AMAS: Chapter 33-The Perfect Pigeon Soup

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The sound of pots and pans handled by Jiang Fei resounded in the kitchen, interestingly, when one listens to it, they would find that it sounded quite musical. Su Nan had even completely forgot that Jiang Fei was only tasked to make the T Bone steak and the rest was supposed to be hers to make.

When Jiang Fei was roasting the T Bone steak, he was also making his so called ‘perfect pigeon soup’ in the pot. However, it wasn’t just that, he was also making the simple dishes such as Beef and Green Pepper Stir-fry, scrambled eggs, fried liver, as well as Su Nan’s best dish which was the chicken salad, all of it was swept by Jiang Fei.

Watching Jiang Fei’s hand movement, Su Nan was really embarrassed, but she still did not dare disturb him while he was working.

Although the dishes being made were turning out good and fragrant, Su Nan still didn’t leave, instead she continued to watch the scene as well as smelling the fragrance coming from each dish, one could tell just from the smell that the dishes being made were a delicacy, making people who were watching the scene couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. If the smell were to come out, she was afraid that even Jasmine Lin and Tong Tong outside would certainly be unable to bear their hand to move, and use their chopsticks to taste the food being made by Jiang Fei.

However, Su Nan hadn’t thought that even if she were not to leave the kitchen, the fragrance coming out from Jiang Fei’s dishes would still come out of the kitchen. Not long after, two figures could be seen right in front of the door.

“Sister Su Nan, what are you making? It smells so good!” With an appearance of a freeloader, Jasmine Lin asked curiously.

“Mom, what are you making? Give Tong Tong a taste, to see if it’s good or not~~~” Tong Tong was unable to restrain her smile as she cleverly said.

However, when they walked in the kitchen, they saw that Su Nan was only at the side watching, while the actual person making the dishes was Jiang Fei making the two be surprised for a moment.

Jasmine Lin stared for a moment before she asked: “Sister Su Nan, did you teach Jiang Fei how to cook?”

Su Nan’s face felt somewhat hot as she remembered her words beforehand, she then embarrassedly said: “I didn’t teach Jiang Fei how to cook, more like Jiang Fei’s the ones teaching me while he prepares the food….” Su Nan shook her hand, and showed her phone: “I also made notes. Later on, I’ll cook in accordance to Jiang Fei’s teachings!”

“No way!” Jasmine Lin still couldn’t believe it. She looked at the side and saw that the dishes could be said to have a sense of beauty as well as an artistic sense to them, her eyes then moved towards the steak wrapped in tin foil as she could smell an aromatic flavor coming from it, she then asked: Sister Su Nan….Are you telling me that Jiang Fei made all of these?”

Jiang Fei had the appearance of a highly skilled cook as he happily said: “What’s wrong, do you now want to worship me? Earlier I told you that my cooking is unparalleled in this world, I could even be called God of cooking, but you didn’t believe me!”

Tong Tong with an appearance of a gourmet, ran over, she then looked up at Jiang Fei revealing an earnest expression, and with a similar excuse, she said: “Uncle Jiang, Uncle Jiang, what are you making? Let Tong Tong help you taste it, to see if it’s good or not~~~”

Jiang Fei waved his hand, he then touched her head as if he was the head chef of the kitchen here, and said: “The dishes are almost ready, I’ll be finish soon. This perfect pigeon soup will only need a minute or two for it to finish, I just need to heat it a little more.”

Su Nan was surprised, she then said: “How do you know how long you need to cook the soup? You didn’t even time it, nor did you taste the flavor.”

Jiang Fei pointed at his nose, and said: “Why do you need to time it and taste it with your mouth? A good chef only needs to smell with his nose to know the state of the dish that his making.”

Thus, the two young beautiful woman began to take out the side dishes from the kitchen. There was a total of eight dishes, six were ordinary homemade dishes (side dishes), while the other two were the roasted T-bone steak and the perfect pigeon soup. But even the six ordinary homemade dish, in the hands of Jiang Fei, could not be called ordinary anymore.

