AMAS: Chapter 19-‘Miles Solitary’

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Inside the game, the items contained within the level up gift box were actually not so great. When opening the box, you mostly get some ordinary [Panacea], which can restore injuries, hp and so on; or you could also get some very advanced martial arts cheats like [Qing Cheng Sword], [Lotus Sword], [Shaolin Lohan fist], and the likes of those.

Whether it was pills or martial arts cheats, people are able to easily buy these in the game, so it wasn’t that precious.

Now, however, if Jiang Fei gets an item from this level up gift box, no matter what it was, it could be called a treasure! Which the current him urgently needs right now.

“Tathagata Buddha, Jade Emperor, Guan Yin, Lord Jesus, all of you have to bless, gift me something that’s at least a tiny bit useful and of the best quality!” Jiang Fei prayed at heart.

Right now he was still Level 1, so Jiang Fei didn’t dare extravagantly hope that he would get a miracle and get a cheat out of this gift box, he only seeks for it to be practical, it would be quite good for it to be practical!

For instance, Fighting skills, Palm skills, legs skills, and so on, as far as it’s concerned to him this would be quite good. However, Sword and knife skills to him was actually not useful. Today, Society is governed by laws, so even if he buys a kitchen knife and registers it under his name, even if he obtains an excellent sword skill, what use would it be?

He can’t be like an ancient knight, and have a long sword at his side at all times, right? Even if others don’t laugh at him, they would at least think that he’s crazy, and would have the police to come and cause trouble for him.

And if the weapon is not on him at all times, then what use will his sword skill be?

Could it be that when you and another person fight are just about to fight, you can just talk to the other person and say: Stop! I need to return home first and get my weapon, then we can wage war and have 300 bouts!

This is obviously not realistic.

In such a disturbing mood, Jiang Fei finally tried to reach out his hand, and clicked the open button….


Two things appeared in the item column, a book and a small jade bottle. The book read in big letters [Triassic Cloud] <TL: 三叠云*, I don’t know what to call it>while on the small jade bottle a label was pasted on it which read [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine].

“A movement skill [Triassic Cloud], and an item that can increase a summoned beast’s property [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine]” Seeing these things, Jiang Fei almost couldn’t hold it and had almost cried.

He had hoped that he’d be able to obtain a useful item when he opened the Level Up Gift Box, but unexpectedly the tiny bit useful and best quality item that he had hoped to get was both actually beyond his imagination. These two things alone in the real world, and even in the game, were stuffs that would absolutely be worth a lot of money.

It was needless to say that so long as the summoned beast takes the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine], its blood would evolve, and become purer, moreover its combat efficiency, defensive power, as well as hp would greatly increase. In game, [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine] were always hard to get, and could only be obtained when doing certain hidden tasks. Although the price wasn’t too high, but most of the time, there was none that could be found in the city.

Moreover, [Triassic Cloud] which was needless to say, was a movement skill. Among movement skills, although compared to [Storm Ripple], [A reed Crossing the River], [Drifting Water] and so on, was considered worst in terms of movement skills in martial arts, but actually ‘Miles Solitary’ Tianbo guang’s martial arts skill was the most formidable.

Tianbo Guang, a bandit. The ‘Flower Thief’, was able to come and go as much as he liked. In addition to his [Internal Strength of Heart] and [Fierce Wind Blade], he became a person who was the most difficult to deal with when his skills were combined with his movement skill [Triassic Cloud]. It was clearly written in old father Jin’s (Jin Laoyezi) novel, that Tianbo Guang’s internal strength and his knife skill was in between first and second class, like that he’ll easily be able to move his body that’s no worse of a Clan Master and become an existence at the top. And in the event that Tianbo Guang’s internal strength was even a bit higher, in the ‘Smiling Proud Wanderer <TL: You’ll find it in novelupdates>’ he would become an existence that’s incredibly difficult to deal with, as people would find it hard to catch up with him, from this it can be seen how difficult it is to deal with the movement skill [Triassic Cloud]. <TL: Internal Strength=Potential>

“Ha ha, I never thought that I’d get something that allows ‘Miles Solitary’ Tianbo Guang go beyond others, [Triassic Cloud]! This may even be more useful than any Fighting or palm skills! With this movement skill, later on I’ll be able to leap onto roofs and vault over walls and have an affair….No, I have to be chivalrous, it’s no problem at all!”

