AMAS: Chapter 38-Searching For The Right One

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Vegetable seeds were easy to buy, but fertilizers, on the other hand, are not so easy. Jiang Fei had to run to several places just to find a fertilizer that he wanted to purchase.

As an expert in planting, Jiang Fei naturally didn’t neglect the use of fertilizers. When he was planting fruit trees, he had used the system to test the quality of the soil under the land that was contracted to him. And he found that the soil in Rice Village lacked the general element, nitrogen and potassium, that was required to grow plants. Thus, Jiang Fei needed to buy some fertilizers, mainly fertilizers that contained nitrogen and potassium while only needing to buy a few other kinds of fertilizers. And after buying, he needed to coordinate several of these fertilizers pertaining to a certain ratio which is used to grow vegetables and trees properly.

But there were a different variety of vegetables and fruits trees, so a different set of ratios was also needed for each one. So even farming experts and Agricultural University graduates found it absolutely impossible to coordinate these ratios as detailed as Jiang Fei, who knows everything.

This was why Jiang Fei was so confident in growing good vegetables and fruits.

When the people from the fertilizer factory carried the fertilizer to the Jeep Compass, their look became very strange, staring at Jiang Fei as if he was someone that they couldn’t understand.

They worked in the fertilizer factory for so many years now, and each spring there will always be a steady stream of trucks coming to their fertilizer factory. But this was the first time they met someone who drove here in a $20000 SUV just to buy fertilizers.

“Brother, are you buying these fertilizers for someone else?” The boss couldn’t help but curiously ask as he received his payment. “Most of these fertilizers have an irritating smell, it would be too troublesome if you put it in your car, right? If you want, we can call a tricycle and deliver it for you.”

“It’s not that. I own a lot of fruit trees in the countryside and more recently I’ve been planning to grow some vegetables.” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

He didn’t feel like that at all. So long as he returns to Rice Village, and remove the fertilizer from the car, the irritating smell in the car will naturally dissipate and disappear. As for the price of the fertilizers back, Jiang Fei didn’t think anything about it, and even if he filled the car with fertilizer, it wasn’t like he was going to scrap it, so it wasn’t like he was losing anything.

After buying fertilizer, he saw that it wasn’t too late yet, and was only half an hour past five.

Jiang Fei was pondering if he should go back early, or go to the pet market which wasn’t far away to where he is right now. He hesitated for a moment, and finally decided to drive directly to the pet market and look around to search for a good Tibetan Mastiff.

If he could buy a good Tibetan Mastiff now, he won’t have to run to the market tomorrow morning, which would save him a lot of trouble.


Shiling Pet Market.

It was one of Jincheng’s largest pet market, the pet shops here were just numerous.

Jiang Fei went to the pet market to inquire about something, later he secretly rejoiced that he had luckily come today. As it turns out this pet market wasn’t the same as the food market, here the market is only open twice a week, only during Wednesday and Sunday.

Today was a Wednesday, so if he hadn’t come today, he wouldn’t find anyone tomorrow, and would have to go back home at once.

The people at the pet market in the afternoon wasn’t much compared to it in the morning. When Jiang Fei found the pet market, he immediately parked the car, and went into the pet market. He quickly found out that whether it was the seller or the buyer, or even the people looking around, a lot of them were very noisy.

The market had an especially large-scale of pet shops, they not only have dogs, they also had a variety kinds of pets. Large or small, cute or ferocious, they had a variety of pets that they kept inside an iron cage.

There were now many people growing in wealth, in addition to that more and more people like pets, so not only the pet market, even veterinarians were becoming very popular in the country.

Other than the pet shops, there was shops in the streets that were obviously selling numerous amount of special large dogs. These large dogs weren’t from the pet shop, but its original owner, for an unknown reason didn’t want to raise it anymore. So, they brought it here to see if they can find a new buyer.

The prices for each pet were according to its breed and its origin, ranging from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Not long after Jiang Fei entered the market, he saw a group of people outside a pet shop, staring intently at an Alaskan dog with black and white fur, that looked very fierce and had a tall body making it look like a leader of a pack.

“Boss, tell us about this Alaskan dog.”

“Its name is ‘NiuNiu’, it’s two years old, and weighs around 160 pounds, it’s not for sale.” The middle-aged boss introduced the Alaskan Malamute with a laugh.