Just from the smell, it could attract the bellies of gluttonous people. And if it weren’t for the fact that Su Nan was in the kitchen, Jasmine Lin and Tong Tong would have already slyly eaten some of the food.

After setting down the bowls, and giving chopsticks to each one on the table, Jasmine Lin sat at the table and looked at the delicacies, smelling the sweet fragrant that was being emitted by it, she then cried out to the kitchen: “Jiang Fei! Come on, let’s eat already!”

She couldn’t wait anymore.

“Eat without me….” Jiang Fei subconsciously answered back from the kitchen, but he immediately regretted what he said. If Jasmine Lin were to chow down the food, with Tong Tong also snacking on the goods first, even if it were just side dishes, nothing would then be left for him.

“You can just have a taste….” These words were not from Jiang Fei, but from Su Nan who was outside the kitchen: “Jasmine, slow down, there are so many dishes. Tong Tong, do I have to teach you how to properly eat, that’s a bad table manner….”

A minute later, Jiang Fei came out of the kitchen, in his arms was the pot filled with the ‘perfect pigeon soup’ and the steak wrapped in tin foil, when he set it down on the table, there were less than half of the side dishes left!

Looking at Jasmine Lin and Tong Tong, these two young beautiful girls really didn’t hold anything, even the beautiful young woman Su Nan secretly tasted the dishes, Jiang Fei found this funny: “Hey beauties, can’t you mind your appearance? Move the side dishes on the table, I’m going to put the pot down!”

The young and beautiful woman Su Nan blushed in embarrassment, and quickly she helped make room for the pot. Jiang Fei then put the pot down and opened the lid for a moment, and immediately one could already smell the addicting fragrance coming out of the pot, it was extremely rich, and even smelled better than any perfume.


The three were surprised for a moment as they quietly looked at the scene in front of them.

Then Jasmine Lin and Tong Tong finally couldn’t bear it any longer and screamed, even Su Nan who was looking at the pot couldn’t bear it anymore, showing an appearance of urgently wanting to taste the dish.

The effect of the perfect pigeon soup was really mind blowing. Not only was this dish heavenly, it was a dish that rarely appears on earth. In this world, even if it were top chefs, only a few of them could make such a dish.

Although Jiang Fei felt somewhat frustrated, but seeing that his food was so popular and sought after, as if it were a drug, in fact gave him a sense of satisfaction, nevertheless he smiled in secret.

This feeling was the same as when he uses his mysterious acupuncture technique, eradicating the stubborn diseases of his patients, making all his patients pleasantly surprised and calls him a highly skilled doctor, the feeling that he has right now was the same as this.

Perhaps it’s unusual for a refined person of high skills to smile because of his fame and fortune, but Jiang Fei is an ordinary person, and likes being praised!

“No need to endure yourselves, eat.” Jiang Fei sat immediately after, sitting at Jasmine Lin’s left side, Tong Tong’s right side and was directly in front of Su Nan.

Jiang Fei first served Tong Tong a bowl of soup with pigeon legs, he then smiled and said: “Little girl, eat slowly, be careful it’s hot.

With a mouth full of oil Tong Tong nodded and took the bowl, she sweetly said: “Thank you Uncle Jiang, Uncle Jiang’s really good~~~” And then she lowered her head and blew her bowl of soup really hard, unable to bear it any longer, he started to take a bite on the meat of the pigeon leg.

As for Jasmine Lin, she didn’t even need Jiang Fei’s help and impolitely took a bowl of soup. But because of the steam her true nature couldn’t be seen, she complained: “So good…for you to be such a good cook and not telling me! If it weren’t for Sister Su Nan inviting us today, I still wouldn’t have known!”

“I know. It’s my fault for not telling, since you will be working in my clinic from now on, I can pack  food for you, all right?” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

The beautiful young woman Su Nan took care of the people in her house, giving Jiang Fei a bowl, before serving herself her own bowl of soup.

They devoured the food non-stop, the three beautiful girls praised while Jiang Fei boasted to the heavens, a shout that lasted for a while was heard,


The big pot filled with the perfect pigeon soup, had been devoured completely, not leaving a single drop behind.

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