AMAS: Chapter 20-[Summon Beast Evolution Medicine]

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Jiang Fei was pleasantly surprised, taking advantage of the fact that no one was around, with a series of flashes, he ran into the mountain, only stopping when he was satisfied while he slightly repressed his innermost feelings.

Although Jiang Fei now seems to have become a martial arts master who could come and go as he liked without casting a shadow. But in his heart, he knew very well that this was just the start! Even he was uncertain how many times higher he’ll achieve in the future than it is now. Right now he was enormously proud of his own success, rather he had still not fully matured.

The movement skill [Triassic Cloud] had just been learnt, although in the end it was merely at the first level, however he had no choice but to slowly raise it up one by one until it reaches the mastery level.

Then, Jiang Fei’s attention fell onto the other item that he got from the Level Up Gift Box—[Summon Beast Evolution Medicine]!

“This item, how do I use it?” Jiang Fei pondered as he stroked his chin.

In real life, it was certain that there wasn’t any summoned beast that he could raise. However, him using such a precious thing on chicken, duck, fish, goose, poultry and so on, he was certainly not that stupid and sweet.

When chicken, duck, fish, goose, and other poultries take the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine], what will they evolve to?

Will the rooster lay eggs of a fighting Rooster?

“If I can feed it to a pet tiger or python, even if they can’t evolve into a saber-toothed Tiger, or a flood dragon, they would still without a doubt become even more stronger. Only, these animals are fierce, moreover looking after a python is too nauseating, also I don’t have any interest in dying yet; and there’s also a decree that prohibits feeding tigers. Also I’m not Mike Tyson, keeping tigers as pets.”

Jiang Fei found himself into some difficulties yet again.

If the law allows ordinary people to raise tigers, Jiang Fei with his [Summoning Beasts (Level 9)], if he wanted to tame a tiger, it would certainly be not difficult. It was just not possible, if he really raised a tiger, the government may immediately invite him to drink tea.

Pondering for quite a while, Jiang Fei slapped his thigh, and was determined of his idea.

“Later on, I can just buy a strong battle efficient pet dog! A pitbull, Tibetan mastiff. These types of ferocious dogs shouldn’t have low fighting strength, although it can’t be compared with a tiger’s strength, but it should follow closely behind that of a wolf’s strength. Purebred pedigree dogs are precious; I certainly can’t afford it right now. However, buying one that is of an inferior grade, just by giving it the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine] to eat, I’m afraid that it would even have purer blood than the purebred dog! Raising such a pet may also be a lot of fun.”

Jiang Fei didn’t like cats, but was instead very fond of dogs. However, in the past when he lived in the city, it was inconvenient for him to raise pets, especially raising first class dogs, in the end he would have no choice but to let it go. But now it’s different, when his villa is built, he’ll feed a strong battle efficient first class dog, and have it guard the door, and take care of the house while he’s away.

“Later on, I’ll walk with a Tibetan Mastiff that would be as strong as a lion, it would be awesome, right?” Jiang Fei kept on laughing. This was inborn, woman would like small and cute pets, while men would like pets that are wild.

“Hey….” Looking at the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine] in the storage field inside his mind, Jiang Fei suddenly thought a question, “How can I take out this bottle? I can’t just feed the pet with my mind, right?”

Jiang Fei with a simple thought of wanting to take it out from the storage in his mind…..In an instant, the bottle in the storage fell into his hands!

“….” Jiang Fei was shocked again, this system just gives him many surprises, he was still not entirely clear what the system can’t do.

Looking at the small bottle in his hands, Jiang Fei guessed: “Is the storage column, equivalent to storage space, which I can stuff out what’s inside, as well as store in what’s out here?”

With another thought, the small bottle in his hands suddenly disappeared again.

Vanished-came out-vanished again-came out again-

Repeated trying it, Jiang Fei’s eyes gradually widened, after swallowing his saliva, his line of sight fell on a stone nearby that was a size of a fist.

Stretching out his hand, he grasped the stone, and Jiang Fei with a thought: Disappear!

For a moment, a light was in his hand, immediately after the stone disappeared without a trace, when he looked towards the storage column in his mind, he saw the fist-sized stone in one of the slots!

Storage space! Although he only had a cubic meter storage space, but what it could do, was simply too much!

Normally, he would go on a trip to have fun, and now both of his hand could be free (nothing in his hands), as he can put the luggage and throw it in the storage space in his mind as much as he desired, to have such a precious thing, it was obvious that he needed to conceal it properly, and possibly not let people see the light that it would bring out while he safely takes out the item inside the storage space in his mind, apart from him no one else can find out about it—-even if it was nothing precious to him right now, it was still something worth concealing.

“This can be considered a very powerful skill, right? Even some protagonist in novels, don’t have a storage space, and had to immediately develop one, right? Maybe I can also work in this regard, pounding powdered milk, and become a boatman, and go to those lustrous ports and seized what’s to be done….” Jiang Fei had a wicked idea. <TL: Idk if it’s still counts upto now, but China upto april 20, 2016, was a huge market with regards to powdered milk, as well as Hong Kong, so if ur wondering why he wants to make powdered milk and become a boatman, this may be the reason>

These past few days, there were online reports that boatmen at lustrous ports were moronic, shoot this really is a bad habit of mine.

Jiang Fei denied the idea altogether. He was a man in pursuit of improving his quality of life, but  that didn’t mean that he was a greedy man, like he previously was.

Money for him was something to be spend. Money for him was just a number.

But since he possessed his game character now, it became even more clearer for him, and had even become more cheerful than before.

For example, now he had spent almost all of his saving to build his own resort. If he had this idea before, he would certainly not do it.

Jiang Fei was now not cynical, and had obtain enlightenment just like an eminent monk. However, later on, he would level up again, and have the opportunity to strengthen his stats, and gain yet another martial art skill, which may even allow him become a real superman!

Since he had no awareness of the responsibility to save the world, the most he would do is to continue being a doctor and save lives.

The rest was just to relax and enjoy life.


He still didn’t need to think about looking for capable dogs. When his resort is built, and move in, he can then think about the matter again.

However, these days he actually collected various information about many dogs, online, and had finally determined what type he wanted to purchase—a Tibetan Mastiff.

Although it appeared that the information he got online, revealed that Tibetan Mastiff’s real fighting strength wasn’t that good, and didn’t even reach the top five all over the world, people rather thought that it was weak compared to Pitbull, Tosa, and Argentina dogs, and wasn’t as vicious as these types of dogs, and was instead just a bit more fragrant.

However, Jiang Fei still decided to buy a Tibetan Mastiff.

First of all, even though a Tibetan Mastiff’s strength is inferior to these types of dogs, but it still looked overwhelmingly powerful. Its hair was similar to that of a lion, and also had a strong body. Jiang Fei was also extremely fond of going out and play with it than the other ones; secondly, he was a Chinese person, so Jiang Fei naturally liked domestic dogs more than western dogs.

Moreover, what was the most important point was Jiang Fei’s [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine]!

Generally, a Tibetan Mastiff’s battle efficiency wasn’t that good, but what would happen after taking the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine]?

Jiang Fei was optimistic about his future with a Tibetan Mastiff that’s as fierce as a lion that will be guarding his door…..

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