AMAS: Chapter 31-New Oriental Graduate

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At this time, wanting to buy a fresh green vegetable, is certainly something difficult to do. Moreover, it was already 7:00 pm, and since the green vegetables were picked in the morning, the taste would change and would not be fresh any more. Thus green vegetables were somethings that Jiang Fei doesn’t even intend to consider anymore.

However, at this time of the day, ingredients like meat, mushrooms, carrots, or potatoes, doesn’t change much. Moreover, even if the quality varies, it almost wouldn’t have much of an impact on his cooking. Since Jiang Fei is already a Level 9 Grand Master in cooking, with his ability he could perform miracles, transforming anything into something amazing.

“Boss, how much for this pigeon?” Jiang Fei went in front of a stall and asked.


“What about your bamboo shoots?”

“¥12 per pound with skin.”

Jiang Fei picked up a bamboo shoot and shook his head: “These bamboo shoots aren’t fresh anymore; since these bamboo shoots were picked in the morning, the taste would change a lot in midday. Moreover, it’s now in the evening.”

Encountering a expert cook, the vegetable guy smiled lamely: “Hey brother, I haven’t peeled the bamboo shoots, even if it’s this time of the day, it would still be pretty fresh….Okay, I only have two bamboo shoots left, if you buy both, I’ll give you half the price!”

Looking at the two bamboo shoots which weren’t that big, Jiang Fei nodded his head, said: “I’ll take both.”

“Good.” The vegetable man said with a smile, he then said: “Altogether that’s seven kg. ¥6 per kg, ¥42 in total. Want me to peel the skin for you?”

Jiang Fei quickly stopped him and said, “No, there’s no need, I’ll peel it myself when I get back.”

The bamboo shoots weren’t fresh, so if the skin were to be peeled now, it would only get worse later on.

After buying the pigeon meat and the bamboo shoots, Jiang Fei went to the stall beside the stall that he had just bought from, buying a pound of mushrooms and pork meat, after which he went to a stall that was selling beef, and said: “Boss, 3 pound of steak.”

“Jiang Fei, why are you buying so much food? Are these what you want to eat….” Su Nan looked at the foods in Jiang Fei’s hand, and seeing Jiang Fei buying steak, she quickly stopped him: “You don’t need to buy steak right? This stuff is too hard, and it will take a long time for it to soften. If you want I’ll just buy you pork chops….”

Su Nan and Jasmine Lin were still talking about what food to buy, the two wanted to ask Jiang Fei what food to buy, only to find Jiang Fei’s figure was gone. So the two beautiful women quickly looked for him, and chased over.

Steak, exactly! It’s the western-style food so called steak.

Western-style pork chop is naturally the best choice in loin meat, but this (Pork chop) isn’t steak. Genuine T Bone steak have a white layer membrane which is the tendon of the cow. This tendon of the cow is extremely hard to cook, and is more difficult to make than pork chops.

Jiang Fei smiled, and paid money, he then took the steak and said, “I’ll make it.”

“You can cook?” Su Nan was quite surprised, her eyes widened as she looked at Jiang Fei.

Jasmine Lin was even more surprised, but she then put out her hand to touch Jiang Fei’s forehead, and said: “Is there something wrong with your head? But you don’t have a fever. Today, sister Su Nan is going to show her cooking skill to us, moreover you’re a jack of all trades and a master of none, you mustn’t foolishly take part in cooking, all right? Otherwise, you’ll ruin today’s dinner….”

Jiang Fei didn’t bother paying attention to the two, he then snorted: “It only takes three days for a person to completely change, Jasmine Lin do you not understand this saying? Even if my cooking skill in the past was indeed nothing great, but these days I went to ‘New Oriental Cooking school’ to study the art of cooking, and I’ve already become a first-rate chef! Tonight, I’ll show you why ‘New Oriental Cooking School’ has higher tuition fees compared to other schools!”

The two women were amused with Jiang Fei, smiling gorgeously. In this dirty market, the two were like flowers in full bloom, and whether it was customers or the vegetable stall owner, all eyes in the market were drawn on the two. Such beautiful women in the market were really rare. Moreover, Jiang Fei was with these two beautiful women, so it was natural for people to envy him..

