AMAS: Chapter 37-Planning

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After their meal, Jasmine Lin took responsibility of cleaning the dishes, while Jiang Fei went outside thinking about what course of action he intends to do next.

In the first place, Jiang Fei was the one that planted all the trees and flowers that surrounded the villa, so it was a given for the place to be very stylish. But even though the villa was just newly made, he still felt that it wasn’t enough. A house isn’t like a car, the brighter it is doesn’t make it better, to make it look more attractive, one has to use ornaments. Jiang Fei thought for a moment, and decided to plant some ivy at the corner of the villa, thinking that it would give the new house a kind of glamorous sense. When Jiang Fei was a child, after reading Ye Shengtao’s work “A foot of ivy”, he learnt that this kind of plant was full of vitality. Moreover, when he thought that he would be able see such a thing through the window in his study room, he couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

Also, Jiang Fei was ready to buy a Tibetan Mastiff as soon as he returns two days from now. He still has a bottle of [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine], as he just couldn’t find anything to use it on. Jiang Fei had a premonition, at the same time that he feeds the bottle to an animal, he would also get a lot of exp.

As for poultries such as chickens and duck, Jiang Fei was also prepared to buy them. There was a piece of land on the left side of the villa surrounded by bamboo fence, it was like a small yard, and behind it was a wooden shelter that would keep the animals out of the rain, inside was also a stone sink and a stone basin, which is specifically used to feed the poultries that he intends to buy.

These poultries that he plans to raise weren’t for sale, but was instead intended for them to eat. Feeding poultries with coarse grain himself, would certainly make it much better than any poultry meat that can be bought in the food market. And at the same time Jiang Fei would get a large amount of experience from raising poultries, making it seem kind of fun.

As for planting vegetable, he could just do it slowly.

The land under his contract was infertile, so he couldn’t just plant all kinds of vegetables. If Jiang Fei were to dig it himself using a hoe, he suspects that he would only tire himself out until he’s sick of it, it was something he certainly didn’t want to do.

So when the villa was still being built, he had asked the constructors to help with the reclamation of the land using an excavator, now he only needed to sow the seeds into the ground and water the soil, very simple.

Moreover, it was now summer, the weather will gradually rise soon, so he definitely didn’t need a green house yet to cultivate vegetables. But in the winter, if he wanted to continue growing vegetables, he would certainly need to spend money to buy a greenhouse.

“There’s still a lot to do. In these two days I surely can’t finish everything, so I’ll have to do it little by little.” Jiang Fei had a smug look on his face as he thoughtfully said so. These were things he was very interested in, so he didn’t think of it as hard labor. Plus, doing this sort of things would raise his experience quickly, making him stronger along the way.

“Pet markets are very easy to find, but more people generally sell dogs in the morning and by the time afternoon arrives there would basically be no one else selling, so it should be better if I find a Tibetan Mastiff tomorrow morning than today. As for buying an eagle or a falcon, that’s something that’s even more difficult to find, general pet markets just don’t sell those. Only after I get more money will I get an opportunity to buy one from somewhere else.”

Jiang Fei now had money inside his bank card, but after his massive spending, only ¥10000 remained, nevertheless buying an ordinary Tibetan Mastiff was still not an issue. After all there was now countless of people breeding Tibetan Mastiffs, so there was basically numerous of them being sold. This had made the price for it to fall, making it possible for Jiang Fei to buy it with the ¥10000 he had left.

As for purebred ones, they would cost up to ten millions, it was just impossible for Jiang Fei to get one, and even if he had the money it would still be unlikely for him to get one. In the whole world, purebred Tibetan Mastiff were already scarce, so only about 100 of those were left, making very difficult to bump into.

Moreover, in Jiang Fei’s hand was the mysterious [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine], and with the use of this, even if Jiang Fei were to buy an ordinary Tibetan Mastiff, after its evolution, it may evolve into something fiercer than a purebred Tibetan Mastiff!

Buying a good eagle or falcon was the same, not only was it difficult to find one, but the price of it in the city was enormous. Jiang Fei thought that if he had a chance, he would just go to the plateau or grassland, and try to personally catch one. And with his skill, it would definitely not be difficult to tame an eagle.

