AMAS: Chapter 14-The Two aren’t a Match For Her Chest

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6:30 pm

The sky was gradually getting dark, as Jiang Fei closed the clinic door.

“Wow, Xiaozhi, your uncle’s very rich? So young, yet he already has such a good car, could it be that he is one of those rich people from the second generation?” The three girls huddled at the back seat, when Tan Yuan had suddenly asked.

“it doesn’t seem so.” Xia Xiaozhi casually replied. She then leaned and looked at the driving Jiang Fei, and asked with a smile: “Uncle, are you rich? Did your family help you buy the car, or did you use your own money to buy it?”

Jiang Fei smiled contentedly: “Of course I rely on myself to live, so it’s only natural for me to buy it with my own money! Do I look like an adult still depending on their parents to you?”

Jiang Fei thought these three girls would express admiration towards him, and make an effort to praise him several times. But the three girls instead had shown an expression as if they had suddenly realized something, they then spoke at the same time: “It seems that a doctor really  makes a lot of money!”

Tan Yuan was deeply moved, saying: “Uncle, you’re so young and had only graduated 2-3 years ago, people with other profession doesn’t even have money to rent a room. Yet you’re able to buy your own car. Uncle, how much red packet (bribery) did you receive?”

Xia Xiaozhi was somewhat angry and said: “Now the hospital are really unscrupulous! Just by casually seeing a patient, they’ll rob you of several hundred bucks ! Robbing you even if you resist, and charge you money even when you’re asking him to save  someone’s life. The hospital would then receive your money, who can you even ask to reason things out?”

Contrary to what one might expect, Xu Jing was calm, she blushed saying: “I think that uncle is different from other doctors. Perhaps uncle has brilliant medical expertise, even if…..even if arbitrarily charges a fee, but he also isn’t hateful in that way~~~~”(ED: Future Harem member?)

Jiang Fei: “….”

What kind of species are these three girls! Openly talking about my income like this, people would usually speak in a roundabout way when pushing someone into a hole, but these three mess people it in a different way that just drives people insane.

However, he had to acknowledge that what the three young girls said was true about the civil society now. Some hospitals were indeed a bit ‘sinister’, even though the medicine they have weren’t expensive, selling it twice the value wasn’t strange for them.  Moreover, today, doctors that don’t accept bribery, are only quite a few.


Certainly, Jiang Fei had never accepted any kind of bribery. As there was just no chances for him to receive one.

At the ophthalmology hospital he worked before, there wasn’t anyone who had a serious condition, so even if the doctor had treated the patient’s eye, it is still unlikely for the patient to bribe the doctor. And now that he had opened his own clinic, it was more impossible for people to bribe him.

Jiang Fei didn’t bother justifying what the three girls had said, looking at their battle formation, he knew that even if he does provide an explanation he still wouldn’t be able win the argument, so instead he indifferently said: “You high school students, are still young. There are still a lot of thing you don’t understand. Today, you can access the net, and you’ll immediately be able to see the bad side of society, but you’re only focused on the bad side of it, you should also see the good things that it’s able to bring out! Otherwise, you young girls attending school would become cynical, and have a dark heart, which isn’t something good”.

“Yeah, right~~~~”

The three girls disdainfully replied, and lengthened the end tone to strengthen the degree of this disdaining.

“We’re young, so we’re small?” Tan Yuan tenderly patted Xia Xiaozhi, while pointing at Xia Xiaozhi’s swollen, bulging and soft chest that was bound up by her school uniform, and said: “Xiaozhi, when you get home let uncle have a look, and see what small isn’t small.”

“Go, go faster!” Xia Xiaozhi brushed Tan Yuan’s hand, and looked at the side, grinning at Xu Jing, stretching out her finger, she quickly poked Xu Jing’s astonishingly huge and heavy chest, Jiang Fei who can see the scene through the rearview mirrors, saw Xia Xiaozhi quickly poke Xu Jing’s chest, which had quickly bounced back.

Good elasticity!

Jiang Fei secretly swallowed his saliva.

“Xiaozhi, what are you doing!” Xu Jing exclaimed with a reddened face, and quickly putting her hands on her chest, protecting the pair of big rabbit she has. However, due to its large size, even if she covered it, it could still clearly be seen just like it was before.

Xia Xiaozhi then pressed her body against Xu Jing, and revealed an evil smile, saying: “When it comes to being big, naturally it would be our Zhuangzhuang. In the entire Jincheng, she should be 7th place,, who would even dare say that they’re bigger than our Zhuangzhuang?” With that, she glanced at Jiang Fei and said: “Uncle, what do you think?”


“your face!” Jiang Fei angrily said. As he saw this young girls, were truly disastrous.

How can you play a joke about that here? Even if it’s in private, can’t you see that there’s a man here? Moreover, this guy is an unmarried man.

“Uncle, you really are a degenerate. You rogue!” The three girls had actually all spoke at the same time again.

Jiang Fei first went to the supermarket and bought a lot of ingredients, while the three girls only followed him from behind. Afterwards, they went back to Jiang Fei’s home.

“You can just sit.” Jiang Fei said to them.

He then put some of the ingredients inside the fridge, and once again put the other portion at the kitchen, in a relaxed manner. Among the three girls, although two were fit to be gorgeous, and might possibly warm the heart and be a delight to the eyes, but after only just coming in contact with them, he already found them hard to bear.

These little girls’ jokes were practically unrestrained, besides each and everyone one of them were minor (person under 18), Jiang Fei couldn’t do anything to them, otherwise he would be known as a pervert, as a result from that he could only endure them in so many ways.

