AMAS: Chapter 22-Steal a Kiss

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Jasmine Lin was dismissed from Yicheng real estate brokerage corporation, and left with her monthly wage, without looking for the so-called board of director’s son to discuss about this. She knew it was useless, and would instead only bring contempt upon herself!

She didn’t look for another work, and had given herself a break. In the three months she had worked, although she made a lot of money, but it had also made her very tired, as she had little time to rest, and would usually often eat in a hurry.

Now that she was fired, she was now able to relax.

“I was fired right away, anyway, I don’t want to look for a job for now.” Jasmine Lin received the money and curled her lips, but it could be seen that she was somewhat depressed inside her heart.

After all, for such a thing to happen to her, who will feel better in such a situation.

Initially, Jiang Fei who had been fired from the hospital, also had this kind of feeling.

“Less angry words. In the end what was the reason you were fired. Did you offend a customer, and the customer complained; or did you use the name of the company, to draw in customers for private businesses?” Jiang Fei asked.

For the last three months, Jasmine Lin hadn’t even complained about her matter with work even a little, as far as selling real estate goes, she may have a few little tricks, this was something he was quite clear about.

Hearing this Jasmine Lin stared at Jiang Fei, and said: “This girl is so attractive, and also have a good temperament and would easily get along with people just after meeting, such a person what kind of customer would she offend? As for the matter of using the company to make secret businesses, is this something a girl does?”

“What is it then?” Jiang Fei frowned, his look suddenly changed slightly, as if he had remembered something: “Is this matter the same as the matter you had in the hospital in the past?”

Last time, when she was still in the hospital, Jasmine Lin’s natural beauty brought trouble to her, as a male animal had his eyes on her. At that time Jasmine Lin rejected him, leaving him in embarrassment.

Jasmine Lin stared at him once more, but soon her imposing manner weaken, as her face filled with pent-up anger disappeared, she then sighed: “I also want to know why I was dismissed! Right now I’m also bewildered, they didn’t give me a clear reason as to why they dismissed me. The branch store manager said that it seems that the son of one of the board of the directors of the company, personally mentioned to dismiss me! I don’t understand how I offended him! I’ve never even met the son of the board of director of Yicheng real estate brokerage company.”

Jiang Fei smiled, and then said: “The opposite party is definitely one of your pursuers, when they pursued you must have heartlessly rejected them. Because of that, their love of you became living hate, like this they want to retaliate against you.” Jiang Fei immediately shook his head, and said: “Oh, being good looking really is the source of trouble!”

Jasmine Lin looked at Jiang Fei who’s appearance somewhat looked like he was taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, she couldn’t help but hate him as her tooth itched, she walked towards him in order to hit Jiang Fei and vent out her anger.

Jiang Fei knew this woman for a long time, and so long as she was angry, they wouldn’t flirt with one another, but would instead start acting recklessly, without delay Jiang Fei stood up from the stool to get out of the way.

He dodged, having learned the movement skill [Triassic Cloud] for several days now, he naturally casted it.


Jasmine Lin felt that her eyes were deceiving her, as her hand didn’t even have the time to fall down, as Jiang Fei who was sitting on the stool just a moment ago, had already escaped and was three meters away from her.

Jasmine Lin was shocked, but she still gave Jiang Fei an angry look, she then asked somewhat muddled: “You….how did you do that? How did you suddenly run so fast!”

Hearing this made Jiang Fei also surprised for a moment.

After he learned the movement skill, at home he would usually use it to play around since there was no one there, he was like a kid who got his favorite toy, he always felt fun playing around with it, so he had slowly gotten used to using the movement skill.

It had become a habit, and when he saw Jasmine Lin wanting to hit him a moment ago to vent out her anger, he subconsciously used the [Triassic Cloud] to get out of the way.

“You wanted to hit me, should I have just run, and sit quietly waiting to be hit by you?” Jiang Fei pretended that nothing had happened, as if he didn’t understand the meaning of the words Jasmine Lin had just said, outright, he said: “I was just cracking a joke, you don’t need to get angry. Attractive women aren’t at fault, but rather the man who was showing kindness, only the man just doesn’t have skills, but instead of admitting the blame, he shifted it towards the woman, saying that the woman is a seductress.”

“You…” Just as Jasmine Lin was about to speak.

Jiang Fei who was at her side smiled, and then changed the subject: “You’ve now been laid off, what’s your plan? Are you going to look for a new work?”

