The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 74!!!!

Here’s a chap for this week, still kinda down and depressed after failing a test that determines my attitude at work, but here it is anyway, as for the nxt chap idk when its gonna come out yet. For now ENJOY!!!

Chapter 74


9 thoughts on “The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 74!!!!

  1. hmmm long time has past what happend did he die(joke) or something will we get a ch in monday hope we do monday is a bad day for me its the day we sstart school and its my birthday ( should be a happy day right but) schoool starts in 2 a clock and im 2 h away from my school 15 min walk bus 30 min train 1h then i walk (5-10min) to school so there no real time to have a party becouse there is no fucking time when i come back home and it all week like that so sad only a chapter of this novel can help me hope when i come home you will finish 1 ch 😦 (btw i did want to do it in night in a club or something but im not 18 and have overprotective perents)…


    1. dude its not like this is my work, and for your information translating novels give u close to nothing, i mean u only get paid by wordpress an amount enough to cover only a few food expenses, in other words there is not much incentive to do much work


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