AMAS: Chapter 25-Piercing Three People

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Together with the unreasonably evil woman, a total of five tattooed men arrived. After the woman issued an order, one of the five was ready to go to the ‘Acupuncture King’ plaque and take it off, while another two were ready to smash things; the last two men went towards Jiang Fei, they grinned and clenched their fist, giving off a ‘kaka’ sound, it looked as if they were ready to slaughter him.

In fact, in their view, although Jiang Fei wasn’t small, but he definitely wasn’t strong, and shouldn’t have much fighting experience. A doctor being in the office all day long, how can he be strong? So they thought the two of them were enough to handle this person!

Only, for the purpose of preventing Jiang Fei from fleeing, the two walked towards Jiang Fei and stopped a few feet away from him.

“What are you doing? Stop!” Jasmine Lin’s face turned cold, as she somewhat anxiously took out the phone to contact the police. Unfortunately for her, Gao Hengyuan had already anticipated this move, so it was no threat at all.

If they found Jiang Fei trouble alone, they would naturally afraid that there would be police coming here. But right now Gao Hengyuan was supporting them behind the scenes, so it was natural for them not to be afraid.

“You can go ahead and call the police, What’s up!” The two were ready to make trouble, but seeing Jasmine Lin take out the phone and call the police, they had instead temporarily stopped, and let out an unbridled laugh.

They looked like a cat catching a mouse, not at all in a hurry, and was ready to have fun and play slowly.

Seeing this, Jiang Fei could guess a little, as a result his eyes began to wander around, striving to find clues. It was obvious that these group of people has a backing; they weren’t even afraid that someone might report to the police. Soon, Jiang Fei found out the situation and shook his head at Jasmine Lin, he held her arm and put down the phone, so that she doesn’t alarm the police.

“Jiang Fei, what are you doing! You can understand just with a glance that they aren’t good people, they’re making trouble for us! Quickly, let me report to the police.” Jasmine Lin anxiously said.

“Calling them is also useless. I suspect that they had already bribed the police a long time ago…. something’s amiss.” Jiang Fei glance through the crowd, looking at the two youngsters standing outside the clinic, it looked like Gao Hengyuan had taken part in this, he then said: “That scoundrel should be the one that bribed the police.”

Jasmine Lin gawked, and looked towards the direction that Jiang Fei was looking at, immediately she discovered Gao Hengyuan, and furiously exclaimed: “Is it that demon’s doing?!”

He had just gotten the title Acupuncture King which had made Jiang Fei feel very happy, but at this time his eyes were filled with anger, as he coldly said: “Not only this time, perhaps even the matter of you being dismissed at your work, was all this bastard’s doing!”

Jiang Fei’s voice wasn’t low, as even Gao Hengyuan who was outside the crowd heard it, he didn’t deny it, nor did he open his mouth. Instead he had quite care freely nodded, indicating that this matter was indeed his doing. Jiang Fei provocatively moved his neck, as he extremely arrogantly said: “When are you going to start, what are you waiting for?”

When the evil woman heard this, she didn’t wait any longer, and sneered: “Since you aren’t calling the police, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Immediately, the five men moved once again. Even the vicious woman was pulling her sleeves up, preparing to personally go and handle Jasmine Lin. Earlier, she had noticed that Jasmine Lin was in a bad mood.

The man standing in a circle didn’t yield as they watched this scene, this time alarming the police was useless, and seeing that these people were going to hit Dr. Jiang, it was natural that they wouldn’t just stand there and watch quietly, Jiang Fei was their benefactor! Thus they were all outrage, their face was filled with anger.

These delinquents. This society was just lawless, to even dare to do something like this in broad daylight!

But these people were too scared because of the imposing manner that these delinquents were putting out, it was very obvious who the bad guys were, but even after they all geared up, no one dared to make the first move and take the lead.

“Start?” At this Time Jiang Fei was in no hurry, the corners of his mouth slightly went up, as he pulled Jasmine Lin to his side. Last time, in Su Nan’s clinic, he was still a bit afraid of this few bums, and didn’t dare to fight them on. As for now, why would he need to be afraid, he had just learned [Triassic Cloud], to the present him they were all unable to hurt him now.


