AMAS: Chapter 23-Acupunture King

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Gao Hengyuan as a child lived his life in an enriched environment having a privileged family.

The position of his father who was the director of Jincheng Hospital wasn’t too high <TL: government position I assume>, and was only an assistant county level (县处), but his identity was not at all simple. After all, years after becoming the head, there haven’t been any small disaster that spread illnesses, this is inevitably linked to the hospital, and being the director of such a large hospital, it can be said that it somewhat had to do with him being the director.

The director of Jincheng hospital, that is Gao Hengyuan’s father, was in fact not counted as an individual with a corrupted character, so much so that he could even be mentioned as a very respectable person in terms of medical ethics. Merely, he only got a child, when he was in his late 40s, when his wife gave birth to Gao Hengyuan, his son, so it was natural for him to be afraid that he’ll drop him as he held his baby son in both of his hands, feared that his son would put anything in his mouth, he loved him to the point of almost spoiling him, which had developed Gao Hengyuan’s arrogant and despotic character.

Gao Hengyuan grew up ignorant and incompetent, and in junior high school he had already began to indulge in wine. Moreover because of his looks, in his circle as well as in the nightclub he was titled as the young and glorious prince. Even if his father was the director of Jincheng hospital, a mother who was a doctor who was also regarded as the beautiful flower in the hospital. Since childhood, Geo Hengyuan who grew up in a family of doctors, wasn’t influenced by them, and had instead not taken the medical area seriously.

When he was in university, he failed numerous times receiving red marks in various subject, but eventually he received his diploma, and got two academic degrees, in addition to that, he also entered Jincheng hospital which to many people was an incredible thing.

However, Gao Hengyuan using his personal experience, told everyone, and using Li Ning’s advertisement slogan to show how correct it was, he said…. Everything’s possible.

As for Liu Zhi, the son of the Board of director of the Yicheng Real Estate Brokerage corporation, he was Gao Hengyuan’s very good fair-weather friend.

A few days before, Gao Hengyuan had just recently solved about a news he heard involving him and a beautiful nurse in the hospital, he had originally taken it hard which was clearly because of Jasmine Lin, so after she had left the hospital he was quite happy, but after he finding out that Jasmine Lin was still being paid quite a huge amount. The originally subsided anger he had in his stomach which gradually disappeared over the last three months, all of a sudden flared up again.

Thus, Jasmine Lin was dismissed from the company for no reason at all.

As for the present Gao Hengyuan, he wasn’t willing to give up, he wanted to retaliate against Jasmine Lin and had her dismissed by the company, he was also not prepared to let Jiang Fei feel any better.

It could also be said that, Geo Hengyuan’s hatred towards Jiang Fei is much more intense compared to Jasmine Lin’s, he believed that if it weren’t for Jiang Fei’s interference, he would have already at an earlier time seized Jasmine Lin.

He didn’t care if he had to rape her, to him it doesn’t matter what method was used, he wouldn’t even pay any particular attention to the process, as long as he gets the result he wants, which is in the same way as him using any method to get the woman he wants, and only after he prevails later would he be comfortable again, and get many substantive advantage again, without any concerns at all.

To him no matter how lofty Jasmine Lin was, no matter how tough she was, in Gao Hengyuan’s opinion, if he succeeded that day, Jasmine Lin would have become nothing but his plaything.

Gao Hengyuan wanted to trouble Jiang Fei, it goes without saying that he wanted revenge, he would do anything even if it costs him a lot of money. However, after he made some inquiries he finally obtained information, he thought that the matter was very simple….

They didn’t need to wait long inside the BMW before they saw several people whose arms and necks were covered entirely with tattoos, they wore black sleeveless vest, as the huge person was afraid that other people would be unaware of his profession and be seen as a ‘bum’, moreover it seemed like they knew the ‘shrewd’ middle-aged woman, as they all walked towards the lateral side of the BMW.

These people were Jiang Fei’s acquaintances.

It was exactly one month ago, at the opposite side of his clinic a young married female doctor Su nan’s clinic, they had prepared to seized the opportunity and blackmail Su Nan, but because of Jiang Fei’s acupuncture technique, their large family was destroyed!

Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi came out from the BMW, smiling, the two then looked at them, and said: “I want revenge. Show no mercy, I don’t care what you do or how you do it.”

Although the shrewd woman hated Jiang Fei, as Jiang Fei not only made her lose the 200000, but he had also made her family to take care of that ‘waste’ old lady, so she couldn’t wait until the day when she devours Jiang Fei! But she wasn’t that stupid, and asked, concerned: “Young Gao, we can deliberately create trouble for Jiang Fei, but what do we do if that Jiang Fei were to report to the police?”

Previously, they had come looking for Su Nan to trouble her, but it could also be said that they were taking advantage of a ‘malpractice incident’ as a reason to cause trouble.

But what about now? They’ll just go cause trouble with no good reason!

Gao Hengyuan smiled and said, “You can rest assured, I went to the police station, and they will definitely not come within half an hour. No matter what happens, I’ll take responsibility, I have a lot of tricks in my pocket!”

“How great. Hearing Young Gao’s words, we feel relieved!” The shrewd woman said.

“Young Gao, you can rest assured that today we will certainly beat up the boy without even letting his mother know!”

“Meddlesome fellow, for meddling in other people’s business. You’re courting death….”

