The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 35!!!!

Hey guyz, here’s chapter 35 this one i’ve changed my style, so hopefully u guyz would notice the significant changes between this chapter and the previous one, I’m pretty satisfied in translating this chapter, so hopefully u guyz enjoy! Next chap will be released tomorrow.

Chapter 35


3 thoughts on “The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 35!!!!

  1. I think this should be all Jasmine not Jiang Fei right?

    ““Careful, don’t hit anything….” (Jiang Fei)

    “The TV you hanged is a bit crooked, go a little bit to the left, then up…..” (Jiang Fei)

    “Oh, this wardrobe shouldn’t be in this room, quickly carry it out….” (Jiang Fei)

    “The sofa doesn’t look good here, from a different angle….” (Jiang Fei)

    “Hey, Jiang Fei, the table you bought is so beautiful, but the last time I remember, you didn’t choose this, ah! Wait, wait, why is the great glass door in the kitchen not opening? Don’t tell me it’s broken? Oh, you need to pull it, sorry, my mistake….” (Jasmine Lin)

    “There are a few potted plants, now where to place it? The balcony should be good…”(Jiang Fei)

    “I don’t like the blue curtain, should we change it to white?” (Jiang Fei) “


    1. honestly im not too sure myself, at first i thought it was jasmine lin, but then it was mentioned in chapp 36 that he was mostly the one that did the arrangement of the house, so i honestly don’t know, well it could be her just decorating her room or something, but then i don’t think she even has her own sofa in her own room


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