AMAS: Chapter 34-Young Couple

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Looking at the table full of delicacies turn into a table full of disaster, the beautiful young woman Su Nan felt embarrassed. It was obvious that she asked Jiang Fei to come to her house as her guest wanting to repay him back for helping her, but instead he came to her place to prepare food for her!

Also, it seems like the ingredients bought before they came to her place, were mostly ingredients that Jiang Fei bought out of his own money….

After dinner, Su Nan refused to let Jiang Fei help with the cleaning, and immediately began to tidy up. Jasmine Lin wasn’t really the type of person who loved ease and comfort and hated work, otherwise it would have been impossible for her to become a worker at the real estate company that she previously worked in, she will always put everything she’s got into her work. So when she saw Su Nan tidy up, she immediately got up to help.

Cooking needs a good cook to create good dishes, but washing dishes didn’t need someone to be skillful in it, as long as it’s a normal person they could also do it. Thus the ‘two beautiful sisters’ went into the kitchen together, and began to wash dishes, from time to time they would whisper and laugh, but the people outside the kitchen didn’t know what the two people were so happy about.

After being busy cooking, Jiang Fei this time was like an uncle, sitting on the couch watching cartoons together with Tong Tong, while his legs were relaxed on the coffee table, it was very comfortable.

The cartoon didn’t end for a while, Tong Tong looked at Jiang Fei, and seeing that he was very comfortable, she too wanted to put her legs on the coffee table. However, because she was still too small, she couldn’t put her feet on the coffee table and lean on the sofa, so she could only give up trying to do it.

Although Tong Tong was impressed with Jiang Fei, and liked Jiang Fei very much, but after all, she and Jiang Fei had only known each other for a short while, so they didn’t know much about each other. So she could only move closer to Jiang Fei, but not daring to voluntarily ask Jiang Fei, so from time to time she would secretly shoot a look at Jiang Fei. But Jiang Fei saw her looking, immediately knowing what she was thinking, Jiang Fei chuckled and just like a porcelain doll he placed her into his lap, and embraced her.

At this time Tong Tong was nipping her finger, she then openly asked: “Uncle Jiang, can you come to my house to play frequently?”

“Why?” Jiang Fei asked.

Tong Tong hesitated for a moment, her eyes revealed a hint of embarrassment, she then whispered: “I’ll tell it to you quietly.” She said, she waved her little hands towards Jiang Fei, indicating for him to come closer to her.

Jiang Fei was interested, so he placed his ears closer, only to hear the little girl whisper in his ears: “Because, because Uncle Jiang’s food, is more delicious than mother’s. I want to eat….what uncle Jiang makes. I can’t…..let mother hear. Otherwise, my mother will, be unhappy….”

The little girl’s voice was soft, she spoke with a child’s characteristics, often running out of breath, unable to speak long words, so she paused quite a lot in the middle.

Jiang Fei couldn’t help but laugh, he then pinched her small cheeks and said: “You really are a glutton. But you’re also good, and know not to make your mother unhappy.”

Tong Tong nodded earnestly, she then pulled away, and said: “Of course I don’t want mother to be unhappy. If mom’s unhappy, I would cry. Every time dad comes, he would always make mommy cry. Father would also hit mother, father isn’t a good father….”

Hearing what she said, Jiang Fei was shocked. He then subconsciously looked at the kitchen, and saw Su Nan and Jasmine Lin still talking in the kitchen, knowing that they wouldn’t hear their talk outside, Jiang Fei waited for a while, and asked in amazement: “Your father….comes to see your mother, and hit her?”

Tong Tong nodded, she appeared to understand, but in fact she didn’t: “En, Yes. Sometimes bad father would come after a long time, sometimes he would come after a short time. He doesn’t give Tong Tong living expenses, but makes mother give him money. If mother doesn’t give him, he’ll hit mother.”

Jiang Fei frowned.

He thought: Didn’t Su Nan and her husband divorce? Otherwise, why would her husband come to her asking for money? And…also beat her up!