Liu Zhi smiled at the side as they watched them, a smile could be seen on Gao Hengyuan’s face as he said: “You only have to smash his clinic. As for him, you can’t be too ruthless. I’ll first say it, if you kill him, I may not be able to help you afterwards.”

Three of the five huge men twisted their neck, they cracked their knuckles, and grinned: “We’re not stupid, we’re also law-abiding citizens. Killing this thing, is certainly something we won’t do.”

“That’s good. Go.” Gao Hengyuan waved as he ordered them.

Thus, these people powerfully walked towards Jiang Fei’s clinic.

Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi didn’t hide themselves to watch the play in secret, and instead they had moderately followed behind them, preparing to go to the scene to watch the show.

This kind of revenge, if you don’t see it personally, it will certainly not reduce the invigorating feeling that they have…..

At the time this group of people had started walking towards Jiang Fei’s clinic, a group of people opposite of them also march forth, walking towards Jiang Fei’s clinic door. The number of these people were more than the few people that Gao Hengyuan had sent, there was a full 20 of them!

However, this group of people obviously had a different goal from the several people that Gao Hengyuan sent, they all wore a warm smile on their faces, while the two men in front were carrying a two-meter long, and almost a meter-wide horizontal inscribed board that was covered with a piece of red cloth.

When these group of people was outside Jiang Fei’s clinic, they were beating gongs and drums, entering just after Jiang Fei had been kissed by Jasmine Lin on the cheek, so at this time Jiang Fei was still deep in thought remembering the scene that had just happened.

To tell the truth, just having Jasmine Lin working in his clinic made Jiang Fei happy. His clinic business was now thriving and prosperous, and contrary to what one might expect he didn’t need the use of a beautiful woman to attract customers.

However, Jasmine Lin being here allowed Jiang Fei to work more efficiently, as well as have better quality service. At his side there was a beautiful woman which could make the weary eyes appreciate the beautiful spectacle at the side, that could even improve the person’s mood.

Moreover, after his present business became good, it was certain that he would need more hands to help him. If Jasmine Lin didn’t come to help, Jiang Fei intended to personally go to the market and recruit a skilled worker.

For instance, when he’s treating patients with his acupuncture, his attention couldn’t be diverted, so he need help with the needles, sterilization and so on. Usually, he would see the patient and write the prescription himself, but if there was someone that would help to get the medicine and receive the money, it could become a lot easier for him, instead of him doing everything by himself.

“Jasmine Lin, how much should I pay you?” Jiang Fei said, somewhat embarrassed.

Friend don’t discuss money, as discussing money would sometimes hurt the other side’s feelings.

However, Jasmine Lin was helping him, so he had to pay her, he can’t just let her get nothing, right? Jasmine Lin wasn’t a mountain stream that was free of charge, she was also not her girlfriend.

This, issue about wages is unavoidable.

“Whatever pleases you.” Jasmine Lin was actually not like Jiang Fei, she wasn’t at a loss, and had instead acted quite ‘casual’.

Jiang Fei was calculating this month’s turnover with his fingers, thinking about the cost of medicines, house rent, and how much profit he could make. After his reputation of being a highly skilled doctor had spread, combined with his acupuncture technique, he could help a huge amount of people, it was like a money-making tool, even if it was an unexceptional month, even if he was working 5-6 hours per day, he would still be able to earn at least 40000 yuan!

This number wasn’t lower than when he worked in the hospital.

The reason he could earn this much was mainly because of his acupuncture skill which was equivalent to buying and selling medical expertise, with this he was able to earn a lot of money. If he didn’t have his acupuncture skill, he would only be able to earn about 10000 yuan per month.

If it was someone else that would help serve him tea, receive money, getting money, along with other easy tasks, Jiang Fei in accordance to the current market price, wouldn’t pay too much money.

However, it was Jasmine Lin, so he was too embarrassed if he were to pay her too low.

So tweaking for a long time, Jiang Fei proposed: “I’ll give you 5000 yuan per month. No weekend work, and work less than 6 hours every day; if you have an urgent matter, you can ask me for a leave. Also, I’ll provide food for you. What do you think?”

“Paying me so much? Originally, I thought you would only pay me 3000 yuan. I don’t have any issue!” Jasmine Lin smiled, and complied very refreshed. However, she quickly looked at Jiang Fei’s eyes, “Working no more than six hours a day? You really do enjoy life!”

Seeing Jasmine Lin comply happily, Jiang Fei was also pleased. He tilted his legs, and said: “That’s natural. The villa in Rice Village will almost be done, I can’t just leave it empty, right?”

Suddenly, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin’s attention simultaneously shifted outside the clinic. The crowd that walked were patients that Jiang Fei had treated with his acupuncture technique, these people came in and immediately surrounded Jiang Fei. They were all smiling, but they didn’t speak, making it somewhat mysterious.

Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin was in wonder, and was just about to ask something. When suddenly, the crowd stirred quite a commotion, as they gradually separated, revealed a plaque covered with a piece of red cloth in front of Jiang Fei.

And with the crowd’s ‘please’ gesture, Jiang Fei hesitated for a moment, and slowly lifted the red cloth….


The red cloth was lifted, only to see an inscribed horizontal tablet with huge traditional Chinese characters written in fine gold——[中医王] Acupuncture King!

<TL: technically it was tradition Chinese medicine acupuncture king, but just making it acupuncture king makes it more pleasant.>

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