AMAS: Chapter 27-Good intentions, bring bad outcomes

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A writer can take up a pen to secure a place under the heaven, while a militant can use his military force to determine heaven and earth.

For Jiang Fei, it was: using his medical skill to save patients, and raising his needle to handle degenerates.

And without doubt, everyone who saw today’s matter, was able to clearly evaluate Jiang Fei. He took care of both Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi, although they didn’t know who they were, they still knew that they have a little bit of background, but even then he still made a move and made it so that the two would run away from his place. This had made everyone stand up and applaud once more.

The matter had developed too quickly and too dramatic. Moreover, no one could have guessed that the gentle, delicate, and weak looking doctor, Jiang Fei would unexpectedly be so fierce! And without anyone’s help, he effortlessly knocked out several degenerates. Everyone had even wanted to lend him a hand, but the problem had just ended all too easily.

“Dr. Jiang is really a god like figure!”

“I didn’t expect that acupuncture can be used like this. Wonderful, so wonderful! These scums should be properly taught a lesson, otherwise they would just forget about this matter.”

“Doctor Jiang, later on I won’t look at you just as a star, to me Doctor Jiang is a superstar!” A young girl looked at Jiang Fei with eyes shining like a small star.

This woman’s expression looked as if she wanted to eat Jiang Fei up!

It was no wonder Jasmine Lin, who had called out to Jiang Fei, looked at him as if he was handsome and charming. how did she even contain her own state of mind?

Jiang Fei cheerfully clasped his hands, expressing his thanks to everyone, and although his mouth was saying that thanks, at heart he was actually very happy.

Today, he had taken care of that malicious bastard Gao Hengyuan, and made a total fool of him in public. Later on, Gao Hengyaun could even be traumatized by this, right? This very day could be regarded as his revenge for his old grievances, extinguishing most of his resentment.

As for what he had done today, no matter how much Gao Hengyuan would hate him for it, Jiang Fei wouldn’t care at all. Gao Hengyuan was only the son of the director of the hospital he previously worked at, but he wasn’t the son of the municipal committee secretary. And even if he used a little of his relationships, a little of his capabilities, but so long as Jiang Fei doesn’t provide him any information that could be used against him, he wouldn’t be able to threaten Jiang Fei at all.

As for his revenge, even if he looked for someone to take care of him, Jiang Fei wasn’t afraid.

With his game character, he could easily destroy five degenerates easily. And if he raises his level to 2, as well as get another rare martial art skill book, even if Gao Hengyuan asked many people to come, he wouldn’t be afraid at all.

Jiang Fei was happy that people were worshipping him, and that both Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi ran away after shitting and urinating themselves. But at this time there were still a few people grieving on the ground.

“Mom….! What are you bastards doing, quickly alert the police!”

“Heavens! This wretched doctor killed someone, I feel like I won’t be able to live anymore! I almost can’t breathe!”

Their usual arrogance disappeared, and even the bald-headed snake man didn’t hold back his tears, as they cried out for their mother. Jiang Fei looked at them as he repeatedly shook his head, he then kicked the bald man just like in the classics, and said sarcastically: “As soon as you scholars’ property drift away you become like this. Are you bums? Please, dedicate yourselves to your work, all right?! And at least be a little ethical, it’s simply an insult to all homeless people out there!”

“Mr. Jiang, if you don’t kill me today, sooner or later I’m going to kill you!” The bald man furiously shouted. While he was crying, Jiang Fei had kicked him at another acupuncture point in his body, making it intolerably sore and itchy, to the point that he wished that he could use his knife and cut his flesh off!

But he was paralyzed, so how could he even scratch himself.

“You idiots! Why are you just looking there! Do you want to become an accomplice of this killer doctor? Quickly call the police!” Several degenerates angrily exclaimed, the piercing roar resounded in the clinic, it had even alarmed the neighborhood, making more people to rush to the scene.

But why would these people care? Even they thought that what Jiang Fei had done wasn’t enough!

“Didn’t you tell us not to call the police a while ago? But now you want us to alarm the police, you people are being unreasonable!” Some people in the crowd couldn’t help but shout sarcastically.

