AMAS: Chapter 1 (Edited Version)-Jiang Fei

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There was a clinic doorway diagonally opposite of them, it had a long line as people one after another came to see the doctor running the clinic. Jiang Fei took a look at his own desolate clinic doorway which was unable to seize even a single sparrow, he couldn’t help but shake his head, a helpless smile was plastered on his face.


“If this continues, sooner or later I’ll have to close this clinic down!”


“Closing this clinic is fine. However, this façade had been rented for 1 year, and it hasn’t even been three months yet. It’s fine to close the clinic, but what other business can I do?”


Standing in front of the door to his clinic, the person sighed, he had melancholically waited there for half an hour since spring and autumn, but he still hadn’t seen any patients come, this had made his legs somewhat numb, thus Jiang Fei bitterly returned to his clinic, and turned on his computer to continue playing his game.


Another idle day!


Jiang Fei was 25 years old this year, he had graduated from a second-grade Medical University three years ago.


After graduating, and through the use of his family’s relations as well as many hardships, was he then able to enter a big ophthalmology hospital.


In China, ophthalmology was the most profitable medical profession.


The so-called ‘gold eye silver tooth’, meant that ophthalmologists earn gold, while dentists earn silver. Doctors of these two profession make money real fast, earning tens of thousands a month was a normal occurrence.


Compared to cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology still make money, but earn money faster. Although these professions have high pay for each operation and can earn over a thousand dollars. But since they could only do it once a day, so their total income isn’t too high.


Ophthalmologists were different, an eye surgery could be done in a matter of minutes, moreover oen could even do a dozen of such operations in a single with no problems at all.


One can just imagine how much money those kind of doctors earn.


After graduating Jiang Fei got in this very substantial money making department for nearly 3 years. And although he hadn’t purchased his own house yet, but nevertheless he had already bought a ¥300000 Jeep Compass, and had even saved up hundreds of thousands in his bank account.


Every time there was a school reunion, his classmates would always be jealous of him, thinking that he was filled with success, that he was a life winner.


Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, three months ago, Jiang Fei was dismissed from the hospital he was working at. The reason was simple, he had offended the son of the hospital director, and as expected they tried to find all kinds of excuse to dismiss him.


“This is just messed up! Good people really don’t end well. If I had known earlier that doing business was this hard, at that time I wouldn’t have been hot blooded, and meddled in other people’s business!”


Jiang Fei turned on his computer while he resentfully talked to himself.


After being dismissed from the hospital, Jiang Fei continued to ponder for several days, and had decided to open his own clinic, making himself as his own boss, so as to avoid receiving other people’s anger again.


Doctors in this industry is still very popular, after all, no matter what happens, there would always be people that are sick needing medicine to cure themselves, so doctors wouldn’t starve to death.


Moreover, when you go grocery shopping or buy some clothes, you would always be able to negotiate the price with the owner of the shop, and if you think that it’s expensive than you can choose not to buy it.


However, if you go to the hospital to see a doctor, one is always unable to bargain with the doctor, right?


He never wanted this kind of rule again!


Thus Jiang Fei inquired about the prices of the medicine to his former university schoolmates, and found that opening a clinic was also quite profitable. Treating small wounds, slight illness, cold, fever, anything, and so long as one can pick the right location for his clinic, earning tens of thousands a month wasn’t a problem.


Jiang Fei at that time succeeded!


Anyway, he used a little of his money that was in his bank, and used almost ¥200000 to open his own clinic.


In the two months that he started, the clinic’s profit was indeed very good.


There were quite many community residents nearby, and since there weren’t that many clinics near the place, he was able to earn ¥6000 for the first month, and after the second month began, the clinic’s reputation went up allowing him to earn almost ¥10000!


He thought that things were going to continue smoothly, and that he would continue to have a happy life enough for him to live comfortably, but an unforeseen event had suddenly occurred.


At the beginning of this month, at the street opposite of Jiang Fei’s clinic, a clinic opened up completely resembling his clinic, it had directly affected his business!


And in less than a month’s time, he wasn’t able to get a single customer, and was robbed of it.


After a month, the ¥10000 that he earned, was now being used to make up for the rent of this façade!


“Isn’t that pretty? Isn’t it just like them to get infatuated a white gown with a huge Chinese-style unlined garment, black silk leggings and high heels?  Are you buying medicine, or showing off smiles!”


Jiang Fei stood up to get a cup of warm water.


That’s right, the doctor across the street, was a 30-year-old graceful young woman. Her looks were an 8/10, plus she had a very lovely figure, to the point that children were even willing to buy soy sauce from her, she also maintained a 28-year-old maiden’s appearance, making her pretty and outstanding all at the same time.


She had a pitch-black long hair, and would always wear a high ponytail, but the most hateful part was that she also likes to put on black leggings! Even if their medicine were mediocre, but with her looks and dress together, it was like a strong buff.


Jiang Fei’s looks were only a 3 and a big 5 in unrefined, so how would he be able to compete against this kind of graceful and attractive young woman?


Losing wasn’t even a surprise!


If it weren’t for considering the opposing party to be a divorced mother who had to take care of her own child, having a not so easy life, Jiang Fei wouldn’t have been considerate and would have already used a bit of his few tricks.