Jasmine Lin was unable to react, as Jiang Fei suddenly disappeared from his position. And at the same time he wasn’t seen, he took a fine acupuncture needle at the counter in his clinic.

After levelling up, Jiang Fei had added a few of his bonus attributes to his agility making it to 2.2. It was needless to say that he didn’t even need to use [Triassic Cloud] as his speed was 2.2 times that of an average person, let alone using [Triassic Cloud], his speed had already increased at an astonishing rate.

The people felt like Jiang Fei had turned into the wind, as he didn’t even leave a single mark behind when he had rushed over the counter. Not only did the two people in front of Jiang Fei unable to seize him, instead the two men pitifully yelled, their face turning pale. They had just wanted to say something, but their line of sight began tilting, their neck looked as if there wasn’t any bone in it, as shrank backwards unable to control their own body, and to one’s surprise a ‘pow’ sound was heard, their whole body had just fallen on the ground!

“Ahh~~” The two men screamed in horror as if they had just their mother dead.

One of them then said: “What happened? What’s wrong? Why can’t I feel my right hand…No, why can’t I completely feel the right half of my body!”

The other one then responded in a tearful way: “Me too! I can’t stand up! I’m crippled!”

The two men suddenly broke down at the sudden turn of events. They were just looking for trouble today, but it had lead them to being crippled, unable to move half of their body, not knowing what to do now!

Jiang Fei then ran towards the guy who was taking the hung plaque on the wall, the man who was going to take down the plaque on the wall didn’t respond, and had instead subconsciously continued to go up the stool, wanting to take the plaque down and break it into two halves.

But just as he stepped on the stool with his right leg, he felt that something had changed, he felt that his left leg had become numb, and lost control over it, the person could no longer stand, and just like the two men, he fell heavily to the ground.

However, he was more miserable than the two people before. Although the two were panic stricken, but at least they weren’t in pain, and was also able to scream out in panic.

But the guy who was going to take the plaque down not only lost the feeling he had on his left leg, but he also felt the terrible pain on his lower abdomen, it felt as if he had just been stabbed with a knife, and at the same time, the knife was being severely twisted! Moreover, he had been silenced, and no matter how much he opened his mouth, no sound would come out, only sweat, tears, and pain flowed down his body.

“Really courting death! To even dare take down the sign of the Acupuncture King, you get what you deserve, suffer in hardship!” Jiang Fei stood in front of the person, and angrily said in the man’s face.

Just a moment ago the two men had wanted to hit him, so he had maliciously taken out his needle and pricked on their shoulder, making half of their body pass out, making it seem like they were crippled.

But this person wanted his plaque, he wanted to take down his plaque which was equivalent to his title of being the Acupuncture King, this had made Jiang Fei furious. He was even more furious than when the two men wanted to attack him!

The title Acupuncture King was something he had just obtained, he didn’t even have the time to share it with others, nor did he have the time to be venerated by the crowd, how can it be taken down immediately? He could endure a lot of things, but this was something that he simply cannot tolerate!

Without saying anything he ‘swiftly’ pierced the guy three times, letting him feel what death feel like, unable to scream, and could only feel the terrible pain in his heart as his tears flowed down his eyes!

Jiang Fei didn’t hit him, because he knew that hitting someone was wrong. Moreover, the most critical point was that if he had hit him, when the police arrives, he might be held responsibility for this scene, and be accused of excessive self defense.

After all, looking at this fight, it was obvious that Gao Hengyuan had bribed the police at an earlier time, making them act in collusion with him. So him being a little cautious was good, so as to avoid the opposite party distorting the facts.

He, as the Acupuncture King, have superb acupuncture technique, he’s now very familiar with the major acupuncture points of the human body, and is even able to get rid of the spots left behind by his needle. Like this even if he had offended someone, he wouldn’t be discovered, and even if they later went to the hospital for an appraisal, they would still be unable to find out what he had done to them.

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