Hearing this, Jiang Fei was very satisfied, these patients were really good. He had only helped them cure their illness, but not only did they send him the ‘Acupuncture King’ plaque, but now they’re also on his side, this had touched Jiang Fei, making him think that his occupation was very glorious.

Jiang Fei looked at the five men and the woman, looking as if he was the guy that called the shots.  Jiang Fei then arrogantly said: “Give it a try. See if you can find someone to help you call the police!”

Jiang Fei felt that no one would help them call the police, but he then heard a weak sound: “I…just called the police a moment ago.”

Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment and then turned his head immediately seeing a woman wearing the same white coat. And below the white coat one could see two slender legs with high heels.

The woman was the beautiful young doctor at the opposite clinic, Su Nan.

Su Nan slightly raised her right hand holding a cell phone in her other hand, she looked at Jiang Fei with a look of apology and guilt, she then said: “….Just now I saw a few people bothering you. I thought… weren’t their opponents, and fearing that you were going to be bullied by them….I called the police.”

Because there was so much violence here, Su Nan who was just across the road couldn’t see anything that was happening. Ever since Jiang Fei had helped her during her crisis, the relationship between the two of them became a lot better, it was the ice-breaker, which had allowed them to occasionally stopped by each other’s clinic.

And as soon as the event had begun, Su Nan quickly went to his clinic, and recognized the vicious wife as well as the bald python guy along with his group, and knowing that these were the people who had previously blackmailed her, she hurriedly reported to the police.

Her goal, was to help Jiang Fei.

But how could she have thought that Jiang Fei was not only a doctor, but also a martial arts expert! In front of him these degenerates were mere ants, easily able to dispose of them.

Although she had done it out of kindness, it had become something bad. If the police were to come, they would only trouble Jiang Fei!

“Ha ha ha…. heavens helped me! Mr. Jiang, you’ll be going to jail!” The bald guy fiercely said, as he laughed at him.

Hearing this, everyone looked at Su Nan, Su Nan felt that she was out of place, ready to explode at any moment. Although she had done it out of good intentions, but how would everyone know that.

Who knows that she might have deliberately wanted to cause trouble for Jiang Fei? After all they were still competitors.

“This woman really harbors evil intentions! Even though Dr. Jiang without thinking about the danger before, acted to help her, she still repayed Dr. Jiang like this!”

“In a nutshell, Dr. Jiang is getting into trouble this time probably because of her.”

“Indeed, women truly are the deadliest creatures under the heaven, this phrase truly isn’t false….”

*Cough, cought*

“Your scope of attack is too wide. Let’s judge the matter as it stands, and not openly harm others….” A female comrade stated.

Hearing the idle talk of these people, Su Nan’s eye became somewhat red. She just couldn’t bear such an accusation.

In the beginning, Jasmine Lin was also quite angry of Su Nan for calling the police, but seeing her pitiful appearance right now, she didn’t have the heart to blame her anymore, and then whispered to Jiang Fei: “She doesn’t seem to be deliberately looking trouble for you.”

Jiang Fei nodded, he then made a peaceful gesture to everyone, and then said with a smile, “Gentlemen, you don’t need to think about it. I believe Dr. Su isn’t that kind of person, I’m sure that she just wanted to help me, so she called the police. Think about it, when this degenerates came, didn’t you people also want to help me by alarming the police?”

Listening to this, everyone said: “Yes!”

In the beginning, they had also wanted to report the matter to the police, but since the matter had developed too quickly, they didn’t have the opportunity to do so.

But Su Nan was outside the clinic, so she didn’t know what was happening inside. Not knowing how strong Jiang Fei was, she quickly took out her phone and mistakenly reported to the police about the circumstances.

Knowing this, everyone didn’t scold her, and have stopped talking.

Su Nan put her hands down while still tightly holding the phone, she then looked at Jiang Fei with a very grateful expression, and said: “Dr. Jiang, thank you…..”

Jiang Fei smiled and shook his head. In the past he saw Su Nan who wore black high heels to be quite an open woman, but after several interactions with her, he found out that the beautiful young woman was also as delicate as her beauty.

“You don’t need to thank me. The police arriving is also of no big significance. These scums were the ones who wanted to make trouble for me, and I just used self defense…”

Jiang Fei said, as he thought how he should respond to the police when they come.

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