The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 74!!!!

Here’s a chap for this week, still kinda down and depressed after failing a test that determines my attitude at work, but here it is anyway, as for the nxt chap idk when its gonna come out yet. For now ENJOY!!!

Chapter 74


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      1. I’m happy for you since that’s the case but translate the next chapter when you can please I really like this novel and your translation!!!


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  3. Chapter 75 (not the best translation but decent):

    Almighty martial arts system body 075 face is earned on their own
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    Ye Zhennan’s legs finally got consciousness. This result shocked everyone. Jiang Fei did not immediately stop acupuncture, but it took another few minutes before pulling out from the back of Ye Zhennan. Immediately afterwards, he placed other acupuncture points on his body, or stimulated or nourished the legs of Ye Zhennan.

    Half an hour later, when Jiang Fei pulled the silver needle from the Yongquan hole at the foot of Ye Zhennan’s foot, exhausted Jiang Fei was considered to have completed his current treatment. At this time, Ye Zhennan’s shock was greater than that of others. In the process of giving him acupuncture, Jiang Fei’s feelings of his legs became clearer and clearer, although it was far from the normal legs, but this kind of good The change is no doubt given him great hope.

    Jiang Fei is indeed likely to heal his legs!

    Even if we walk far from the ground, we still have a long way to go, but I believe that as long as Chiang Fei gives him acupuncture every other time, his legs will not recover long enough.

    Didn’t Jiang Fei say it last time? His legs were acupunctured twice a week, and after one month they could be completed.

    “Well, let’s go to bed and rest.” Jiang Fei handed the silver needle to the nurse next to her, and took a clean white veil and washed her face in the basin before ordering Ye Yuanyuan: “This sanitarium should be There is a Chinese medicine with good massage techniques? Call one, wait a while, I teach him a set of massage techniques, let him help Ye Lao general massage once a day, morning and evening, this is helpful for the illness.”

    Ye Yuanyuan is already very surprised She did not expect Jiang Fei to really treat her grandfather’s legs!

    This is really incredible. Now she is truly admiring Jiang Fei and admired.

    This young man, who is not older than her, is even bigger! It’s an enchanting ah!

    Ye Yuanyuan is not the antiques of the Chinese Medicine Society. Now she thinks that Jiang Fei is called the “king of Chinese medicine needles.” This is not an exaggeration at all!

    When she heard Jiang Fei’s words, she wanted to say that let Jiang Fei massage her grandfather himself every day? If she had before, she would definitely ask for it.

    But now, in her heart, Jiang Fei naturally has a feeling similar to ‘respect’, at least already seeing Jiang Fei as equal to her.

    Jiang Fei is not a doctor in this sanitarium, nor is it a famous doctor in the Chinese Medicine Society who enjoys various preferential allowances for the country. He has not even worked in a state-run hospital, but he has just opened a small clinic. Therefore, Jiang Fei seems to have no obligation to attend her grandfather.

    He was able to help her grandfather to see the doctor twice a week. It was already an extra job to massage and massage such a trivial matter. If other doctors could do it, Jiang Fei really did not have to come by himself.

    Soon after, Ye Yuanyuan informed a senior Chinese medicine doctor at a nursing home to come to the ward. Under the guidance of Jiang Fei, he began to try to use this special massage technique to massage Ye Zhennan’s legs and dredge blood.

    The doctors who can work in this sanitarium are not waiting for the rest of the family. Even if it is inferior to Qin Zhengming and Yu Qingsong, the famous doctors of the Chinese Medicine Society, they can serve as attending doctors in any big hospital outside. Therefore, Jiang Fei taught for a few minutes, this doctor can follow Jiang Fei’s request, did not give Ye Zhennan legs massage massage.

    At this point, Jiang Fei’s work today was completely completed and he breathed a sigh of relief.

    All the people were expelled from the ward, so that Ye Zhennan had a good rest, leaving only the masseur to give him massage.

    Jiang Fei’s eyes glanced at the side of Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming. Several senior doctors were very old. They looked at their faces and they were embarrassed, surprised, and lost. Jiang Fei’s tired face could not help but surfaced. A smile.