“Two years old yet it’s already 160 pounds? Wow! It’s big! But why aren’t you selling it?” holding a briefcase in his hand, the middle-aged worker who wore a suit asked, looking as if he was quite rich. He carefully looked at the dog again and said: “I’ll give you ¥100,000 for it. Boss, will you still not sell it?”

The middle-aged boss didn’t hesitate at all, a small smile appeared on his face as he immediately refused, “To tell you the truth, someone asked me for this Alaskan dog a while ago and offered me ¥200,000, but I still didn’t sell it to him! Currently, NiuNiu only needs vaccinations which are about ¥2000.”

Jiang Fei sucked in a breath of air.

He had also visited the pet market before, but he had never really asked them about anything. He didn’t expect that such a dog would fetch a price of more than ¥200,000, but still wouldn’t sell it!

This dog is like the front of the business which makes truly strong, it costs ¥200,000, it’s even more expensive than people! More importantly, they’re not illegal to sell, and can do it openly! Jiang Fei incessantly cursed at heart.

Not to mention that he didn’t have much money to buy these kinds of precious dog, from the very beginning his goal wasn’t to buy adult dogs.

What he wanted to buy was a puppy.

Only by having a puppy can his [Summoned Beast] skill be fully used, and have the change start from an early age, letting it grow up differently than other dogs of its kind.

Moreover, Jiang Fei has in his storage the [Summoned Beast Evolution Medicine] which only works on puppies.

After looking at several large pet stores, Jiang Fei had stumbled upon many Tibetan Mastiff, but none of which were what he was looking for. When his eyes fell upon each Tibetan Mastiff, the system automatically activated:

Recommendation: Not recommended for adoption.

Although if Jiang Fei was forced to buy, it wasn’t impossible for him to adopt it, but the growth of the Tibetan Mastiff would surely be limited.

“Hey, there’s a special dog pet shop here.” Jiang Fei stood outside a pet shop, after looking inside, he was quite surprised as he quickly went inside.

“Are you looking for pet dogs? What type of dog do you want?”

Jiang Fei had just walked into the store when a small young lady about 18-19 years old went up to him and asked with a smile.

“Tibetan Mastiff.” Jiang Fei clearly said.

After hearing what he said, the smile on the small young lady face became even more magnificent, just from hearing Jiang Fei speak she knew that he wasn’t here to watch for fun, but that he really wanted to buy a pet. Moreover, no matter how ordinary the Tibetan Mastiff is, the price wouldn’t be too low.

“Mr. to buy a Tibetan Mastiff here is the right choice. The Tibetan Mastiffs we have here are sold at a reasonable price. The most critical part of a Tibetan Mastiff is its origin…this way, please.” The small young lady guided him.

There were indeed many Tibetan Mastiff here, most of which were two or three months old, which was consistent with Jiang Fei’s purchase standard.

“Mr. I don’t know how much the Tibetan Mastiffs are, but I can give you a recommendation.” The girl looked very enthusiastic.

Jiang Fei’s eyes circled around while a smile appeared on his face as he said: “Well…..I’ll have a look around, you can do your own thing, small young lady. If I found something I’ll call you.”

The small young lady nodded and left for the time being.

As always Jiang Fei looked at the Tibetan Mastiffs one by one as his [Summoned Beast] skill automatically activated as he looked at each one.

About three or four minutes later, Jiang Fei’s eyes stumbled upon a blue box, inside was a small black Tibetan Mastiff, his eyes suddenly light up.

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff Recommendation: Adoption is recommended.
Gender: Female
Age: 1 month 14 days
Blood: 90% pure
Growth Level: Excellent

Currently, the world’s purebred Tibetan Mastiff only had less than 200 left, so to find a Tibetan Mastiff with an excellent lineage can be considered to be really good. Jiang Fei had looked at a lot of pet stores, but the highest he could find was only 50%, which was far worse than this.


In [Knight Line], a summoned beast will have one of the 4 types of growth level: poor, pass, good, and excellent.

Aside from its level, the higher the Growth Level the summoned beast has, the higher combat ability it will possess. Among the Tibetan Mastiffs that Jiang Fei saw a while ago, the best one possessed a passable growth level, not even one had a good growth level!

So when Jiang Fei saw this Tibetan Mastiff, he had already decided at heart to buy only this one!

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