning off your adblock. Anyway, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 12


8 thoughts on “The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 12!!!!

  1. Suggested edits:
    bankcard, he thought of the
    of -> that
    Jiang Fei, is unable to do so.
    is -> was
    possible. His Clinical business, wasn’t
    possible, his clinic. It wasn’t
    acupuncture and moxibustion treatment
    woman fell for her
    her -> him ?
    As a result, this three years, the two didn’t have any fight.
    …these past three years…fights. Maybe use sparks if its supposed to imply their relationship is bad
    months ago, and was still
    was -> were
    this young sucuuba
    sucuuba -> temptress? succubus
    Thanks for the chapter 😀


    1. well technically at that time he just got fired, so he actually do anything to stop her. And I mean she just didn’t want her bloodline to struggle just like in the past, so she prioritizes her career more than him, but as for whose right or wrong I just don’t know, i don’t want to be bias and say it was the fiance’s fault and the mc wasn’t at fault, but yeh i can see why she focuses on her career more who would want his/her own bloodline to feel the pain of starving and such


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