AMAS: Chapter 18-Finally Leveled Up

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Jiang Fei thought about going to the market to have a number of fruit tree seedlings shipped to Rice Village as soon as possible, even though the best season for planting trees had already gone by, but with his [Gardening (Level 9)], this definitely wasn’t an issue.

Planting trees was troublesome, but also a strenuous task. With this big place, planting dozens of trees wasn’t just enough to fill the place, and needed approximately 200 trees to fill the place. He also couldn’t just ask a person to lend him a hand, as a result this wasn’t a duty that he can complete in a day, Jiang Fei needed several days to slowly complete the task.

But these days, he couldn’t just be planting fruit trees, and completely close his clinic, he needed to at least open the door for a long time.

After he got the reputation of being a highly skilled doctor, a steady stream of people had come to see him. In particular, many wanted to get treated with his acupuncture, there was even people who had already made an appointment a week ago! Even if it wasn’t for the money, or to raise his medical skill, Jiang Fei had the responsibility to see those people who had made an appointment, so it was necessary for him to go to his clinic every day.

People won’t trust you if you don’t follow what you had drawn upon.

Especially in the medical industry, confronting numerous patients, Jiang Fei couldn’t just as a last resort let go of the patients.

In this way, Jiang Fei’s life was now quite restricted which had already become a regular schedule for him. In the morning, after getting out of bed, he would hurry to go to his clinic and open the door, and treat patients with illness. But before the patients had booked an appointment, Jiang Fei knew that during these days when he opened the door to his clinic in the morning, people who needed to go to work, would ask for a leave just to come to see a doctor.

At noon, Jiang Fei went home to make lunch to reward himself with food and drink, he then went to eat out in the afternoon and drove to the market to buy seedlings, and then directly rushed back to Rice Village to build a gap between the villa and the pond, to plant saplings.

(TL: I guess he was at his clinic then)

Like this.

Five Days passed….

At dusk, the early summer sun shined which should warm the human body, and feel much better. But at this time Jiang Fei was actually streaming down with sweat, his shirt was completely wet, and pasted on his body.

“Hu~~” A long exhale, without taking care about what kind of image he was giving off, Jiang Fei threw the hoe and bucket to the side, and sat directly next to the rocks, enjoying the evening breeze, feeling extremely comfortable.

Looking ahead, the image of a width of more than two acres of land, and various saplings ranging from 50cm to 1m that had been planted appeared in his eyes. He thought that he needed to wait two or three years, until the fruit trees would bear fruit, which is the kind of scene he had in mind. This psychological sense of accomplishment, even when he was tired, and an aching back, he still didn’t feel much pain.

The fruit trees planted wasn’t too close, and wasn’t sloppily done, Jiang Fei distanced each fruit tree 2-3 meters away, which could allow him to plant 111 trees in 1 acre of land. But this land, altogether had a total of 276 seedlings planted.

Wherein, there were various kinds of fruit trees, having roughly a dozen different categories.

Later, after waiting for these fruit trees to grow, Jiang Fei throughout the year, could basically come here to pick fresh fruits to eat!

There were cherries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, grapefruits, persimmons, oranges…

Only, there were a variety of oranges, there was a total of 4 types!

If it wasn’t for the influence of the climate, he couldn’t plant many tropical fruits, and wouldn’t have been able to plant a lot of fruit trees. When he planned to have this villa built, planting fruit trees was just for the experience, the biggest purpose wasn’t to make a lot of money, but so that at a later time when he was at his villa, he could eat fresh fruits.

Jiang Fei believed that in order to master his own top level gardening skill, he needed to personally cultivate fruit trees, and have it bear fruit, just like his cooking skill, it was absolutely a must in this world!

Not only would it taste better, but perhaps nutritional value of fruit trees grown by farmers couldn’t even compare to the fruits he had grown.

It was certain, with these many fruits, Jiang Fei definitely couldn’t finish eating all of it himself. Even if he delivers some to his friends, he still wouldn’t be able to deliver them all.

He could apply to the relevant departments, get a certificate, and let others see how high-quality his fruits are, then open a small fruit company, and become a high-end fruit market. He believed that this was absolutely another good way to earn more money.

After all, there were now many rich people in China, who are very particular about diet, but also doesn’t mind to spend money to eat delicious and nutritious foods.

Can’t you see, that now in the market, so long as the vegetable are pasted with an organic label, it would immediately become more expensive than vegetables that doesn’t have any label on?

Of course, there are things that should be talked about later. The fruit tree was personally planted by Jiang Fei, so it would grow quicker than ordinary fruit trees, so it should grow in about 1-2 years.

Right now, the thing that Jiang Fei was concerned about the most, was his own exp issue!

“Every time I plant a fruit tree, altogether I can get two exp points. However, similar with breeding newly hatched fishes, the exp points are given in three separate occasions. Just planting one fruit tree, I could only obtain 0.66 exp point.”


“Every time I plant a fruit tree, altogether I can get two exp points. However, similar with breeding newly hatched fishes, the exp points are given in three separate occasions. Just planting one fruit tree, I could only obtain 0.66 exp point.”

