AMAS: Chapter 12-a Cowherd and Weaver Girl’s life

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Entering into a contract, the villagers of Rice Village were very enthusiastic in keeping Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin for dinner, or even have them stay for the night. After all, for them Jiang Fei was equivalent to a villager living in the same village as them.

However, Jiang Fei refused, and together with Jasmine Lin, drove back to Jincheng. Now that he got a land in hand, he needed to put it on his agenda, and make a plan as there was just too many things to do.

Such as asking a construction team to build his villa, land reclamation, purchase fish to grow, buy seeds, he needed to take care of everything, in his mind, he already have a general guideline.

In particular, for the construction of the villa, Jiang Fei can’t be careless.

At this age, constructing a house in a village isn’t cheap. Although it didn’t cost tens of millions like at the center of the city, but Jiang Fei imagined constructing a small villa, and have it designed to a great extent, but he was afraid that it wouldn’t just cost a few hundreds of thousands.

Three months ago, Jiang Fei had spent about 200000 to open his clinic, while inside his bankcard there was still 800000, as a result the budget for the construction can’t be too much or too little, as well as it being too shabby and unstylish, is something Jiang Fei definitely didn’t want.

The following days, Jiang Fei found a construction team, and made a contract with them, paying them a certain amount of money. He then once more ran all over the place, buying materials for the house such as brick, cement, and gravel and other kinds of materials that are used to construct a house, so Jiang Fei’s earnings started to decrease.

Looking at the balance he had left in his bankcard, he thought of that decoration of his weekend villa  was no small project, it hasn’t been long, yet Jiang Fei’s money was being excessively used, he even felt that the money he had was insufficient.

It seems I need to think of a way to earn a little more money. Jiang Fei thought to himself.

After obtaining the game system Jiang Fei had become a versatile fighter. However, for now he temporarily needed the ability to make money, and the best of which was by using the medical skill he had obtained.

However, as a doctor, only having the thought of making money in his head, was certainly wrong, and was even a disgrace to the sacred name of being a doctor. The people living in this world, couldn’t stop thinking  about money. Regarding money as nothing, even if it was a person with a noble character such as Jiang Fei, was unable to do so.

As a result, there was only one fair and legitimate way to earn money as fast as possible. His clinical business, wasn’t like it was before, practically every day, he would strive and treat two patients, even with the limit imposed to him by his spirit stat, at most he could do two acupuncture and moxibustion treatment in sequence.


The next day, Jiang Fei had been absorbed in treating the patients at his clinic. Later that day, the construction team would start the construction of the villa at Rice Village, he only needed to give them the design plan of his own house, and from time to time go to look at their work, so he didn’t need to mind it too much.

Jasmine Lin this woman, after coming to Rice Village with Jiang Fei, had actually been charmed by its scenery, and regarding this matter she unexpectedly even cared more about it than Jiang Fei. In her own words, the scenery in Rice Village is so attractive, and had also decided that later she would also make her own villa there. However, it was impossible for her to construct a house there at the moment, so after Jiang Fei’s house is built, he needed to let her stay in his house.

Jiang Fei had consented with a smile.

Ever since Jiang Fei had saved Jasmine Lin, the relationship between the two of them could be considered as ‘fated’ friendship, and would even suffer together when one of them is going through a calamity, the relationship of the two can’t be compared to that of an average person’s.

As for Jasmine Lin’s thoughts towards him, Jiang Fei could in fact guess a little.

Men in this aspect of life between men and women, are the most sensitive to this aspect, so as long as the woman looks at his eyes, and feel good in their heart, the man would immediately guess whether this woman fell for him or not. What’s more, Jasmine Lin had sometimes made it quite obvious.

However, just as Jiang Fei had said, that there was a person with a relationship with him and at an earlier time had already been set as his girlfriend, both sides had even met the other side’s family, and if it weren’t for his girlfriend being extremely stubborn about being independent, resembling the character  of a strong woman, as well as in accordance to their parent’s wishes, they would have already been married for a long time.

Jiang Fei’s genuine girlfriend was called Bai Ruoxi, they were high school mates, and could barely be regarded as childhood sweethearts.

But when they were still in high school, the two didn’t show any signs of affection towards each other….perhaps it could be said that in high school, Jiang Fei hadn’t chased after the girl who was a committee member, had a part-time job, and the prettiest girl in class, Bai Ruoxi.

After the two of them got in College, the medical college in which Jiang Fei studies at, was very near to the university that Bai Ruoxi was going, it was just next door. The two being old schoolmates, just after entering the first semester of university, even if they were occupied with something or had nothing to do, the two frequently came in contact with each other, and gradually, under Jiang Fei’s evil intentions, eventually Bai Ruoxi was unable to escape from Jiang Fei’s grasp, and was subdued.