Hearing this, Jasmine Lin’s attention had finally been shifted, temporarily forgetting the strange scene that Jiang Fei had done. Her eyes flashed with a cunning look, she had been waiting for Jiang Fei to ask her that question!

Jasmine Lin soon gave him a charming smile, she then lifted her right hand, placing it on Jiang Fei’s shoulders, her tender body leaned against Jiang Fei’s body, immediately giving Jiang Fei a kind of soft jade warm feeling.

Her figure was just too superior, moreover her height was 1.73 meters, as she was wearing high-heeled shoes, she wasn’t any shorter than Jiang Fei. She completely transferred the center of her body onto Jiang Fei, happily, she smiled: “I was only joking, now that I’ve been fired by the company, I’m already an unemployed young woman, only you can give shelter to me….” Saying that she put on a pitiful expression, giving off the impression that she was a stray cat, she then whispered in Jiang Fei’s ear: “I’m so pitiful, will you do nothing seeing that somebody is in danger? I’m not asking too much, just support me, you can pay me as much as you want.”

Jiang Fei’s eyelids jumped up, his nose inhaled the rich smell of the woman in front of him, and could even feel her light snow soft chest, feeling the warmth that was giving off by her soft tender body, this woman’s honey trap was really incredible.

“Do you really want to come help me with my small clinic?” Jiang Fei helplessly said. Jiang Fei would often be unmoved by anything, except for this honey trap. If this woman wasn’t Jasmine Lin, and wasn’t too familiar with her, it would have been no good as he would have already put his hands on her. He was mostly able to beat somebody at their own game!

“Ah!” Jasmine Lin eyes widened, nodding without hesitation.

Jiang Fei nodded his head and said: “Well, as long as you don’t mind low wages.”

“Don’t mind, don’t mind.” Jasmine Lin was suddenly happy.

In her mind she secretly thought: You don’t need to say low salaries, as long as you give me food and shelter…I’ll be happy. I wouldn’t even mind not getting any pay.

However, she couldn’t say this right now, it wasn’t the right time, otherwise if she had said it, it would have been awkward.

Thinking of this, Jasmine Lin couldn’t help but turn completely red, a hint of shyness can be seen in her eyes, as she tiptoed while not paying attention to Jiang Fei, she then clung her hands on Jiang Fei’s head, and with her pink wet lips, she quickly kissed Jiang Fei on the cheek!

“You’re so nice. Later, you’re going to become my boss!” After Jasmine Lin kissed Jiang Fei, she quickly let go of him, and hurriedly went to the register, pretending as if nothing had happened.

It seemed like it was just a kiss, but she was very happy with no profound meaning.

She was acting dumb, not only was Jiang Fei sure of this. He also knew that this woman in this aspect, indeed had an inborn acting skills!

Jiang Fei touched his cheek for a moment, waiting for half a sound, he remembered to rub the lipsticks on his face.

“Jasmine Lin!” Jiang Fei wasn’t angry, and instead was somewhat regretful, and was also somewhat reluctant when she had moved away.

Earlier, he didn’t feel it carefully, the pink lips that parted from his face….

A woman giving him such a strong kiss, moreover a very beautiful woman at that, which man would possibly get angry by that? Was he even qualified to get angry? If he really did get angry, it was certain that he was a hypocrite, too fake, and that he was just pretending!

–at least that was what Jiang Fei thought.

When Jiang Fei was regretting very much, he didn’t know that at a street not far away from his clinic, a BMW X5 was parked.

In the car was two young people.

One of them wore a suit, the young man who had his hair meticulously, this was a person that Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin knew, and was very familiar with at their previous work, before them, was the son of Jincheng Hospital’s director—Gao Hengyuan.

However, the other one was someone they didn’t know, but was someone they were just discussing. He was the son of the board of the director of Yicheng real estate brokerage company,the person who was behind the scene and had manipulated the branch store manager to fire Jasmine Lin!

“Liu Zhi, this time’s matter was all thanks to you.” Gao Hengyuan laughed.

“Such a small matter. However, your kid eyes are too malicious, this Jasmine Lin is indeed good, her figure, appearance, temperament, truly superb.” The young man called Liu Zhi said with a smile.

But Gao Hengyuan’s eyes at this time revealed a hint of ruthlessness and hatred, he then said: “It’s a pity that she can’t tell good from bad! You all just wait for the disaster that you’ve brought upon yourself….”

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