AMAS: Chapter 35-The Completed Villa

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The second Jasmine Lin kissed him, Jiang Fei didn’t know if he should just continue sitting here smiling, or if he should just go home and cover himself under his blankets crying silently.

This woman is just too unpredictable, for her to even have this kind of surprise attack. She even created a rumor about him in front of the young beautiful woman!

Jiang Fei really didn’t want to get Su Nan’s attention, but it’s impossible for him to have such a fantasy, after all this is the nature of a man. But now that Jasmine Lin had secretly caused trouble to him, in Su Nan’s point of view, this fantasy was impossible to happen now.

A wry smile appeared on his face as he shook his head, he then started his car to leave Jasmine Lin’s place, Jiang Fei somewhat melancholy sighed: “This woman works at my clinic now, so we’re constantly together, this was bound to happen later on anyway…”

He didn’t go home to eat tonight, so Jiang Fei had already called Xia Xiaozhi, to inform her that there wouldn’t be any lessons today. In this point, his promise to Xia Xiaozhi’s mother to be Xia Xiaozhi’s tutor was lose.

He didn’t have to be on time to privately tutor Xia Xiaozhi every day. If he wasn’t at home, or was too busy and have no time, he didn’t have to go. After all, he was being paid too little for tutoring Xia Xiaozhi, and only continued to tutor her because of he valued his friendship with Xia Xiaozhi’s mother, so it was natural for Xia Xiaozhi’s mother to be lenient with Jiang Fei.

In fact, if he hadn’t been persuaded by Xia Xiaozhi’s mother, with Jiang Fei’s lazy character and fairly well-off wealth, how could he have promised to tutor Xia Xiaozhi for such little pay? It was certain that he wouldn’t have taken the job.

Days passed by.

In an instant cherry blossom season had arrived, and the villa in rice village was finally completed. Moreover, the villa was built really well, and so long as Jiang Fei buy various types of furniture and kitchen wares, he could officially move in to stay.

On this day, he who would usually be busy, Jiang Fei who would operate his clinic for half a day had finally run out of business. He had informed his patients yesterday, saying that he had important matters to hands, and would close his clinic for two days. And the patients who had already made an appointment before would be delayed for two days.

Early in the morning, where the sun had just rose, and the air was covered by thin mist. Jiang Fei was driving to Jasmine Lin’s place, taking her outside the city, going straight towards rice village.

The morning weather of May was somewhat cool, especially in the foggy weather, if one were to wear frail clothes, that person would feel somewhat cold.

On the highway, under the golden sunrise, a jeep was moving rapidly.

Jiang Fei was afraid that Jasmine Lin would feel cold, didn’t open the window. However, Jasmine Lin had actually opened the window half-way through, making the cold early morning wind go in, her long hair danced in the air, she stretching herself on the chair, very comfortable.

After working at Jiang Fei’s clinic, Jasmine Lin who used to be very discipline, had become more and more lazy. Especially in terms of sleeping late in the morning, her procrastination was getting worse. Jiang Fei’s clinic would usually open nine o’clock in the morning every day, so she was often late.

At first she was embarrassed, but later on she had become used to it as if it was natural, she had even said: “beautiful women need rest, sleep works better than any cosmetics, and as my boss, you should be more sympathetic of the difficulties of your employees.”

But of course, even Jasmine Lin, no matter how late, would definitely not be 20 minutes late for work.

Getting up early today, Jasmine Lin was in high spirit. She was the same as Jaing Fei, she also wanted to go to rice village and stay at the villa, and thinking about that she was very happy. After all this villa, from the design, to its construction, she had helped a great deal in giving ideas, moreover, she had basically gone to rice village with Jiang Fei every time he drove there, so in a certain degree she looked quite forward to the construction of the villa.

Leaving Jincheng, they were exposed to the sun just a moment ago. When finally, they arrived in rice village, where the mist in the air had all dissipated, revealing only the bright sun. In the city the sky was gray, but here the sky was blue, with white clouds.

“When will the person from the furniture company arrive with the stuffs?” The vehicle stopped just outside the villa, and after Jasmine Lin got out, she asked.

The villa was officially finished, and it didn’t have the disorderly feeling that it had in the past. It was because after the construction of the house, the withered grass was cemented repairing the road and the yard, furthermore flowers and trees were planted at the place.

The flowers were daffodils, hyacinth, and lily of the valley; the trees were mostly ordinary camphor trees and yellow fruit trees, it wasn’t big, and was less than two meters tall.

These plants, were personally planted by Jiang Fei, and under his [Level 9 Gardening] skill, these flowers and trees compared to the villa immediately grew and was pleasing to the eye.

Looking at the villa itself, the main theme was creamy-white, while several of the windows were coffee color, but the top of the attic was covered with red glazed tiles; the style of the front door was totally different, it seemed like it was built with various disorderly tinted stones around it, it was irregular, but was still a tremendous beauty.

On the left of the villa was a shallow grass, with various vegetables planted on it; at the back of the villa was a mountain covered by forest; and at the right were all kinds of fruit trees that Jiang Fei planted, it all had sprouted, and had all obviously survived.

And farther ahead, there was a pond filled with fishes, three automatic aerators were stationed at the middle, where water would pump high up and come down, just like a water fountain.

It was a harmonious scene!

Jiang Fei looked at the time, and said: “It should be here soon, there are more than 10 minutes left.” He then spun in a circle while he spread both of his arms, as if he was waiting for her praise: “Well, my villa, isn’t it beautiful?”

Jasmine Lin who frequently talked back to Jiang Fei, was also immersed, and at this time she was convinced as she said loudly: “It’s just so beautiful! After seeing this, I really don’t want to go back to Jincheng again. I want to stay here looking at the sea, see the cherry blossoms blossom, I want to stay here until I pass away!”

Jiang Fei said with a smile: “I’ve already made the appropriate arrangements; we should be able to stay here for the night. In any case the clinic won’t be open for tomorrow. As for our meal, it’s quite simple, we can just ask for some rice in the village, and then pick some harmless vegetables in the forest, and make delicious food out of it.”

Jasmine Lin bent down and took a deep breath, she looked at the empty villa, her eyes revealed that she couldn’t wait any longer: “I really want the furniture company to arrive already!”

The furniture company didn’t let Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin wait for too long, as three trucks filled with a variety of furniture entered the village. The road leading towards rice village was quite difficult to drive on, but Jiang Fei bought a lot of stuff, the price totaling hundreds of thousands, thus they took the burden of responsibility, and cautiously delivered the furnitures to his place.

Jasmine Lin was very active, she was busy as if she was a hostess, although she was busy she was still very happy, her face had a sweet smile, but the workers who were praising her for her beauty were the ones mostly doing the heavy lifting, so even though there was sweat on her forehead, she didn’t think that tired at all.

“Careful, don’t hit anything….” (Jiang Fei)

“The TV you hanged is a bit crooked, go a little bit to the left, then up…..” (Jiang Fei)

“Oh, this wardrobe shouldn’t be in this room, quickly carry it out….” (Jiang Fei)

“The sofa doesn’t look good here, from a different angle….” (Jiang Fei)


“Hey, Jiang Fei, the table you bought is so beautiful, but the last time I remember, you didn’t choose this, ah! Wait, wait, why is the great glass door in the kitchen not opening? Don’t tell me it’s broken? Oh, you need to pull it, sorry, my mistake….” (Jasmine Lin)

“There are a few potted plants, now where to place it? The balcony should be good…”(Jiang Fei)

“I don’t like the blue curtain, should we change it to white?” (Jiang Fei)

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