“This afternoon I should just go back and first buy vegetable seeds and fertilizer. Aside from buying poultries such as chickens, ducks and geese, I also have to buy enough grains to feed them for a while.”

Jiang Fei finally made up his mind, and was ready for action.

But at this time, Jasmine Lin who was cleaning in the kitchen, came out. In her hand was a basket, her hair rolled up high and was tied up like a bun, this revealed her slender white neck which gave off quite a unique flavor.

Jiang Fei asked curiously: “Where are you going?”

“Picking cherries!” Jasmine Lin said with a smile. “Today, aunt told me if I wanted to eat their some cherries at their place, she said that I just could go there and pick some at any time. In any case, their family has so many cherries, moreover they rarely go to the streets to sell them, so most of the cherries are eaten by sparrows.”

Saying that, Jasmine Lin took a hold of Jiang Fei’s hand, she pulled him closer, and as if she couldn’t wait anymore she said: “This morning I had to help you arrange your stuff at your new pace, so I didn’t have any time to go and pick some of those bright red cherries that I saw this morning, ah I almost drooled! Let’s go now…”

“You go, I still have to make a trip to Jincheng.” Jiang Fei pulled her hands away and refused.

Jasmine Lin was surprised for a moment, she knew that Jiang Fei closed his clinic for two days, thinking that something was wrong, she asked: “Return to Jincheng to do what. Do you have a patient with a serious illness, do you really need to immediately go back for the treatment?”

Jiang Fei shook his head, and pointed at the villa: “Did you forget why I initially bought this place? Although the villa is now built, the place is completely empty, so I need to go back first to go buy some vegetable seeds and some manure. I also need to apply some manure on the fruit trees.”

In fact, the best fertilizer for growing crop were pig manure. But where can Jiang Fei get pig manure? Him raising poultries such as chickens, ducks and goose were not an issue, which was something he was very glad about, but him raising a pig, this was something absolutely impossible.

But I think I can just go to the village and find a family that raises a pig, and ask to ‘borrow’ some pig manure. At that time, I can just ask some people who has many domestic pigs, and ask for the pig manure that they usually can’t use up. Jiang Fei suddenly thought to himself.

Jiang Fei wasn’t a sentimental man, and wasn’t such a neat freak like Jasmine Lin. As a big man, he can tolerate getting dirty while he worked, and just take a bath afterwards.

Jiang Fei was just not the type of person who couldn’t bear the use of pig manures. When he was still a child, he lived in a small town together with his mother’s parents, they would always plant some vegetable, and his grandfather would always go to households that were raising pigs, and ask to ‘borrow’ some pig manure from them, of course Jiang Fei would also come with him.

“I understand that you’re growing fruit trees, but do you really intend to grow vegetable crops here?” Jasmine Lin’s eyes widened, she looked at Jiang Fei, somewhat unable to believe him. She had always thought that Jiang Fei was just making an excuse.

Jiang Fei didn’t mind it, as he said with a smile: “Of course, now is the best time to grow some vegetables, later I’ll raise and feed some poultries, did you think I was joking? In such a beautiful village, only by doing something like this can you truly fit in. Didn’t you know about it?”

Jasmine Lin waved her hand, and couldn’t be bothered with it anymore: “Forget it. The more I know about you the more I don’t understand you. Do whatever you want. If you’re going to buy those things, just go, but I won’t go with you. Later, I’ll pick some cherries, and wait for you to eat.”


Finished, Jasmine Lin carried the basket and walked towards the distant country road, Jiang Fei shook his head laughing, locking the door to the villa he went in his car and went back to the city.

There were several vegetables that suited for the month of May.

Such as cucumber, cowpea, eggplant, pepper, carrot, shallot, celery, lettuce and so on. These vegetables were crops suitable to be grown in summer, and Jiang Fei was ready to buy some, growing his own vegetable garden, creating an all-around vegetable garden, and make all kinds of food that they want to eat.

Although these vegetables were somewhat simple to grow. Cowpea and cucumbers, vine vegetables such as these require one to build a framework for it to grow upon. Jiang Fei found it troublesome as he had to find branches or bamboos to build his own framework…..

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