These past few days Jiang Fei had been planting fruit trees, and already knew what he was doing.

“Today, the fruit trees I’ve planted seems to be more than that of a few days ago, I’ve planted nearly 80 fruit trees, so I should obtain around 50 exp! Moreover, this morning, my exp was at 454/500, so I should be able to level up now, right?”(ED:finally we got to see him lvl up)

Jiang Fei sat on a rock, it was out of the question that he was excited, he couldn’t control his body as it slightly trembled, incessantly anxious. This was not at all like the first time he had release the newly hatched fishes into the pond when he was rejoicing for no reason at all, because this time the matter of him leveling up is already settled, and after he levels up, he would only need to distribute the bonus points to one of his stats, as well as open the level up package that would be given to him.

Closing his eye, his thought moved, and in his mind, his character stats reappeared. Jiang Fei’s attention immediately fell on to the experience bar, when he saw the exp which was original 454/500, turn into 506/500 (Please choose if you want to level up), Jiang Fei’s body couldn’t help but shiver fiercely, even his lips were somewhat trembling!

Finally, I can rise from level 0 to level 1!

Really wasn’t easy!

Since he possessed his game character, a month had already passed, and had completely change Jiang Fei’s life, he needed to do a lot of things to increase his exp. In order to level up, even the three years deposit on his bank was now nearly exhausted, and now his goal had finally been achieved.

“Level Up!” Jiang Fei said without hesitation.

After his thought moved, his entire character stat image started to rapidly change.

Character: Jiang Fei

Level: 1

Experience: 4/1000

Constitution: 1.2

Spirit: 1.3

Agility: 1.2

Force: 1.4

Unassigned Points: 2

Martial Arts skill: None

Secondary Professions: Weapon Forgery (Level 9), Planting (Level 9), Cooking (Level 9), Gardening (Level 9), Playing Piano (Level 9), Winemaking (Level 9), Summoning beasts (Level 9), Medical skill (Level 6 [49/100])

Jiang Fei who looked at his basic character stats totally changed, forcefully repressed his excitement, and started to analyze them.

He had now level up from 0 to 1, and the change brought about it seemed to be more than he had imagined.

First, he now had two unassigned attribute points, which he was already certain that it would happen before. As for the upper limit value of his exp, from the previous 500 it now turned into 1000, and now he needed to spend 1000 exp points to raise his level to the 2nd level, which was double from that to the one needed to level up from level 0 to 1!

Secondly, he’s four basic properties: Constitution (1), Spirit (1.1), Agility (1), Force (1.2), after leveling up, had all changed and automatically increased by 0.2.

In other words, now without yet assigning the free attribute points given to him, his Constitution was now 1.2 times of that of an average person, his spirit was 1.2 times of that of an average person, and his force was 1.4 times of that of an average person!

Moreover, before he leveled up, his medical skill which was +29%, had now actually turned to Level 6 (+49%), which had increased by 20%!

“There is such a good thing?” Jiang Fei was ecstatic.

Originally, on the computer game, he hadn’t noted this point, as he didn’t know that after he would level up, that his basic properties would also automatically increase.

Although it was only a small 0.2 attribute point increase, but in actual use, it wasn’t that small.

His Medical Skill level 6 which had increased by 20% was needless to say hard to do, in any case, It had taken Jiang Fei nearly one month just to increase it by 29%.

Even if his constitution, spirit, agility, and force, this four basic properties, weren’t that good. This increase of as much as 0.8 attribute points was still equivalent to him as ascending to A class, which were only as many as 50!

<TL: Probably talking about people who are really good at something>

How can Jiang Fei not be happy?

“I can freely assign two attribute points, but where should I add it? Should I add it on Constitution which represent the body’s health, spirit to treat more patients, agility for more speed, or force for more explosive power? It’s a bit difficult to choose.” Jiang Fei pondered over as he stroked his chin.

These four human body essential attributes, were very useful. If there were many enough attribute points to distribute, Jiang Fei would definitely increase them all.

However, he only had two free unassigned attribute points, so he could only improve 1 or two essential attribute of his body.

“I certainly need to add one to spirit. After increasing my spirit attribute, not only can I treat more patients and increase my medical proficiency, but also earn more exp, and make more money, three birds with one stone!”

<TL: Well that’s basically what he’s saying>

“But, if I only increase my spirit attribute, it would rather be too dull. After all, I also want to try making my physical qualities exceed others, and see what it feels like!”

Jiang Fei didn’t hesitate, and soon distributed one of the two unassigned attribute points, and added one to his spirit attribute.

Immediately, the 1.3 spirit attribute, became 2.3!

“As for Constitution which represents my life value, I shouldn’t consider it right now. So all that’s left are agility and force.”

“But before that, I should open the level up package first!”

Jiang Fei rubbed his hands together, and took a deep breath, his gaze moved to the upper right corner.

There, something that looks like a package can be seen, and was flashing…

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