AMAS: Chapter 3-You’re not allowed to call me Uncle!

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Insatiable greed.

Jiang Fei was quite like a man who is never content just like a snake trying to swallow an elephant a person with insatiable greed, carefully looking at his character stats with joy.

Basic Properties:

Physical (0.9)

Spirit (1.1)

Agility (1)

Force (1.2)

This should represents the various basic aspects of individuals, 1 being the average stats of an ordinary person.

But now apart from having a hungry stomach, excluding his physical strength being on the low side, his spirit, agility, and force that all exceeds the ordinary person by a little bit, placed him to be in higher than the passing line.

After all Jiang Fei was a doctor, so he normally doesn’t overwork his body. And yet even with his 1.8 meter height, his body in every aspect exceeded that of an ordinary person by a bit.

However, if Jiang Fei was able to level up, then it would become terrifying.

If Jiang Fei could remember it correctly, in the game ‘knight-line’, each time a character levels up, the individual will get two free attribute points that can be assigned anywhere.

That is, when Jiang Fei levels up from 0 to level 1, he’ll be able to upgrade his force from 1.2 to 3.2, when the time comes his force would become 3.2 times that of an average adult!

It’s certain that he can also add his attribute points to his three aspects agility, spirit and physical strength, or he could even add it separately.

After all, so long as he can raise himself to the first-level, he can significantly enhance his physical fitness while he improves one of his particular aspect or even two!

“If I continuously level up, how much do I need to raise my level, so that when the moment comes I can compete in the Olympic games, and obtain multiple gold medal? Even if I don’t become a martial artist, I can still turn into the first generation of heroes!” Jiang Fei couldn’t help but look forward to it in his heart.

Although leveling up is very difficult, after all, he has a lot of secondary skills, though forging weapons and summoning beasts were of no use.

However, most of his skills were useful!

For example, planting, he can develop land, crops and vegetables; cooking, he can cook his own meal every day; playing piano, he can play the flute….but sadly he doesn’t know how to play piano.

As well as gardening and wine-making—

These were the things that Jiang Fei can use, which can also be used to raise his experience, so he solely doesn’t need to rely upon treating patients with illness.

500 experience points, can he fill up his experience in 2-3 months?

“Right, every time a knight-line character levels, the system will send an upgrade package. And this package isn’t fixed. If I’m lucky, can obtain a lost beast, can also obtain peerless abilities such as ‘Subduing Dragons with 18 Palms’, and ‘Six-pulse Excalibur’; If luck is no good, I can get some ordinary item. After I level up, I can look forward to it. The chance of me not turning into my wish of becoming a hero doesn’t exist!”

Jiang Fei remember seeing an article in a game forum post, a screenshot of someone, after leveling up to level 30, and opened the gift box, he finally obtained a rare skill book called ‘Lone Solitary Nine Swords’!

Jasmine Lin held Jiang Fei’s laptop, coming over in a depressed manner: “Your computer doesn’t seem to be bad, it’s booting up now.”

At this time Jiang Fei didn’t care about this laptop, and readily took it, glancing at her cherry pink moist lips, no matter what everyone wanted to have a nip of this Jasmine Lin, having a good laugh: “The laptop isn’t broken so why aren’t you happy? Do you really want to buy me a MacBook that bad? I know you’re rich and that you have more cash than you need in your pocket. If you really have no place to spend your money on, you don’t have to buy me a laptop, you can just directly give me 10000 dollars, I’ll certainly take it.”

Placing the laptop on the counter, Jiang Fei opened the ‘knight-line’ game, ready to look at his on-line game account that shouldn’t have been changed.

As a result, when he entered his account number and password, preparing to log in, when suddenly it shown ‘Account Number Error’!

Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment, checking his account number, he entered a new password, but it still showed ‘Account Number Error!

After trying three times, the result was the same.

Jiang Fei was stunned, after his body possessed his game character, was the character in-game deleted?

Although his in-game character was gone, Jiang Fei didn’t care.

If he could play the game in real life, who would want to keep on holding on his laptop to play.

Jasmine Lin naturally didn’t know what Jiang Fei was thinking, as she spoke with a sweet smile: “Money isn’t an issue….But I have a better proposition.”

“What proposal?” Jiang Fei asked without looking up.

Jasmine Lin’s suddenly looked shy, cheeks slightly red. However she pretended as if nothing had happened, showing a bold and joking expression: Anyway, you have no business in this clinic, if you go on like this you’ll only be increasing your loss. Later the young woman’s clinic would grow, and that little bitch would be at peace. As for money, the clinic that she opened makes more money than you….”

Jiang Fei covered by his laptop, glanced at her.

Standing up, he packed up, taking off his white coat, said: “I still haven’t fallen to the point that bitch made it so that I’m unable to get something to eat, right?”

