AMAS: Chapter 39-The Despicable Me

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After making up his mind, Jiang Fei called the small young lady over, a smile emerged on his face: “How much for this small Tibetan Mastiff?”

The small young lady came with smile as she thought that Jiang Fei was planning to buy a Tibetan Mastiff. But seeing that he was referring to the small black Tibetan Mastiff in the blue box, the smile which was originally on her face quickly stiffen.

“What’s wrong, is there a problem?” Jiang Fei asked again after seeing the small young lady unable to answer his question.

The small young lady coughed, soon a somewhat unnatural smile appeared on her face, as she complimented him: “Mr. to pick the best Tibetan Mastiff in our shop, you really do have good taste. But…”

Making a slight pause, the small young lady felt embarrassed, she then continued: “But someone has already picked this Tibetan Mastiff, and will be sent abroad two days from now. So, I can only say apologize to Mr.”

“The person who picked it, was it a foreigner?” Jiang Fei was somewhat anxious after hearing this fact.

He had been looking for a good Tibetan Mastiff for a while now, but after his long search he had finally found one, a Tibetan Mastiff that was worth raising. And even if it was only 90% pure bred, after using the [Summoned Beast Evolution Medicine] in his storage, he believed that it would directly become a real Thoroughbred Tibetan Mastiff. So how can he just let this matter go?

He then subconsciously asked, “How much did he buy it for? I might be able to pay a little more.”

The unnatural smile on the small young lady’s face became more and more thick, but just like a professional salesperson she prevented a laugh from coming out, and answered with a very soft voice: “The price of this Tibetan mastiff is a million yuan….”

Jiang Fei: “….!”

Seeing Jiang Fei’s face rapidly solidify, the small young lady knew that the price had given him a fright. Although in her eyes, the handsome young man looked quite rich, but it was still obvious to her that he wasn’t rich enough to spend ¥1,000,000 just to buy a single Tibetan Mastiff.

Jiang Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, just a moment ago he was really happy to find a Tibetan Mastiff that he was satisfied in, but never in his wildest dreams that the price for it would be so outrageously high. When he was searching for a Tibetan Mastiff a while ago, the highest price he was offered was only ¥30,000, so even if he was tight in funds right now, he would still be able to pay.

After all business right now was really good, and with money coming in fast, matters concerning money isn’t much of a problem.


“Why doesn’t good things that happen in novel happen to me?” Jiang Fei was really depressed.

However, thinking about this, the matter wasn’t really that surprising. Although most people don’t have such a superb skill as [Summoned Beast], there were still experts with regards to dogs, as well as a deep study regarding Tibetan Mastiffs. The study of each part of the Tibetan Mastiff was quite outstanding, the only problem was that people overlooked breeding ordinary Tibetan Mastiffs and had instead crossbred them, making it quite a shame.

Moreover, it was possible for people to breed good Tibetan Mastiff, so long as they aren’t blind. In fact, it wasn’t that hard, as long as one knows the breed of the Tibetan Mastiff’s mother and its breeding mate, it’s easy guess the characteristics of the new born Tibetan Mastiff.

This Tibetan Mastiff having 90% purity meant that its mother wasn’t quite simple.

“¥1,000,000 is indeed too much. Ah….” Jiang Fei looked at the small young lady’s face, and embarrassedly said.

He now understood why the small young lady had that kind of expression when he told her he wanted to buy the Tibetan Mastiff.

In this case, it was just like stepping into a restaurant, and without asking for the price, ordered one of the finest wine that they have, only to find out the he didn’t have enough money to pay for it, it was truly embarrassing.

“Fxck! Money isn’t everything, but if one doesn’t have money, one can absolutely not get what he wants!” Jiang Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at heart.

If he had money to burn, and encountered this same situation, after hearing the small young lady utter ¥1,000,000, he would only need to say: oh, one million? I’ll buy it for ¥1.5 million, sell it to me!

If he was absolutely loaded, he could have pretended to be extremely cool. Jiang Fei hoped that such a thing happened. But reality was cruel, so far he didn’t have such a high-profile status. So being rich was something he can only fantasize about in his dreams.