<TL: Tianbo Guang is known for being a lustful thief who was also semi castrated, which is probably why he changed Jiang Fei’s mind right away>

Jiang Fei couldn’t help but be pleased.  “Only. Why give me something that made Tianbo Guang strong, don’t tell me there’s a hidden meaning within it?”

Getting these [Triassic Cloud] cheat movement skill, Jiang Fei without even needing to think, instantaneously decided to add the remaining attribute point.

Agile! Having such a movement skill, if he doesn’t increase his agility after levelling and displaying the [Triassic Cloud]’s might, then he would really be a person who doesn’t know how to use things sparingly.

His already superior agility, coupled with the movement skill [Triassic Cloud], Jiang Fei even if he still can’t fly, he would still be able to drift on water, and perhaps even be capable of stepping on the wind. Even the international Olympic Sprint Champion, ‘flying man’ Usain Bolt, would be left behind his heels unable to reach him at all, right?

Thinking of these, Jiang Fei was somewhat impatient, and without hesitating, assigned the remaining attribute point to agility, and then clicked on the booked.


Jiang Fei felt many things popped up in his mind, as the movement skill [Triassic Cloud] instantly appeared in his mind. Jiang Fei then hastily looked at his character stat screen. Only to see his stats which hadn’t change much from before, however, below the Secondary Profession, impressively revealed something new.

Martial Arts Skill: Triassic Cloud [Master Level: 0 (0/50)], available skill points 50.4

In the ‘Knight-Line’ game, martial arts skill was different from the secondary profession, and that martial arts skill doesn’t increase in mastery by using it, and instead needed the use of skill points to be increased!

But skill points only appear after using exp to level up, the skill point obtained would only be a tenth of the exp gained after levelling. For example, the present Jiang Fei altogether obtained 504 exp after levelling, so he has 50.4 skill points.

Later after his character levels up to the 2nd level, he’ll obtain 1000 exp points, as well as obtain 100 skill points.

Moreover, unlike Secondary Profession skill that can reach as high as the 9th level, martial arts skills can generally rise up to the third-level at most, and would mean that the martial art skill had already been master and can no longer be improved.

Different martial arts skills, have different amounts of skill points to increase the mastery of each martial arts skills. The movement skill [Triassic Cloud] isn’t that powerful of a martial arts skill, so upgrading it from 0 to level 1 only requires 50 skills points. Jiang Fei who played the game before, knew that some of the lowest level martial arts skill, only needed 10 skill points to upgrade it to the first level, costing him several times as much.

Of course, if he wanted to learn formidable skills like [Dragons 18 palms], or [9 Cloudy Daoist Scripture], he feared that he may need hundreds or even over a thousand skill points just to raise it to the first level.

“My luck really is good!” Watching this scene, Jiang Fei’s eyes illuminated, and without any hesitation consumed 50 skill points to level up the mastery of his only martial arts skill [Triassic Cloud].

Right now he only had one martial art skill, if he keeps the skill points, and don’t level up this martial art skill, then what use will it be?

As a result, his character stats changed yet again.

Martial Arts skill: Triassic Cloud [Mastery Level 1 (0/100), available skill points 0.4

“It seems that levelling martial art skills and character, both needs exp to raise its level, and would need twice of the previous level/master to upgrade. Martial art skill generally can only rise up to the third level, if I needed to raise it to the 9th level in order to master it, that my just be really unbearable!” Jiang Fei nodded as he said.

However, he immediately threw away this issue from his mind, he then wiped the sweat on his face, and smiled: “Now, let me try the effect of [Triassic Cloud].

Sitting on the stone, Jiang Fei without exerting any force on his waist, and without touching the stone with his hand, he just gently pushed up with his feet-


Jiang Fei only felt that he flew up almost a meter high off the ground, and moved more than three meters away from his original position!

It’s important to note, that he didn’t take it seriously, and had just only casually moved.

Even Jiang Fei was heavily shocked with this sudden change, and had discreetly looked all round, and found that nobody paid attention to him, his body then moved.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In just a fraction of a second, Jiang Fei with only three steps, appeared a few metres outside the place.

Jiang Fei turned a little dull, and murmured: “Tianbo Guang’s movement skill… truly unique, and really impressive!”

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