AMAS: Chapter 10-Fairyland

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After Jiang Fei’s rescue, his clinic business which was rapidly declining, had suddenly flourished.

He was reputed as a highly skilled doctor and an acupuncture master by residents in the city, so those who were sick came to look for him at his place, even those that hadn’t gotten sick would still come at his place to look for him.

Curing those who have an illness, strengthen the health of those who doesn’t have a disease, as well as preventing people from getting any illness before it occurs! Engaging in several health examinations.

It was certain that Jiang Fei’s clinic business had gotten better, although it had affect Su Nan’s clinic business, but it wasn’t as bad as Jiang Fei’s clinic in the past, which was at rock bottom. A beautiful woman, white coat, black silk leggings, high-heels, this combination had was very lethal, so there are always many lascivious men that are willing to gather at her clinic, and feast their eyes on her fully.

“Jiang Fei, you really do know acupuncture! How do I now know about this, even when I was here in the clinic, I didn’t see you use it once.”

In the weekend, Jasmine Lin asked for a leave from her work. However, she actually didn’t rest, but had instead ran to Jiang Fei’s clinic, helping Jiang Fei, even if it were just getting the prescribed medicine and such.

Seeing Jiang Fei’s acupuncture needle pulled out from the patient’s belly, the patient stood up, his face was filled with happiness, and loudly shouted: “Highly skilled doctor! You really are a highly skilled doctor! My waist had bothered me for years, and now it isn’t painful anymore!”

Jiang Fei smiled, he then looked at Jasmine Lin and proudly replied: “There are things you don’t know, quite many at that.” Then he wrote the patient a prescription, as well as the price of the acupuncture and the Chinese medicine, and then gave it to Jasmine Lin as he said to the patient: “Your disease isn’t completely cured, but after taking this medication, it shouldn’t recur again.”

“Thanks Dr. Jiang! Thanks Dr. Jiang!”

The patient was overjoyed, and very decisively pulling out six red bank note, without minding the price too much. It must be known that Dr. Jiang, everyday could only at most treat five patients with acupuncture, and couldn’t do more than that.

People could line up for his time, but they still had to book an appointment three days in advance!

Jasmine Lin was responsible for receiving money, but seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but secretly stuck out her tongue, and then moved close to Jiang Fei’s ear, and as if she was blowing off steam, she whispered: “You really are shady.  The way it’s going right now, you’re earning money faster than when you previously worked at the hospital!”

Jasmine Lin’s fragrance had a really nice-smell to it, just from smelling a little bit of Jasmine’s fragrance, people couldn’t help but get distracted by it.

“This can’t be counted as being shady. In American countries, those foreigners that only had low acupuncture skills, however even if it was a second-rate acupuncture clinic, they would charge at least charge one dollar per minute.”  Jiang Fei said with a smile. “Moreover, you see that my income is good, but don’t you see that I only treat five patients at most with it?”

Jasmine Lin received the money, while paying special attention to the medicine she gave, and curiously said: “Why only treat five people a day, are you using the hunger marketing strategy? Your acupuncture skill is so amazing, and even without quotas, there should still be a lot of people who would come here, right?”

Jiang Fei looked at her in the eyes: “Really is a woman, how can you not understand! How can you have been considered as a nurse before without even knowing this basic knowledge. Don’t you know how nerve-wrecking acupuncture treatments are? Even if it’s just 5 per day, I could only maintain my spirit to its limits, more than that is difficult to manage.”

He bid farewell to his patients, even though it wasn’t yet 3 in the afternoon. And just like before, even if there were still business, Jiang Fei would still prepare to close the clinic.

This point had made Jasmine Lin very puzzled: “You’ve been busy recently, having no business and closing the door was no problem, But now your business is good, why are you only open for half a day, even without acupuncture, you can still see patients and help take their pulse, and still make money.”

“Yes, I can earn money, but do you see me as the kind of person that only has an eye for money that would even jump into a hole just to get a diamond never to come out? Jasmine Lin, your simply insulting me!” Jiang Fei took a quick glance and pretended to scorn Jasmine Lin, while he righteously said.

Jiang Fei would never give up being a doctor. But going to a village (countryside) to get a land, make a place to plant, as well as the matter of him building his own resort, is something Jiang Fei would never forget.

After these days of exploring, he had finally found a very satisfactory address, and had a shallow talk with the village chief, and today he already intends to go and carry out his plan.

Seeing patient was just too slow for him to earn experience, so it was necessary for him to use his secondary profession [Planting] as quickly as possible.

Shutting the door, he started the car, while Jasmine Lin naturally sat beside the driver’s seat.

It was late April. And immediately after it would be May 1st international labour day.

It was a bright day in the city, the temperature had already reached 25 degrees, entering the first month of summer.

So Jasmine Lin’s dress was relatively cool, and have the feeling of summer.

She wore a chiffon silk shirt with stripes and wasn’t the type that was tight-fit, but was somewhat a bigger size. But since Jasmine Lin was 1.7-meter-tall, her great shape could still be seen as well as her waistline and her bulging chest when having this T-shirt on.