    Don’t guess, these old men who were once arrogant in their hearts at this time are not very happy in their hearts, or else their faces will not look worse than crying.

    Today’s incident is really not a blow to several of them. It is feared that even the self-esteem is hurt. In the future, the estimate will be depressed for a while and it is embarrassing to guess.

    In particular, to see Jiang Fei afterwards, you have to evade the sanshe.

    One by one they looked down on Jiang Fei and thought that Jiang Fei was absolutely impossible to cure Ye Zhennan’s legs. Jiang Fei actually used his actions to give them a slap in the wrong concept!

    Let them feel hot old face pain, wait for them to wipe their faces and hide them into their pockets!

    If they were lost to a respected old god doctor, they did not think there was anything. But now they lost to a little-known boy. The doctor’s medical skills are obviously more than just a few points better than they are. What makes them feel awkward?

    Therefore, although several people feel shame and distress, but watching Jiang Fei’s eyes, but it is involuntary with unfriendly means.

    However, there is no first place in the literature, and Wu does not have the second place. In fact, the doctor is no second!

    Competing between doctors is like a martial arts person competing against martial arts. Winning is winning, losing is losing, and winning is easy.

    Even if they couldn’t be reconciled, they would not be convinced, but the result was obvious.

    It was Yu Qingsong who felt that the sanitarium couldn’t go on. When it was time to leave, Jiang Fei suddenly ‘hahaha’ smiled. Some of them just jokingly quipped: ‘How do you do it now? Do you think it is difficult to do it?’ ”

    Three days ago, Jiang Fei predicted that he should be shameful and difficult.

    Now is the time to make predictions come true.

    Jiang Fei is always respectful to the elderly. For example, the old general Ye Zhennan, even if he is not so noble, Jiang Fei also respected him.

    However, for some of the old guys who like to rely on the old, old, Jiang Fei is not so polite. Such people must use the youth’s vitality and impact to give them a good lesson and let them know why the future world belongs to young people!

    Three days ago, the attitude of this famous doctor of the capital, Jiang Fei is now clearly remembered.

    Yu Qingsong heard that she suddenly blushed. Although she had won or lost, he said with a strong wink and said, “What is it? Ye Laojun now only says that his legs feel a bit too far, and he’s far from recovering from his legs. Very much! Who knows what accidents will happen when you are treated in the future?”

    Jiang Fei did not have time to say anything. The next Ye Yuanyuan quit when he heard this.

    “Hey, what do you mean? Are you looking forward to my grandfather?” She had no idea that there was no way to cure her grandfather, but also to watch the lively old man.

    Now these people still dare to speak bleak!

    Yu Qingsong heard a jump in her eyelids. Ye Jia but he did not dare to offend.

    He shook his head quickly and explained: “Miss Ye, I don’t mean that… Just… I admit that this Dr. Chiang’s medicine is really good. But he is too young and lacks experience. You don’t know, for Ye Lai’s general acupuncture central nervous system. , is a very dangerous thing, do not pay attention to it will lead to a disaster. I think that he lucky enough to succeed, but has been let him later to Ye old general medical treatment, I am afraid there is something wrong.”

    Ye Yuanyuan’s cold face was like the queen of an iceberg airport when she faced Jiang Fei for the first time. She coldly said: “Let him not cure him, can you let it cure?” Then he asks himself. Self-answered to disdain: “I would like to let you rule. But you have the ability, dare to rule it?”

    Yu Qingsong heard almost did not blow up the mustache, almost did not fainted!

    This woman really does not give them face at all.

    What a shame!

    He never lost such a big person in his life!

    Qin Zhengming was angry but said: “But…”

    “Nothing but this is so decided. Didn’t you just listen to my grandfather yet? Let Jiang Fei come to rule!” Ye Yuanyuan was impatient. Waved and interrupted them directly.

    Jiang Fei couldn’t help but nodded at the side. He was very satisfied with Ye Yuanyuan’s performance and his heart was very lively. This woman is still very good at doing things.

    Face this matter, to the man to do it on the line. However, it is better for the deaf to do it for women.