The small young lady was truly educated, even though she could have laughed she still stopped herself from doing so and had even quickly adjusted herself, not revealing any signs of looking down on Jiang Fei, she pointed at the front and said: “It’s not a problem. This Tibetan Mastiff and Mr. is merely not fated to be together. There’s still a lot of Tibetan Mastiffs, keep looking, maybe you can find one that fits you.”

Jiang Fei also had the thought of continuing his search, but even if his skin was thick, he just can’t withstand this awkward atmosphere, so he was prepared to bid farewell, and leave.


Just as he was about to leave, his sight fell upon something yellow, only its mouth and limbs were black, it was a small Tibetan Mastiff that was as skinny as a rabbit.

This Tibetan Mastiff looked awful, unlike other Tibetan Mastiffs locked in a cage brimming with energy, this one looked seriously ill. Most people who looked at this Tibetan Mastiff wouldn’t even bother using their time to look at it. To them no matter how cheap this Tibetan Mastiff were, as long as its unable to support itself, it’s useless.

Jiang Fei on the other hand was completely shocked as his [Summoned Beast] skill automatically activated once more, all of a sudden a towering information filled his vision:

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff Recommendation: adoption is strongly recommended!
Gender: Male
Age: 2 months 1 day
Condition: The summoned beast Hind limbs are broken, cure is needed!
Blood: 100% pure
Growth Level: Excellent

Seeing this information, Jiang Fei’s sight fell on blood purity of 100%, and its excellent growth level. These two pieces of information showed that this sickly Tibetan Mastiff was one of the few pure blood Tibetan Mastiff in the world!

This pure bred Tibetan Mastiff was worth more than the tiny black Tibetan Mastiff that was worth more than ¥1,000,000, as its lineage was much more purer than it!

When Jiang Fei looked at this scene, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up. He was stunned, but after a long time, he pointed at the yellow Tibetan Mastiff, his mouth was becoming somewhat dry while he asked: “That…how much for that one?”

Jiang Fei originally didn’t want to ask after his experience of that ‘¥1,000,000’ as he felt that the world’s only purebred Tibetan Mastiff would have an astronomical price.

However, seeing others do what they wanted to do, he was inspired to try it to do what he wanted as well, so he couldn’t help but ask once more. Anyway, even if he was given another big blow, since he wasn’t a woman he didn’t care much about his skin.

“That’s….” The small young lady looked at the Tibetan Mastiff that Jiang Fei was pointing at, and said, “Mr. I recommend not buying that one.”

“Why? Did a local tyrant pick that one as well?” Jiang Fei was somewhat envious.

And at the same time a sour feeling entered his heart: These rich men really aren’t human, buying a dog for several millions, or even several ten millions, having so much money yet they don’t do anything good!

“That is.” The girl shook her head, as she sympathetically said: “This Tibetan Mastiff, our boss plans to do a euthanasia on it, in two days. You can also see that this dog is really sick, it’s also really thin, he just couldn’t handle waiting for it to naturally die. A month ago, my boss coincidentally met a senior monk and received this dog, its breed was quite unusual. But what a pity….”

Thump Thump Thump

This wasn’t fighting sounds, but the sound of Jiang Fei’s heartbeat speeding up!

“Plans to euthanize it!!” Jiang Fei couldn’t help but loudly shout out, his eyes widened as he stared at the small young lady.

The small young lady nodded her head, she was somewhat surprised with Jiang Fei’s reaction: “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Fei quickly took out his wallet, and graciously took out ¥2,000….

Thinking about it, he took back one of the ¥1,000 and placed the other ¥1,000 in the small young lady’s hand.

He then said resentfully: “Although the breed of this Tibetan Mastiff isn’t that precious. Although this dog may not even be worth a single cent. And although this dog may be as lethal as a rabbit….But! it is still a life, so how can you just kill it? As a member of the World Animal Protection Association, this kind and loving me, really can’t stand this! Take that thousand yuan your holding and sell me this Tibetan Mastiff. I want to take it to see a doctor!”

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