There weren’t any black silk legging on her legs, and had actually worn white shorts, and a dark yellow leather belt, so her pair of slender thigh was exposed in the air.

Jiang Fei took a quick look at her, and was very pleased. There was a beauty who was going with him, which was better than him on his own.

However, Jiang Fei still asked: “Are you sure you’re okay to go with me this afternoon? I’m going out of town and don’t know when I can come back in the eveining. If customers will come to find you again later, I may not be able to send you back.”

“Going out of town?” Jasmine Lin was surprised for a moment, but didn’t refuse him and had instead curiously asked: “Where are you going out to play?”

Seeing that Jasmine didn’t think of leaving, Jiang Fei drove the car, “You’ll know the place as soon as we get there!”

Leaving the city, they had gotten on the highway, so Jiang Fei’s car wasn’t slow, and was going at more than 80 km/hr.

However, Down the highway, the road condition was really terrible as it was full of bumpy roads and broken rocks. Moreover, these problems were all over the place, it was clear the they had skimped on the job and stinted on materials, as the quantity of gravel used were few, and wasn’t much different from soil road.

Fortunately, Jiang Fei had a 2.4 L Jeep Compass, even though it was an urban-type SUV, and unlike Wrangler Jeep that was swift and fierce, but compared to common sedan car it was much better, and on this troublesome road, was good.

Swaying, wavering, although the place wasn’t far away, it still had actually took them a full hour and a half to reach their destination.

“after all the suffering we went through, why did we come to this kind of place! Even if you want to camp out, you could have just gone to a park or a suburban area without needing to go here. My whole body’s numb….” Jasmine Lin fixed her brown color hair, and kept on complaining.

However, after she got off, her eyes immediately captured the scenery, and soon stopped complaining.

This is a beautiful natural landscape!

The blue sky, from a distance away there were three imposing grand mountain, and in the between the besieged city was a huge valley. Even if it was far away they could still hear the sound of splashing water in the river, as there exists a small waterfall at one of the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there was a perfect combination of forests, lakes and grass, it was just too beautiful to behold.

A little further away from the foot of the mountain, there was a lovely lush green vegetable field, as well as peach and cherry trees!  It was late April, generally speaking peach tree would have more or less already withered, but here the peach tree should be classified as an evening variety, as at this moment it was actually in full bloom, the fragrance of flowers assailed towards their nostrils, and the sound of bees flying could be heard.

Cherries at this time weren’t ripe, and was under ripe yet there was already a speck of red, just like beauty’s embarrassed face.

Far away again, there were village houses that were randomly dispersed, these houses were made of red bricks and nature color (green or blue) roof tile, a few houses were small, but one can also see a few thatch houses. If they had arrived a bit later, they would have only caught sight of smoke coming from the kitchen chimneys rising in the air.

This scenery, was almost entirely composed of nature and harmony, one that a noisy city is impossible to have. Everything was just like a high quality oil painting, placing themselves here, so that their fatigue which came from working hard all day in the city would immediately fade away, happily being set free into nature

“Wow! So beautiful! Fairyland! Jiang Fei, what is this place?” Her hands that were on her hips, as well as her muscles and bones shook, as before Jasmine Lin’s eyes was a beautiful scenery that had made her stunned, while she said in a loud voice.

“This village is called ‘Rice Village’, and is surrounded by mountains. Although it wasn’t developed as a scenic area, but the scenery here is still better than most of tourist attractions. How is it, those suffering you went through wasn’t for nothing, right?” Jiang Fei looked into the distance, and said with a smile.

“It’s extremely worth it! Tonight, we stay here for the night, I don’t want to go back!” Jasmine Lin nodded and resolutely said, “Only. Where do we stay for the night, one of the villager’s home?”

Jiang Fei revealed a faint smiled, and took the lead, said: “Tonight we need to go back. However, later if we have time we can come here, and stay here for as long as we want!”

Although the drive was horrible, but after they had gotten off the car, Jasmine Lin walked in the forest wearing high-heals, which was even more troublesome. But now she was attracted by the surrounding scenery, enjoyed it, had fun, and even if they have to painstakingly go here again, she wouldn’t mind it.

“The cherries aren’t ripe yet, do you still want to eat one? Moreover, these fruit trees were cultivated by farmers, secretly plucking a cherry, you’ll have to be careful or you’ll be fined.” He couldn’t wait to pluck a cherry, and without washing it, he put it in Jasmine Lin’s mouth, Jiang Fei couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s not ripe, but the flavor is also good. You taste….”

Saying so, Jasmine Lin who had red nail polish on her nails, reached out her hand, and also pluch a cherry, putting it into Jiang Fei’s mouth.

“Well, it’s good. I estimate that it will take another two weeks before it is thoroughly ripe, and then we can come here and slowly eat….”

Jiang Fei’s destination, was towards a woman in the rice village, the village’s branch secretary Li Guiying.

Last time he had heard this village branch secretary, he had thought that it was staged like an evil custom out of novels, a beautiful woman would suddenly emerge from the village, but when he met the person, he found that this woman from the village wasn’t beautiful at all, moreover, she was more than 50 years old.

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