    There is a saying how to say?

    I am responsible for hitting people, you are responsible for people!

    Jiang Fei did not know whether he wanted to add oil or vinegar, or wanted to persuade him to say: “No matter how you say, people are also famous doctors of the Chinese Medicine Society. Can you give a little face to others?”

    Ye Yuanyuan grinned and said something very classic: “Face is on I earned by myself, not by others!”

    After that, she smiled and looked at Jiang Fei. A pair of water-sculpted eyes bent into the crescent moon and asked, “The last time you said that I had treated my grandfather twice a week was “When is the next time, I still come to pick you up!”

    Chapter 76:

    lmighty martial arts system body 076 owes a person
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    On the eucalyptus tree near the pond, it was known that the voice was calling for the summer; on the swing beside the bushes, only the butterflies stood on it.

    After the end of May, the weather became hotter and hotter in the blink of an eye, and it was already summer. People living in the city could not stand the heat and began to use air-conditioning. However, in the mountains and rivers of Daocun, the weather was Still suitable. Even if the sun is full at noon, as long as it is not exposed to the sun’s rays, to find a shaded place to hide, it will not feel hot.

    Jiang Fei sneaked in. After closing the clinic door early in the afternoon, he drove to the village of Dao. He was not ready to return to Jincheng this evening. He rested one night here. Of course, Lin Jasmine who has been busy these days will not be able to relax with her.

    A large number of fruit trees planted by Jiang Fei have been thoroughly rooted and germinated after several times of irrigation and fertilization. The branches began to gradually grow and become thicker. The seeds of the vegetables that have been planted, the buds have already broken through the soil, barely grow upwards, and the vines are lush and flourishing.

    Waiting for another one or two months, these vegetables will almost mature, and Jiang Fei will no longer have to sell vegetables in the vegetable market.

    In the evening, Jiang Fei made good food early on. After a full meal with Lin Ma-li, she led Simba and went out on the picturesque country road and began to bend.

    In Daocun, a scenic area with a scenic view of Grade 5A, it can be countless times more powerful than roads and roads in the city. The scenery is beautiful and many times, the air is also clear, the sky is blue, and walking on the road can smell the sweetest ‘natural’ taste almost at any time. If on a sunny day, when the sky is dark, you can see the blinking stars.

    “Jiang Fei, you Tibetan Mastiff is too fast. It was only a little more than a month ago when you had just bought it. Now it grows bigger than my family Xiao Huang!” A village aunt Looking at Simba, asked in surprise.

    “I heard that Tibetan mastiffs look like lions. Now it does not seem to be true at all.”

    “Where. When I was in Jincheng last year, I also saw a Tibetan mastiff. It was still adult. It didn’t look like a lion. It was a big gap. I think Jiang Fei should only be a different species.

    ” “Yeah, that is, Jiang Fei just looks like this and you know that it’s not an ordinary Tibetan mastiff. Maybe it is a Tibetan mastiff!” After

    Jiang Fei and Lin Moli walked around in the village, they saw the villagers of Simba were all surprised and surprised.

    Jiang Fei is naturally quite proud of this. The current Xinba rally is indeed a little outrageous. He is now bigger than an ordinary adult dog. In particular, the long hair on the neck of his neck immediately added awe-inspiring attributes to it. It looked too uncommon and deterrent.

    Usually many of the village dogs in the village are very ferocious. If there are other dogs, as long as the owner does not say hello, the dogs will keep on scampering and provocative. But every dog ​​in the village saw Simba, and he never dared to brush his teeth!

    Now the status of Simba in the dog is really like the position of a lion in the prairie. No one dares to provoke it.

    After wandering around the village, Lin Jai-li, who was running around these days rather than Jiang Fei’s treatment, was much more relaxed. He took Simba’s rope and asked, “When are you going? The school recruits doctors? I have already got all the documents together. I’ll wait for you to call the doctors. We can officially open the Chiang Kai-shek Museum.”

    Jiang Fei is also quite concerned about this matter. Do not want to drag too long. Then I thought for a moment and decided under the clapping board: “Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I will go to school to recruit people.”

