AMAS: Chapter 30-Inviting Them To A Meal

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When women finally find something in common with one another, and the two have identical views about a matter, woman affection between one another could astonishingly change very quickly.

This change in affection is something that men can’t understand.

It was the same for Jasmine Lin and Su Nan, when they had returned to the clinic, the two had already become something like sisters. In addition, Su Nan later found out that Jasmine Lin was working in Jiang Fei’s clinic, so in the future she could interact more with her, and gossip with her more often.

“Dr. Jiang, I haven’t thanked you yet for the time you had helped me. I had wanted to ask you out to eat, but I don’t seem to have the opportunity. Every day you get off work very early, whenever I go look for you, you aren’t there. It would be better if you pick a day that you could go, or you and Jasmine could also go to my house today for dinner?” Su Nan invited Jiang Fei waiting expectantly for his answer.

She was indeed grateful to Jiang Fei, and sincerely wanted to thank Jiang Fei even if it’s just once. She could still deeply remember that lonely scene with no signs of help from anyone. When all of a sudden Jiang Fei all of a sudden stood up from the crowd to help her, that scene was something she could never forget.

Going to the beautiful young woman, Su Nan’s home to eat, Jiang Fei actually didn’t think anything about it, because he had already heard that Su Nan was divorced, so there wouldn’t be any man in the house, thus even if Jiang Fei were to go there he wouldn’t wound up in a situation of awkwardness.

However, Su Nan invited him and Jasmine Lin, Jiang Fei thought about the situation when Jasmine Lin pinched his waist a moment ago, and resolutely thought that Jasmine Lin would definitely oppose the invitation.

If Jasmine Lin doesn’t go, Jiang Fei would also not go.

Thus Jiang Fei looked at Jasmine Lin, awaiting for her refusal, he would then take advantage of the opportunity and refuse the invitation as well.

But he forgot one thing, and that was Jasmine Lin’s mischievousness, Jasmine Lin winked at him and then pulled onto Su Nan’s arm, said: “Good. Today, I’ll be able to experience sister Su Nan’s cooking.”

“…..” Jiang Fei’s eyes widened.

Women really are mysterious creatures!

However, now that Jasmine Lin agreed to the invitation, he now didn’t have a reason to reject, so he nodded assent. Having dinner with two beautiful women is many men’s dream, at this time Jiang Fei would definitely not constrain himself anymore.

Su Nan very happily nodded, and said: “Good. My cooking is also good; I will definitely not disappoint you!” Su Nan was very confident regarding her own cooking, otherwise she wouldn’t have invited both Jiang Fei and Su Nan to go eat at her place, “Dr. Jiang, you and Jasmine go in your clinic and tidy up, I’ll also go back and tidy up, let’s go immediately.”

A few minutes later.

Jiang Fei took off his white coat, and closed the door. The same thing for Su Nan.

The three met again, and rode Jiang Fei’s Jeep Compass.

But this time Jasmine Lin didn’t seat beside Jiang Fei, but sat together with Su Nan at the back, the two looked like blood related sisters who were separated for many year and had just reunited, and had many things to talk about.

Jiang Fei looked at the rear view mirror and silently looked at the fine sight.

To be honest, he had never seen Su Nan take off her white coat, wearing ordinary clothes.

Although, a white coat can be considered as a kind of uniform, but after all, it was too bloated, so it couldn’t fully display a women’s exquisite curves. Now that Su Nan took off her white coat, he had no doubt that she had a beautiful figure. She was wearing a white chiffon shirt, black shorts, and black stockings that covered her long legs as well as black high heels.

And although, she wasn’t as young as Jasmine Lin, that didn’t mean that she was old, it could only be said that she was mature, and could probably be regarded as a the currently popular thing called ‘ripe female’.

Su Nan didn’t have a model’s height like Jasmine Lin, she was roughly 1m 66cm tall, so her legs were not as slender as Jasmine Lin’s. But she also had a very obvious advantage—and that is her chest is significantly larger than Jasmine Lin’s!

Jasmine Lin’s stature was very even, and even the size of her chest far exceeded the average level, but compared to Su Nan’s, it was a lot smaller.

Su Nan’s white chiffon shirt was drawn up very high by her chest, even her button seemed as if it was going to break any second now. Jiang Fei couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: This woman already has a child! A while ago she was wearing a white coat, so I didn’t pay any attention to her looks, but it turns out this person really is beautiful, apart from her black stockings, she also has those huge killer tools!

“Doctor Jiang, let’s go to the grocery first, there isn’t much food at my place. You and Jasmine are guests to my house, I certainly have to properly entertain you.” Su Nan said with a smile.

Jiang Fei nodded, he then started the car and said: “sister Su Nan, I’ll call you sister Su. Don’t call me Dr. Jiang, that’s too formal, you can just call me Jiang Fei.”

Su Nan wasn’t shy, she then smiled and said: “Well, I am several years older than you and Jasmine, so I’ll call you by your name….”

These days Jiang Fei had been going to the grocery very often as he prepared food daily, so it was natural for him to be very familiar to the place, thus it didn’t take long for him to drive to the market.

But at this time Jiang Fei was still somewhat hesitant,

Should I reveal my skill?

Su Nan appeared like she was confident with her cooking, wanting to repay him for the matter in the past.

He had two choices: he could either pretend that he didn’t know how to cook and eat her food; or do the cooking himself and have the two women taste his craft and look at him in admiration?

Speaking of which, this month Jiang Fei had been very busy with matter at the Rice Village, moreover Jasmine Lin was also busy in her previous work at the real estate company. So even though Jiang Fei together with his master-level cooking had cooked a lot of meals for Xia Xiaozhi, Jasmine Lin had still not tasted his food.

Otherwise, if Jasmine Lin had already tasted his food, she would have come running to his house every day, just to eat.

“Ok, If the situation arises where I need to cook, I’ll go and cook.” Jiang Fei thought in his mind. He has always been in pursuit of a high quality lifestyle, this month he had been eating his own delicious food, thus the meals the others generally make, is something he wasn’t willing to eat anymore.

They then arrived at the market and stopped the car.

Su Nan and Jasmine Link walked hand in hand, making them seem like they were good sisters, the two walked in front of Jiang Fei.

When they arrived at the market, they found that the situation was not quite good.

It was because it was already 7:00pm, and since it was late already, most stalls in the market had already closed. And even if the stalls were still open, there wouldn’t be any high-quality goods anymore, and most of the ingredients were not suitable to cook, moreover some of them were already rotten, so there was nothing good there anymore.

With a worried look, Su Nan said: “What now! There’s no good ingredients anymore!”

If there was no food, her family would only eat leftover soup, but that was something she could definitely not do right now. She had invited both Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin to eat, so her only option now was to eat out at a restaurant, but Su Nan thought that this was also not good. She didn’t think that eating at a restaurant was too expensive, rather she felt that showing her gratitude to Jiang Fei this way was very insincere, and that it would be better if she were to personally cook for Jiang Fei.

Jasmine Lin comforted her: “It’s all right, Sister Su Nan, today let’s just go out to eat, me and Jiang Fei can’t eat much anyway. We’re friends, you don’t need to regard us as outsiders….”

Jiang Fei was actually not in a hurry, for a cook who had reached the master level like him, the statement ‘You won’t get anywhere with no equipment’ was not correct. Even if the ingredients he had were ordinary, he could still make good food out of it!

It seems like I have to do something about this. Jiang Fei thought in his mind.

Thus he went straight to the few remaining stalls, and began to pick ingredients…..

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