“New Oriental school? You might as well say you graduated from Lanxiang School (Specialize in excavators)!” Jasmine Lin looked at Jiang Fei and said.

“I don’t want to learn anything about excavating, so why would I study in Lanxiang!” Jiang Fei beckoned with his hand, and similar to when he bought food, he went to the small supermarket that was beside the food market.

This supermarket wasn’t selling snacks, but specialized in selling all kinds of organic spices, such as star anise, fennel, cinnamon, pepper, cloves. In general, these materials were seasonings for ordinary home-made stew or grilled fish.

But now a lot of people don’t like these Chinese herb spices, they prefer factory made ones, such as spices that only requires two drops to make a soup, and could already make the kitchen filled with a very sweet fragrant.

This fragrance was indeed very good to the nose, but doesn’t help much with regards to the taste; as for the body, it was only harmful and useless. As a doctor and a chef, Jiang Fei was naturally determined not to eat these kind of things.

Seeing Jiang Fei, the Old Man who was holding his grandson walked towards him, the Old Man then smiled and asked, “Do you want to buy spices? Is it used for stew or grilled fish? I have a good configuration of spices, and are ¥10 a pack.”

The spices were already allocated, the star anise, fennel, cinnamon were all mixed together according to a certain ratio, and were already packed up. Ordinary people don’t have recipes, so for those people that doesn’t know how much spice to put in the soup that they’re making, most of them would choose to buy one of the pack.

But Jiang Fei found that using these ratios would only degrade his status of being grand master cook! He had his own cooking recipe, it’s not to say that he wanted to surpass all others in cooking, but he at least wanted to become a legend in cooking that would be passed on in history, and would compare others to him!

So Jiang Fei didn’t hesitate to shake his head as he refused, he told the boss that he wanted the spices separate, and didn’t want to buy the pack that already had the spices configured. He didn’t want any of it mixed together, and wanted it packed separately.

The boss felt a little strange, but since the customer was God, he didn’t say anything, and nodded his head in agreement, and had done it according to what Jiang Fei had asked him to do.

“Jiang Fei, are you going to use spices, why not just buy the spices that the boss had already configured? When you go back you’ll have to mix it yourself, so isn’t the ones that are mixed already by the boss better?” Su Nan wasn’t like Jasmine Lin who didn’t trust Jiang Fei at all. And seeing that Jiang Fei did the grocery shopping decently, and have a determined appearance, she wanted to give Jiang Fei the chance to make two dishes.

But of course, the main dish was something she will still personally make.

First, it was to thank Jiang Fei for helping her; and Secondly, she still didn’t somewhat believe that Jiang Fei could cook.

After all, besides professional chefs, she hadn’t seen any young man that could actually cook well. Moreover, Jiang Fei was a doctor, so although it was a given that his medical skill was indeed better than hers. But as for cooking, she was afraid that his cooking skill was at least half of hers.

Jiang Fei naturally couldn’t guess what Su Nan was thinking, so after the boss helped him pack the spices, he spoke with confidence: “Spices are very particular, ratio is one aspect, but in fact there is more to spices than just this. What is even more important is that the pot would need different spices at different times, thus it is better to buy spices separately, so as to maximize the fragrance of the dish and allow it to have the most delicious taste it could possibly have. If you buy spices that are already configured, even if the ratio is good, you would still be unable to achieve this point.”

Hearing Jiang Fie’s explanation, the boss immediately pointed his thumbs towards Jiang Fei.  He then curiously said: “Young man, are you a cook? I don’t know much about cooking, but with regards to mixing spices, it is something that I’ve already mastered! Many of today’s professional chef don’t understand this at all. Mixing spices is hard, and is difficult to learn.”

“He is a chef, as well as a doctor!” the nearby Jasmine Lin said.

At this time let alone Su Nan, even Jasmine Lin who ‘knew’ Jiang Fei well, was a little bit suspicious of him, with surprise they asked: “Jiang Fei, did you really go to New Oriental school to study?”

Jiang Fei proudly said: “Of course!”

Hearing this Jasmine Lin and Su Nan both laughed: “All bark no bite!”

But that being said, they still had some expectations, waiting to see the tricks that Jiang Fei would come up with later…..

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