Bai Ruoxi in University had majored in news media, having outstanding grades, as well as multiple awards when she was still in University, after graduating, she directly entered and worked at a newspaper company.

As for the present, Bai Ruoxi was dispatched overseas, and is estimated to return home in the second half of the year.(ED:betting on a cheating girlfriend).

Actually, according to Bai Ruoxi and Jiang Fe’s nearly seven years of affection, their relationship has been very stable, and the two should have already been married. But Bai Ruoxi was really devoted to her journalist career, and had been busy all day long, having little to no free time. She was unable to marry, and was bound to her career for life, as she didn’t want her family to struggle in that kind of life style.

So no matter how both parents requested, no matter how much Jiang Fei thought about it, she could only clench her teeth to brace herself and not comply, insisting that she needed another two years before considering this issue again.

Jiang Fei was not crazy for marriage, a little earlier or a little late to have children, didn’t matter to him.

But Jiang Fei was also a normal man, and it was normal for him to want ‘love’, as the hormone in a man’s whole body is bound to be uncomfortable and needs to go out. As a result of not seeing his own woman for several months, resembling a life like a cowherd and a weaving maiden(ED: reference to a love history for more info google it), was certainly dissatisfying.

As a result, this three years, the two didn’t have any fight.

Just that, the two had a fight two months ago, and were still in a cold war.

Bai Ruoxi wasn’t a soft woman, in high school, she was the student in charge of her class, nobody in the class dared to refuse her orders, and could be seen as a capable woman. A woman that wouldn’t give in easily.

Her words were: “At first, when you Jiang Fei pursued me, I stated to you, that my dream was to become a reporter, not just an ordinary woman in a household, and being a housewife. And that after that, I might go abroad, and would perhaps not see you for a long time. And that If you want to fall in love with me, and want to marry me, you’ll have to support me on this. At that time, you happily agreed, but now that the uncooked rice is done and ready is ready to eat, you think you can just forget about it and not admit the truth? I won’t allow it!”

Jiang Fee unexpectedly couldn’t say anything in reply to this, and could only smile bitterly in secret. He initially started to have an unrequited love on Bai Ruoxi in high school, and then began to pursue her when he was in University, it wasn’t just because he was attracted with this kind of personality, and had thought that she was vigorous enough?

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so determined and persevered to go after her.

Certainly, she is beautiful enough, her skin was also white enough.

Right, her stature was also beautiful enough…..


Giving the medicine to a patient, Jiang Fei found time to use his computer.

He now looked at it, and as soon as he went online he saw a news report that was already getting a bit famous, which was called ‘the most beautiful female reporter Bai Ruoxi’.

This woman has been a reporter for quite some time, and after occasionally being on television, she had actually added a bit more flavor….

“But, even if she has flavor, so what? This father’s present life is equivalent to a monk’s life! You acting like this, don’t blame me for not abiding by the law, saying that her ‘husband’ is a womanizer!” Jiang Fei thought wickedly in his heart.

An ordinary person’s great lord, will have physical needs, and fortunately could restrain one’s self once or twice.  But restraining one’s self for several months, who could bear that?

Moreover, now Jiang Fei all day long was being harassed by Jasmine Lin and Xia Xiaozhi, this two young and beautiful woman.

“Uncle, I’m here to see a doctor!” A white palm slapped on the glass counter.

Speaking of the devil.

Jiang Fei turned, and looked at Xia Xiaozhi who was carrying a bag, wearing a school uniform, and had a mushroom head, surprised: “What did you come here for?”

“To see a doctor, what else.” Xia Xiaozhi said with a smile.

Ever since the time that she had been impressed with Jiang Fei’s cooking, this young sucuuba looked at Jiang Fei in a new light, frequently greeting him with a smile.

“Are you sick? Come on. Give me your hand. I’ll check your pulse.” Jiang Fei turned off his computer, and said.

“I’m not here to see a doctor, it’s my schoolmate that wants to see a doctor! Uncle, didn’t you boast before that your medical skill is amazing, so I’ve come to introduce to you to a business.” After Xia Xiaozhi said that, she moved her body sideways, then behind Xia Xiaozhi, Jiang Fei saw two student’s wearing the similar school uniform.

One of the girls wore a black-rimmed glasses, and looked somewhat lackluster, only her temperament was somewhat the same as Xia Xiaozhi, a troublemaker, whose is unlikely to go to school.

However, the other female student made Jiang Fei somewhat startled.

It could be said that, Xia Xiaozhi and this female student’s appearance, as well as the shape of their chest had a huge difference, making Jiang Fei somewhat surprised….

(ED:Betting on big boobs 😉

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