    If the hospital is opened, his clinic can be closed. As for the rent of the clinic facade, Jiang Fei still owes the bank a butt debt, but it really does not take this rent into sight. With his present ability, it is not difficult to make money. The most important thing is to live comfortably and have fun.

    When Jiang Fei decided to open a private hospital as early as possible, he had already begun to inform patients who came to the clinic to visit the doctor. He would not be able to open the clinic for a long time, and he would transfer the place to open a small private hospital. This news has long been circulating among the patients. Jiang Fei has opened the hospital at any time. There is no need to worry because it is too sudden and there are no patients.

    “So fast?” Lin Ja-li was a little surprised. Jiang Fei, a bit lazy personality, was really uncommon when she was anxious to do something.

    Jiang Fei sighed and said, “It’s not for me! It doesn’t work hard. I have to go to the suburban nursing home twice a week for the last month. I can’t always waste it. Wait a month and I’ll take the Ye Lao’s double After the leg is completely cured, consider the hospital again?”

    When it comes to this, Jiang Fei’s eyes suddenly become somewhat meaningful, and Lin Mao smiles and asks: “You said, I’ve helped Ye Yuanyuan’s grandfather to spend so much this time. If you have a lot of energy to cure, isn’t it worth asking for a little reward? You can’t give it away for free. Ye Yuanyuan said every time this woman says whatever she wants, she can promise. She said so, I didn’t know exactly What is the condition for the mention of this!”

    Lin Jai Li looked at Jiang Fei with a good breath and said, “What are you lacking now? What do you want to say to yourselves?”

    The two people who know the basics will not need to be loaded with ethical and honorable gentlemen in front of each other. Now.

    Just as it was between the two husbands and wives, they had already frankly met each other and both knew each other clearly, what ideas should be said, and what kind of energy was there.

    To do something to pay is a matter of righteousness and righteousness. Lin Jai Li naturally won’t think that Jiang Fei is too smart because Jiang Fei had such an idea.

    Because she knows that Jiang Fei actually doesn’t mean anything at all, but in fact, in many ways, it is still a good deal. At most, it is a little belly chicken intestines.

    “We seem to be very short of money now. Can we just let me give her a random number of 10 million?” Jiang Fei said.

    However, he soon shook his head again. “But, I think it is a bit too common to raise money with an old general. In fact, I mainly think that they are a family of soldiers and they are not huge merchants. They are certainly sure. There is no shortage of money, but let them suddenly come up with too much money, it is not appropriate to estimate it?”

    Jiang Fei did not understand what the Ye family in the end, do not understand Ye Zhennan the old generals more honest.

    However, if you want to come to the top of the military and the government officials, whether you have money or no money, you must certainly not be exposed. Money can only be dressed overnight, or else it will be a big deal. Therefore, Jiang Fei is now short of money and is not suitable for Ye Yuanyuan to pay too much medical expenses.

    He didn’t lose much less.

    More, he was very sorry, it is inconvenient …

    Lin Jai Li did not tease Jiang Fei this time, but very seriously thought about, said: “Then let them owe you a favor.”

    “Human?” Jiang Fei The brow slightly wrinkled, generally speaking he does not like this thing.

    He does not like to owe others, nor does he like people to owe others. Human debt this stuff, the most likely to make the relationship confused. Even the best friend, after having owed him, is prone to become unfamiliar.

    However, he also thought carefully and thought that if an old general owes his own affection, it seems to be quite good. At least, after encountering many official troubles in the future, they are not afraid to solve them.

    “Well, let them owe me personal feelings. If we then encounter Gao Hengyuan, a long-looking son of my brother who is looking for trouble, I don’t have to shoot it. I’ll just make a phone call and let Ye Yuanyuan lead a group of soldiers carrying submachine guns! “Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    Of course, this is only a joke, Jiang Fei is not stupid enough so naive.

    Even if the old general Ye Zhennan owed him a favor, he even owed him a life. However, if he really does, there is no lower limit, and the Ye family is treated as a subordinate who he can command at will. I am afraid that the other party will not be able to recognize people directly.