Although, the little girl’s thoughts were pure; she didn’t understand the complicated relationships in the world. However, even though she was just a child, she still understand a few things. Even she knew that her father isn’t a good father, but a bad father, one could already imagine how bad of a husband he was in the past, one could already imagine how bad of a husband he was to Su Nan, but just what sort of person is he?

However, this was a personal matter, so it was definitely impossible for Jiang Fei to ask Su Nan about it. If others didn’t want to say anything about it, asking them is no different to exposing their scars and hurting them.

“Uncle Jiang, this thing you can’t tell my mother. Mother told Tong Tong, this matter can’t tell the teacher, can’t tell the schoolmate. I thought that uncle Jiang is a good person, so I told you.”

Jiang Fei didn’t feel so happy, hearing such a complex matter, he barely squeezed out a smile, and nodded: “I won’t tell your mother, this secret is just between us.”

“En.” The little girl, after all, was only a little girl, although she had some bad feelings about this, but she quickly cheered up, and carefreely took the remote control to changing the channel of the TV.

Before long, Su Nan and Jasmine Lin who were busy washing dishes in the kitchen, came out and sat on the sofa.

Jasmine Lin kicked the leg of Jiang Fei which was rested on the coffee table, she then snappily said: “You’re in someone else’s home, can’t you show some restraint.”

Su Nan smiled and said: “It’s all right. You young couple make yourselves at home…”

“Young couple?” Hearing this, Jiang Fei was somewhat susceptible, he then took a quick look at the two woman Su Nan and Jasmine Lin.

But instead he found Su Nan smiling at him, he didn’t know if there was a profound meaning. He then looked at Jasmine Lin, her cheeks suddenly turned red, she became somewhat shy and didn’t dare to speak.

Jiang Fei’s heart turned cold, he was afraid of what the two women were talking about in the kitchen, thinking if they talked about some topics that shouldn’t actually be said. But seeing this situation, he might as well pretend that he didn’t hear anything. Otherwise, Jiang Fei thought that he might make a mistake…..

“Alas, having ten thousand crazed fan is really not easy.” Jiang Fei pretended that he didn’t know, he was too nervous to even think about it. In any case, he was unclear in what to say in this kind of mood.

The four sat on the sofa watching TV, they chatted for a while until it was 9:30pm, when the little girl Tong Tong no longer had any energy, and couldn’t bear it anymore and slept on the sofa. Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin finally said their farewell to Su Nan and walked towards the stairs.

“Please drive carefully at night.” After Su Nan sent them out the door, she urgently said.

Jasmine Lin pulled Jiang Fei’s armed, she then said with a smile: “We know. Sister Su Nan, you don’t have to walk us out. Tong Tong has already fallen asleep, you go back and take care of her first.”

Su Nan nodded and went back while Jasmine Lin and Jiang Fei went down stairs.

Seeing Jasmine Lin pull his arm, and do such an intimate action, Jiang Fei thought that it was somewhat strange, and was unable to adapt to the situation. But it seemed like Jasmine Lin didn’t mind it, and didn’t feel any anomaly at all, they only separated when they were going inside the car.

Jiang Fei naturally had to drove Jasmine Lin to her place. And when they finally arrived at Jasmine Lin’s home, she suddenly made a cunning smile: “Oh right, I almost forgot to tell you. Later don’t hit on Sister Su Nan to try to get her attention, you don’t have any chance with her.”

“Why?” Jiang Fei gawked, he couldn’t tell her that he didn’t want to hit on Su Nan and get her attention, since every man love beautiful woman.

“Because I told her in the kitchen, you’re mine!” Jasmine Lin said as if she was cracking a joke.

However, Jiang Fei couldn’t see it, right after she said those words, Jasmine Lin’s cheeks turned incomparably red, but was hidden under the night. Jiang Fei couldn’t say anything, when all of a sudden he felt her kiss him on the face, she acted mischievously, and after getting out of the car, she grinned towards him, and quickly went upstairs.

After going upstairs, she didn’t continue to run up, but instead she waited for a while in the stairway, and seeing that Jiang Fei didn’t pursue her, she said somewhat discontented: “What a truly thick headed guy, I even took the lead, yet he still didn’t know that the iron is hot…..”

<TL: The saying – strike while the iron is still hot>

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