In fact, according to rumors that came from the patients, the prescriptions given by the young female doctor were a bit better than Jiang Fei’s….


He effortlessly opening the game.


Since there was no business, after Jiang Fei opened the door to his clinic just like usual, he would spend most of his time playing the game called ‘Knight-Line’.


‘Knight Line’ was based on the novel of the elderly Jin Yong, but it had also merged numerous characters of various novels, making it a mix martial arts game.


This game wasn’t hot, as there weren’t many people playing the game.


Jiang Fei hadn’t considered being a pro and making money out of it, but he still threw himself back and forth nearly going in the ocean 1000 times, as if he was trying to have fun.


But even after throwing 1000 times into the ocean, Jiang Fei still found himself in a pit.


After he had exchanged money for gold coins, he bought rare skill books and equipments, as he wanted to become a first generation world martial arts master, and getting prestige in the game.


The result was that his game account was hacked in the past, but the equipment as well as the rare skill books that he had bought wasn’t sold, rather the person used his game character and raised all kinds of skills that his character possessed.


For example: forging weapons, planting, cooking, gardening, playing piano, wine-making, summoning beasts, have all been substantially risen.


Opening the game, his character appeared in a manor, as a series of prompts emerged.


“Ding! Your high grade grass spirit ‘seven-leaf rosette’ matured!”


“Ding! Your high grade wine spirit ‘Liquid Nectar’ has been brewed!


“Ding! Your summon beast ‘Xiao Bai’ through your comfort overnight, loyalty had reached 100%!


Jiang Fei’s right hand held the mouse, as he quickly collected the fruits of his labor, while holding a cup at his left hand as if he wanted to have a drink.




Someone patted his shoulder from behind and said: “Doctor, doctor! Time to play a game!”


The cup on Jiang Fei’s left hand trembled, sprinkling a few drops of water on his laptop’s keyboard, quickly affecting it, Jiang Fei immediately took a paper towel to wipe it, but it was too late.




The laptop’s screen flashed two times, and went completely blank.


Jiang Fei didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but when he used the paper towel to clean the keyboard, he felt a tingling current going into his body, that had made his body temporarily paralyzed for a tenth of a second.


“Jasmine Lin!” Jiang Fei turned around and stared at the woman who patted his shoulder, he held up the blank screened laptop: “You see what you’ve done!”


A person in a beige sweater, not much shorter than Jiang Fei, a 1.8m woman behind Jiang Fei could be seen, her smile froze.


“Is it broken?” Jasmine Lin somewhat weakly replied, afraid that she would be scolded.


Jasmine Lin was a natural beauty, that lived up to her good name. She had a white oval face, and eyebrows as if it had been drawn, as well as eyes that shone radiantly. She had bright big eyes, and was a woman that didn’t need fake eyelashes and other such cosmetics to make people’s heart beat faster.


Especially her cherry mouth, with a slight pout, any person would yield, making anyone no other choice but to restrain himself from being angry.


“Beautiful women are the source of trouble, really troublesome! No wonder that director’s son, wanted to do anything just to capture this girl. A beast!” Jiang Fei sighed in his heart.


Jasmine Lin used to work at the hospital he worked at as a nurse.


At that time, he was only working to earn money, but by accident, he saw the son of the director of the hospital wanting to drug Jasmine Lin, he couldn’t bear it, so he had previously rescued Jasmine Lin.


Then afterwards, he took off and got out of the place….


Certainly, Jasmine Lin had a sense of resentment and loyalty, because after Jiang Fei left his job, she also left her job. And now she got a job selling real estates.


But after she changed jobs, her circumstances with Jiang Fei had become quite different.


The two unexpectedly mixed well together!


Jasmine Lin’s monthly sales were off the charts, the company she worked in was a leading kind, so it was natural that the pay was ridiculously high, almost four or five times the pay she typically gets at the hospital she previously worked in as a nurse!


But Jiang Fei had also been rewarded, as a result he more or less became friends with Jasmine Lin, becoming good friends with her.


“Big deal, I’ll buy a new computer for you…” Seeing Jiang Fei angry, Jasmine Lin quickly pulled Jiang Fei’s hand with both her hands, as she shook her head and spoke with a stern tone, acting as if she was a spoiled child. She didn’t mind Jiang Fei’s arm brushing against her plump and elastic weapon.


Jiang Fei’s heart tickled, drowned in her smell, he stayed in place showing his own feelings towards her.


“You’ve used this computer for so long, it’s configuration is old already. I’ll buy you an Apple laptop, what do you think?” Jasmine Lin wide-eyed, and asked with a smile.


“I know that you’re now rich, and becoming reach is great! But do you think I care about the price of a computer? I care about the feelings that I’ve forged with this computer! I’ve used this computer for four years, and I’ve already gotten used to it. Moreover, do you know how much file I saved inside that hard drive….”


Jiang Fei spoke out as if he was in an action movie. Fortunately, it wasn’t quick enough, so he immediately came to a halt.


Waving his hand, he said: “I know that my clinic’s business is very bad, nobody wanting to see a doctor. But you can’t make me down, as I have a good self-respect, okay? You can’t even find a single patient here!”


Jiang Fei wasn’t finished, when Jasmine who felt wronged, pointed at the counter outside, where a sickly Oldman was sitting…..


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