    Chapter 77:

    Almighty martial arts system Text 077 Alma Mater
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    Jiang Fei is lazy, but he does not have lazy bed habits. He usually gets up early in the morning. This is the habit that the younger grandfather who was asked to be very strict when he lived with his grandparents from Xiao Jiang Fei.

    When he was in college, only six people in the dorm were able to get up at 7:30 in the morning and then go to the playground to exercise and insist on eating breakfast. The other livestock in the dormitories, even if they were two swashbucklers at the time, would have been able to sleep until ten o’clock in the morning before they could get up and get up.

    Go to the wooden house beside the pond and open the three aerators in the pond. The water spray like a fountain is in full bloom on the water surface. The fry that has grown up in a circle has emerged from the water to absorb oxygen. It is not scared to see anyone coming. This is the picture that can only be seen in the summer morning.

    Jiang Fei took a deep breath of fresh air from the rice village, and after two laps of running by the pond, he was full of energy and returned to the villa to start breakfast.

    Breakfast is very simple, green lean porridge, and then with a few samples of Chiang Fei carefully pickled pickles and sauce. These delicious Jiang Fei Jincheng rented houses have natural stocks in the village of Dao Village.

    When Jiang Fei cooked the lean porridge of green vegetables, Lin Jai also got up and went downstairs.

    Long-haired shawls, wearing a veiled nightgown and slippers. A very homely home, completely feels like the hostess of her home, and she doesn’t mind wearing pajamas in front of this man.

    It is not that Lin Jai Li is not reserved. On the contrary, when Lin Jae Lie is facing outsiders, she is very careful about her own image. Whether she bends over or squats, she will strictly protect her easy-to-go position.

    A woman will only lay down all her guards when facing a favorite man. When a man thinks that they don’t know that they are eating tofu with their eyes, the shrewd woman has seen it for a long time, but she hasn’t spoken it yet.

    Lin Moli walked next to Jiang Fei, who was chopping vegetables. He smelled the rich scent of the lean pork porridge that was rising from the mist in the pot. He sipped and said, “Well, it’s so fragrant! Jiang Fei, I live with you. It’s so happy!”

    Lin Jasmine is a tall, slender woman with a slender shoulder. After all, how can a woman with a net height of one-meter and seventy-two and a weight less than one hundred pounds?

    However, although Lin Jai-li has a fine shoulder, her buttocks are very plump. According to Jiang Fei’s grandmother’s claim, such a woman is well-nurtured and she will be born with a son.

    “How do you still wear pajamas, and don’t you come back to Jincheng after a while?” Jiang Fei looked at Lin Ja-li’s dress and his eyes were involuntarily on Lin Ja-li’s buttocks, and the two under the pajamas showed half of the white cheeks. Jade legs stayed for a moment.

    “Today, the clinic doesn’t open again. You go to your alma mater to recruit doctors. What am I going to do? Maybe it’s better to take a day off here in the village of Dao.” Lin Lili stretched and said.

    Now that the weather is getting hot, it’s heat waves coming back to Jincheng. Even if you hide in an air-conditioned room, it’s not so comfortable. It would be better to stay here like a natural oxygen bar and enjoy the pleasant temperature of the rice village.

    “Well, whatever you like.” Jiang Fei said, shaking his head. Several exquisite dishes were served on the dining table. Lin Jasmine also had two bowls of lean porridge and the two began eating breakfast.

    Lin Ja-li did not make any makeup on her face at this time. Even the most basic eyebrows were not depicted. Her appearance was still exquisite. The skin of her white cheek was not worse than that of a 16-year-old girl.

    However, Jiang Fei sat next to her but could smell a sweet smell from her body. This taste is different from any kind of perfume that Jiang Fei smelled. It is not the smell of shower gel after bathing. Although it is faint, it is fascinating.

    To be a celebrity chef master, the nose must be very spiritual, and the taste is very sharp, so Jiang Fei now smells the smell of Lin Ja-li’s body very clearly.

    “This woman, is it the legendary body fragrance.” Jiang Fei could not resist living in the heart.

    He was embarrassed to ask this directly. Asking a woman if she has body scent is too verbose.

