The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 73!!!!!

Hahahaah had to go out yesterday to take a test which i failed btw, i can’t believe they’d test u in situation as an employee to see how u react, such a stupid test, still kinda pissed, but anyway here’s chap 73

Chap 73


10 thoughts on “The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 73!!!!!

  1. Did they summon tsunami or earthquake or something? Might be just fire though :v

    YES! You have no idea how much of a cliffhanger that the previous chapters made me feel.


  2. thanks for the chapter, but the cliffhanger here is to much aghhhh!!! will we get a ch in monday i cant wait this one will be intresting


      1. shit bro is it that bad from what subject did you fail? will you pass the year? what happend way did you not study…. btw are you a highschooler or colege student?


      2. i finished university, its a test for a certain job im currently applying on, its called situational judgement test, where they score you with regards to how you act in certain events in day to day workplace


      1. well all i can tell you is good luck next time hope you find a job you like…. and dont quit translating lol the story is too good to end here i will cry for long time 😦


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