“How can you say that you still haven’t fallen? I heard that making that bitch yours is many men’s ultimate dream? Moreover, that employer is an outstandingly beautiful woman….” Jasmine Lin followed behind Jiang Fei, and said.

“Sorry, I’m not like those men that who wants to pursue her.” Jiang Fei’s awe-inspiring righteousness, didn’t last long as his face was filled with regret as he looked at Jasmine Lin and said: “Fuck, the master key, you came too late…”

Then Jiang Fei laughed, turned his head and continued to pack his things up.

Therefore, he didn’t see Jasmine Lin’s saddened face.

“You broke up with your girlfriend, right?” Jasmine Lin asked unwillingly.

“Temporarily broke up.” Jiang Fei corrected.

Clapping, Jiang Fei took the key to the clinic door.

Although it was only 5:30, but he was already ready to close the shop. There was no business, because he was completely overtaken by that young woman, so closing it or not was the same.

Without thinking, he saw his physical strength attribute 0.9, and that he was at the hunger state, thinking of this he immediately felt hungry, telling to himself that he must first fill up his stomach!

“Where to go for dinner tonight? I’ll treat you.” Jasmine Lin soon discarded the matter, leaning close to Jiang Fei, and said with a smile.

“Not going anywhere tonight, I’ll go buy the grocery, I’ll cook it myself!” Jiang Fei’s heroic road had begun.

He’s cooking skill was now at level 9, which is at the master level, the meals that he make would perhaps be compared to master chefs who cooks in five-star hotels, Jiang Fei couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Jasmine Lin wasn’t happy and said, “Hey, you don’t have to be like this. Your cooking skill still needs some work, but your still cooking for somebody else? We’re good friends, do you have to poison me to death?”

In fact, Jasmine Lin was a little exaggerated.

Although the food that Jiang Fei make isn’t good, but it’s also not hard to swallow….At least that’s what Jiang Fei thinks so.

Feeling belittled, Jiang Fei was unhappy, starting the car he fiercely said: “Just wait, you’ll regret what you just said!”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

However, in the end Jasmine Lin couldn’t experience Jiang Fei’s mysterious cooking. Because not after she went in the car, she received a call from a customer, saying that he wanted to look at the house, and then told the person that she’ll be right there.

Although Jasmine Lin’s monthly percentage deduction was very high, but the corresponding pay was even more.

No matter, even if she was off duty, when there’s a customer need her, she would need to immediately hurry back.

“I really don’t like this work!” The smile on Jasmine Lin a moment ago immediately disappeared after answering the phone call, she then sighed and said.

Looking at Jiang Fei who was at the driver’s seat, she smiled: “What if I quit my job, and work at your clinic? Isn’t the clinic across you successful just because the lady looks beautiful? Regarding this, I’m not any worse than her, right? Also, I’m younger than her,legs longer than her, when I wear black silk high-heel shoes, I’d definitely look better!”

When Jiang Fei suddenly heard Jasmine Lin’s sudden proposal, his hand almost slipped, and snapped back at her: “You’re average monthly wage is more than 20000, how can I afford you?”

“That’s not important, with both of us togher, we can earn more. When the time comes we can divide it equally.” Jasmine Lin continued to say.

Her pair of beautiful eyes stared at Jiang Fei, long eyelashes blinked, evidently she was very excited.


After sending Jasmine Lin back to her company, Jiang Fei drove to the market to buy the grocery, and finally went home.

As for Jasmine Lin’s abrupt proposal, Jiang Fei naturally didn’t comply.

His clinic was just for looks, customer were also limited. Even when he possessed his game character, raised his medical skill sharply, and have a full business, he would still only earn 10000 dollars.

Making Jasmine Lin give up an average of 20000 wage to come work here, this was just like cheating somebody….

The place that Jiang Fei lives in, only takes roughly 20 minutes to get there from his clinic. This was the house he rented when he was still working at the hospital, having two-bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom, it wasn’t large, but living alone it was large enough for him.

Carrying the spareribs, pork, green pepper, tomato, and a bunch of ingredients, he went up to the sixth floor.

There was so much food, Jiang Fei was ready to make a meal, and reward himself with some food and drink, at the same time conveniently filling up his experience in the process.

“Uncle, you’re back?”

Opening the door, he heard a female’s voice from behind.

Jiang Fei was angry, turning around he saw a girl wearing a high school uniform, and a black skirt. The young girl was hugged her books in her arms, as he resentfully told her: “Xia Xiaozhi, I said don’t call me uncle! I’m just a few years older than you, what uncle, Ah!

Some men like it when they’re called uncle, but Jiang Fei didn’t.

Jiang Fei was still young who had just graduated university three years ago, being called an uncle by such a beautiful high school girl, it was very uncomfortable.

“I know….Uncle!”



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