    Not long after breakfast, Lin Jasmine picked up the dishes and Jiang Fei drove back to Jincheng and went straight to Jincheng Medical University.

    Although Jincheng Medical University is inferior to the elite schools like 985 and 211, it is definitely top-notch among the two. In particular, some of the school’s seven-year majors are even more professional, and the annual admission score is even more than one, not the proportion of this university.

    Among them, the two specialties of acupuncture and massage and Chinese and Western medicine clinical science are the majors of the seven-year reading. Students who come out of these two majors, as long as they have a normal career, are generally not at a bad level. They certainly are not quacks.

    This is one of the reasons why Jiang Fei is looking for a doctor to come to Jincheng Medical University. It’s not just because of his mother’s complex.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the Medical University, it was not at ten o’clock. Jiang Fei did not park outside the school and drove the car directly to the parking lot in front of the school building.

    Ten o’clock in the morning, for a university, it is the time when the day has just returned to life. Many students have only just gotten up, and even some people still lie in bed to make up for games overnight.

    It’s not time for class, but Jiang Fei can still see off the campus road. Many men and women holding books are rushing to the classroom and run like the wind. Jiang Fei was familiar with this situation, and he often did so. Most of these students are not because they are too late to attend classes, but most of them are noticed by the students to send text messages to the teacher, so they quickly set off from the dormitory to the classroom.

    Of course, there are also many men and women who come out from the school building with a flirtation. This is a student who has skipped classes before class.

    Looking at this picture, Jiang Fei could not help but smiled, put Buddha time reversed, returned to when he had not graduated three years ago. At the time of his undergraduate studies, he did not skip class so much that several brothers in the dormitory helped him answer.

    “It’s a very memorable year!” Jiang Fei smiled and walked toward the office building.

    Although I rarely returned to school after graduation, the last time I came to school was almost a year ago. However, he had lived here for four years. He is still familiar with the office building of the teaching building.

    Office building on the fourth floor.

    Third Clinical Medical School Office 403.

    Jiang Fei, an instructor at the time of college, was here at Tian Shanshan. When Jiang Fei knocked at the door again after many years, Tian Shanshan sat on an office chair and immediately stood up and smiled and called him.

    Tian Shanshan is not a tall man. He is a middle-aged man with glasses who is 50 years old or older. He estimates that he will bring two more students and he should also retire.

    “Jiang Fei, you came! Come and sit!” Tian Shanshan grinned with a grin.

    In this fairly large office, there is no one other than Tian Shanshan. The university office is not like high school. There is no office for general classroom teachers. Only the counselor or the leaders of the college or the government and education department can have an office.

    And these people generally do not come to the office. All the long-term employees in the office are assistant assistants. For example, today, if Jiang Fei did not say hello to Tian Shanshan in advance, he would come to the school to recruit people. At this time, Jiang Fei was also not at the office.

    “Mr. Tian has not seen it for years. You are still so young.” Jiang Fei also said with a smile. When he saw the instructor who had not been seen for many years, more university affairs had come to mind.

    “Failed, people are old. After bringing this class of students, they should retire at most one more time.” Tian Shanshan waved his hand and greeted Jiang Fei sitting on the sofa and said: “You do it first, I will give you a bubble “Cup of tea.”

    Jiang Fei quickly stood up and stopped and said: “Do not bother! Teacher Tian, ​​this time I came to school to recruit people. I was already in trouble. You shouldn’t be too kind to me. You still think of me as the original one.” Because Hangke, the students who have been found in the office to talk to you will do it…”

    “Oh, your kid…” Tian Shanshan smiled and shook his head. Jiang Fei’s words reduced the two years of birth. Got down for a while.

    After five or six minutes, a graceful girl came in and said, “Mr. Tian, ​​a student from TCM College came to the conference room.”

    Tian Shanshan nodded and said to Jiang Fei: “Let’s go, we’ll go to the conference room. The conditions of treatment you set out are so high. After I noticed it, even the students of the Chinese Medical College who are still studying at the Master’s University have a lot to offer…”

    “Good.” Jiang Fei followed up.

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