Just wait, if in two or three years you’ve grown up, but still dare to joke with me like this, just see if this father doesn’t do anything malicious to you. Jiang Fei wickedly thought in his heart. The omnipotent feeling, he first had, had become troubled.

Coping with these three girls, was really not an easy job.

Shaking his head, Jiang Fei put on an apron, and started taking out the kitchen knives, pots and pans. And without delay the 11 ingredients that he bought were quickly sliced by him, while giving off a sense of beauty.

His cooking skill was at the 9th level which was already at the boundaries of great master class, so it was only natural for him to have superb skills when handling the knife, and wasn’t much different from a cook that is good with dismembering cows.

When Xia Xiaozhi arrived, the three ‘adorable’ young girls actually didn’t look around Jiang Fei’s house, but had instead under Xia Xiaozhi’s leadership, went just outside of the kitchen, secretly watching Jiang Fei who was bustling about.

Looking at Jiang Fei who was holding a knife, they saw him brandish his kitchen knife which moved like the gust of wind, it was so fast that they almost couldn’t even see its shadow, and before long, the fish, meat, green paper and potato were neatly cut, making them completely stunned.

Before, Tan Yuan and Xu Jing, didn’t believe Xia Xiaozhi when she had said that her uncle was a top chef. After all, Jiang Fei was a doctor, he still is so young, as well as a man, so how could he  be good at cooking?

Even if the food that he makes was pretty good they still wouldn’t believe it.

However, after just seeing Jiang Fei’s knife handling, they were immediately convinced.

“My mother has been busy in the kitchen for dozens of years, uncle’s cutting speed of ingredients is nearly half of hers! The way he handles the knife is just too beautiful, you can even make a tv show out of it! Xiaozhi, isn’t your uncle a fabled martial arts master whose concealing his identity? Otherwise how can he be so fierce.” Tan Yuan exclaimed.

The corner of Xia Xiaozhi’s mouth rose, as she proudly said: “Tan Yuan, isn’t our uncle amazing?” After which, she immediately paused, and corrected herself: “isn’t my uncle amazing?”

Both of Xu Jing’s eyes were bright, touching both of her fat baby cheeks with her hand, appearing somewhat love-struck, she said: “Uncle’s really good handsome! You say, how can a man preparing food be so graceful?”

Jiang Fei’s brandished his kitchen knife, although it was fast, but it wouldn’t affect Jiang Fei’s hearing, so he was able to clearly hear the three’s conversation. After hearing the three talking about him with such praises, his depressed mood had immediately recovered.

The praises of woman, especially compliments from such beautiful woman, most men don’t have much resistance from it. So in this world, many women like to act spoiled.

However, Xia Xiaozhi was somewhat unsatisfied at this time.

Although she saw Jiang Fei in a new light because of his recent change, but even now she still didn’t know much about this uncle. But in her opinion, Jiang Fei was now her personal belonging, even if they don’t plan to seize him, she would still seize him first even if she had to use force, so Tan Yuan and Xu Jing lusting after him like this, was utterly no good.(ED: way to go girl)

In particular, Xu Jing, who has always seemed nervous, was actually a clever demon in Xia Xiaozhi’s mind, as she had discovered Jiang Fei secretly taking a look at Xu Jing’s chest, glancing at it for several times already.

Among friends, there are a lot of things they can share, but only a man wasn’t good to share, and needed to be guarded.

It was the so-called anti-theft security against friends.

“Ok, ok, We look silly standing here, so let’s just go and take a look around uncle’s house. I originally wanted to have a look before, but I haven’t.” Xia Xiaozhi patted Tan Yuan and Xu Jing’s shoulder, then pulling the two towards the living.

Xu Jing was unsatisfied, and rejected her: “You two go have a look, uncle might need a hand.”

Then, Xu Jing’s petite body dodged her hand, blushing, shamefully and happily going to the kitchen, and Xia Xiaozhi was too late to stop her.

Seeing this, Tan Yuan said with a gentle smile: “How terrible. How troubling. We the ‘three sisters’ of first year class 8 might have a war. Xiaozhi, I’ll go look after Zhuangzhuang, you go have a look at uncle’s house.  But you may be in danger. You should be aware that our invaluable friendship, is no match for her 42 sized chest meat! Her chest is comparable to you by ‘42’ times….”

Xia Xiaozhi pulled up the fringes of hair  on her forehead, and then like a hero reaching to the clouds, she went on her way, saying: “Zhuangzhuang, dare to try to snatch uncle away from me, I won’t let you! Uncle, I’ll also give you a hand!”

As a result, Xia Xiaozhi also entered the kitchen, allowing Tan Yuan to also infiltrate the kitchen.

After the three girls came in, they didn’t help, and had instead made the kitchen like a battle ground, the more one of them wanted to express themselves, the more it made the kitchen chaotic, making Jiang Fei not know how he would be able to make their meal.

Although he was encircled by the three beautiful young girls, but once in awhile he would also collide with their young and fresh-looking body, and intimately coming into contact with their flesh, allowing Jiang Fei to finally feel the elasticity of Xu Jing’s chest.

However, in order to finish making the food, Jiang Fei eventually had to put on a serious face, as it had evolved into the three holding the carrot, cucumber, and eggplant, battling who would get the ingredients, so in the end Jiang Fei had to expel them out of the kitchen.

After expelling the three girls, both of Jiang Fei’s legs were finally able to relax, as he didn’t need to be worried about the three girls seeing his ungraceful appearance.

Bai Ruoxi, you woman, you really must want me to bid good-bye to you! Jiang Fei resentfully thought to himself.

Then switching on the natural gas to a huge degree, Jiang Fei muttered: “Truly a huge ‘fire’!”

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