AMAS: Chapter 11-Contracted Land

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A few minutes later.

They arrived at a small courtyard surrounded by red bricks.

The small yard was beautiful, inside the red brick walls were peach trees with tall branches, it had what looked like a ‘red apricot’, that produced an creative concept. At the corner, there were string bean and grape rack, as well as a few egg-laying mother hen ‘gurgling’ to find worms, and a large black dog lying down at the side.

Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin sat on the stool, and opposite of them was a 50 year old woman who was wearing a quite fashionable clothing, she was a woman of the rice village, the village’s branch secretary Li Guiying.

In the courtyard, there were also two children playing around, climbing up the peach tree, shaking off the ripe peaches.

“Young man, is this your wife?”  Asked the female secretary of the village.

Jiang Fei was a little embarrassed, and quickly explained: “No, just friends.”

“Oh.” Li Guiying nodded, then looked solemnly at Jiang Fei, “Young man, you had casually mentioned last time, but I thought you were just kidding. Unexpectedly you came back, do you really want to rent a land from our village?”

The rice village’s scenery was indeed exquisite, but with the awful state of the road, it would take half an hour of driving to arrive at this place, which had caused people in the rice village to still be poor.

To become rich one needs to build roads first, these words are very correct. The Rice Village’s location was good, and wasn’t far from Jincheng. If the village was developed, then surely, many white collar workers from Jincheng would come, and in the weekend Jiang Fei would be able to choose to come here.

The current domestic situation was that tourism leads to economic development, which is a good way for the people at the village to get rich.

But all of this was restricted by the bumpy road.

If Jiang Fei came here just to buy a house, and spend his spare time living here, it would still make sense. But to contract a land here, wanting to build a factory or something, that’s some imagination.

“I am very serious. Secretary Li, since I want to be here often, I want to rent a few acres of land for growing vegetables and fruit trees. You don’t know this but I like rural areas since I was a child, and since I have always lived in the city, I wanted to experience farming work….” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

Li Guiying had a look of wonder as she was unable to understand him.

In her opinion, today, even people from rural areas want to go and live in cities, which city people would want to return and live in a rural area?

Unless they have no money, and can’t afford to buy a house in the city, they have no choice but to live in rural areas. But seeing that he had a beautiful car, and had also heard that Jiang Fei was a doctor of some city, it was obvious that he didn’t belong to the lower class rank.

Just like their Rice Village, many villages only had half the number of people they had in the past. But so as long as they could get work outside and earn money, they would think of every possible means to move out, and leave their field, even if they have to walk for an hour to get to the city and leave Rice Village.

“Good. However, before you can rent a land, I still need to hold a meeting in the village to discuss about it, and also listen to the opinion of the people here, before I can decide. Of course, there shouldn’t be any issues. I’ll take you to the village to have a look around and see where you want to rent a land….” Li Guiying thought for a moment, then replied.

In any case this Rice Village doesn’t have anything else, except for having an awful lot of land. Now, the people living in Rice Village are getting fewer and fewer, and much of the originally fertile land, had now turned into a wasteland, as there is basically no people to work on it, so they don’t have anything to lose even if they rent it to an outsider.

“Many thanks Secretary Li.” Jiang Fei didn’t think that this matter would go so smooth, he then went out of the courtyard with Li Guiying.

Jasmine Lin, at this time had finally understood the whole story of the matter.

“Jiang Fei, do you really want to get a land here? What do you think you are doing, don’t tell me you really want to move to this hidden forest, and from now on live a life of slash-and-burn?”(ED:is a Farming style Google it if you want more info). Jasmine Lin with both of her hands pulled Jiang Fei, and said near his ear with a low and amazed voice.

At this time, she couldn’t think about the beautiful scenery here. Here the scenery no matter how beautiful, no matter how attractive, one would usually only come here during vacations. How could someone possibly buy a house here, contract a land, and settle here!

Many city people yearn for the village life.

But, how many people would actually give up the city life for the village life?

If there was such a person, that person’s friend would surely tell him off, as well as his family would possibly also scold him calling him a fool.

This woman really doesn’t see herself as an outsider, sticking so close to me like this, my arm can even clearly feel the elasticity of her twin peaks.

“I’m not retiring in this forest. Didn’t you say before that the scenery here is beautiful? I’m just here to make my own resort, later I’ll have a place to live here!” Jiang Fei said.

“You can just buy a house here, or buy other’s house? Why are you also contracting a land?” Hearing his words had given Jasmine Lin a little peace of mind. It’s good so as long as Jiang Fei didn’t plan on giving up being a doctor, and doesn’t intend on living here permanently.

Jiang Fei said with a smile: “One can play here as much as they please. Although, the various vegetable and fruit trees here, aren’t too good. In any case I already made some inquiries, contracting land here Is much cheaper”.

Jasmine Lin was speechless, she then said: “You said that I’m a wealthy woman, who had no place to spend her money on. I see you as a local tyrant, that indeed wants something, yet still dares to put it into action!”

Perhaps if it was in the past, Jasmine Lin would stop Jiang Fei’s impulsive action. However, now that she knew of Jiang Fei’s mysterious medical skill, she knew that later  he will definitely not be short on money, so she relinquished her idea.

Eventually, Jiang Fei settled on the East end of the village, close to the base of a barren wasteland, about six acres, and next to the waste land, there was an irregularly shaped small pond/lake that was about 2 to 3 acres. The shores of the pond were covered with reeds that fluttered along the wind, the scenery was extremely exquisite.

“Secretary Li, you see this land, how about renting it to me?” Jiang Fei tentatively asked.

Li Guiying who was very good at speaking, actually shook her head at this time.

Jiang Fei was troubled, until Li Guiying suddenly said: “This land isn’t suitable for growing crops, since it hasn’t been used for a long time. You see, in some parts of this land, even weeds wouldn’t grow at all, and only a few trees manage to grow. If you want to contract a land, I suggest that you contract one that’s fertile and has been previously used, planting crops would be more effective.”

Jiang Fei laughed, and thought that Secretary Li was good and kind-hearted.

But she didn’t have to worry about him, even though he wasn’t really used to all kinds of crops, and only thought that it was merely planting vegetable. But under his grandmaster level planting, I’m afraid that even barren wastelands wouldn’t pose any problem to him.

Moreover, this place was the nearest to the forest, as well as the natural ponds, so later he’ll be able to eat fish and shrimp, or even chicken, duck and other kinds of poultry, it was really convenient.

So under Jiang Fei’s insistence, Li Guiying could only agree. She thought that this young fellow from the city, would likely not settle here, as it was impossible for him to become a real life farmer. In any case, renting this infertile land, she reckoned that they wouldn’t lose much.

“Secretary Li, is this lake useful?” Jiang Fei asked.

“This lake? It’s useless, other than for laundry, and watering land, as well as for drinking. In summer, some of the village children would come to this small lake to take a shower. Why, is this lake of some use to you?” Li Guiying casually asked.

Jiang Fei nodded his head and said: “I want this small lake in the contract, later I can raise some fish or something.”

“No problem, later I’ll help you raise this matter to the village committee.” Li Guiying complied very happily.

To get things done, Li Guiying called for a meeting in the village, explaining the situation, everybody didn’t have any issue with it, so Jiang Fei went to his jeep and brought out one pack of red bank notes, both sides signed the contract and affixed a seal on it.

Henceforth, the base of the lake as well as the piece of land, for 30 years, belongs to Jiang Fei.

Even if he built a house, or grow crops, all of it was not a problem!

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