AMAS: Chapter 41-Evolution Successful

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While Jiang Fei was driving a car filled with fertilizers and vegetable seeds, the small Tibetan Mastiff remained soundly asleep inside the box beside Jiang Fei. And without anyone knowing, the Evolution Medicine slowly took effect on the Tibetan Mastiff’s small body.

He didn’t know if it was just an illusion, but Jiang Fei somehow felt that the rabbit like Tibetan Mastiff, looked somewhat different from before. Even though it still looked so thin, even though it still looked like a dog that couldn’t harm anyone, but somehow or another the current Tibetan Mastiff was different from the one he got from the pet market.

After parking the car, Jiang Fei first decided to take the small Tibetan Mastiff in his arms back to the villa, before he’d then start carrying the fertilizers inside his car back to his villa.

Right now, the small Tibetan Mastiff in his arm was the most precious thing in his possession. After it wakes up, and raising it for some time, it would definitely attain a sky-high price in case he ever plans to sell it!

Of course, Jiang Fei would never have this kind of idea, after all he could never allow anyone else get such a Tibetan Mastiff such as this other than himself.

Moreover, he wasn’t short of money right now, and even if he was, he had a very good source of income which would soon fill his pocket full. Jiang Fei was not the type of person that valued money too much in the first place.

It wasn’t because he was pretentious, rather Jiang Fei felt that there were some things that were worth even more than money.

Inside the empty villa, Jiang Fei who was holding Xiao Huang in his arms, shouted twice, but no one answered.

“Jasmine Lin should have only gone to pick some cherries this afternoon, so why is she not back yet?” Jiang Fei casually muttered to himself. A smile then appeared on his face as he looked at the thousand yuan ‘huge hourglass’ in his arms, he just couldn’t stop smiling when looking at this small Tibetan Mastiff that was sound asleep in his arms.

“Ah! I still have to make Xiao Huang’s bed! Right now it’s as big as a rabbit, and is very easy to cope with. But later on, it would surely grow up, and be about 1m tall, and weight around 200-300 kg, at that time I’m afraid that I’ll have to specially make its own cabin.” Jiang Fei pondered.

He didn’t doubt the small Tibetan Mastiff’s growth capacity at all. Generally speaking, the world’s biggest Tibetan Mastiff can have a height of 70-80cm, and weight more than 100kg, not only was it incredible, but it also had a size that was suited to become the king.

But what Jiang Fei had was a purebred Tibetan Mastiff, and after taking the Evolution Medicine, even Jiang Fei didn’t know to what extent the change brought forth by the Evolution Medicine will be. But one thing was certain, whether it be on body size or fighting capability, exceeding the largest Tibetan Mastiff, would definitely not be a problem.

Even after putting down the box, the Tibetan Mastiff continued to evolve in its sleep, Jiang Fei on the other hand started to carry the fertilizers in his car back to the villa. Taking advantage of the sun still up in the sky, he started planting some vegetable seeds.

The land under him had already been cleared, so he didn’t have to dig anything with a hoe. The only thing he needed to do was sprinkle the seeds on the land, and separate them accordingly. And then bury the seeds under the soil, watering it daily.

As for germination, he didn’t have to worry about such a thing, because as long as he poured water on the soil and keep it moist, most of these seeds would bear fruit.

Just when Jiang Fei started to work, the other villagers living in the village, got off of work, and went back home holding a variety of farming tools. This was the life of people living in the countryside, even in the twenty-first century, most of the farmers here get up at sunrise and work until the sunsets, apart from a small minority who needs to work overtime during busy farming season, people generally work when the sun is up, and prepares to leave when the sun is about to set.

“Xiao Jiang, what are you doing?” A middle-aged woman wearing a straw hat passed by, and asked with a smile.

Jiang Fei’s hands didn’t stop, he smiled back and said: “Aunt Wu, I’m just planting some vegetables, eggplants, pepper, and green onions. Later on, I’ll make something out of it, it’s just more convenient picking it myself than letting others do it for me.”

Although he had never done farm work before, but unlike a pig that continues to run without knowing its own taste, Jiang Fei with the use of his great scholarly [Planting] skill, was able to do farm work, and a decent one at that. In fact, he didn’t resemble an embroidered pillow that only looked good on the outside.

“If you need some vegetables you can just go to Aunt Wu’s place to pick some! Although Aunt Wu’s field is not that big, we do still have lots of vegetables….” The middle aged woman said while pointing at a distant land from Jiang Fei’s place, “Moreover, now that it’s vegetable season, we’ll have too to eat, so you don’t have to be polite.”

The villagers from Rice Village had been hospitable, especially towards Jiang Fei who had come from the big city to build a villa in their village in order to grow some crops.

Jiang Fei smiled and nodded: “Then I won’t be polite. Thanks Aunt Wu.”

“Good. Since you look really busy, I’ll go back first….”

Life wasn’t difficult, since not long after Aunt Wu had left, Jiang Fei had already planted three vertical rows of vegetables which consists of: a row of eggplant, a row of chili peppers, as well as a row of cowpea. And seeing that the sun had already gone down, he no longer continued. He also didn’t need to go get some water, because according to the weather forecast, in two days there will be light rain, so he didn’t need any water and only needed to sprinkle some fertilizer on the row of vegetables.

after doing various kinds of activities, Jiang Fei stood at the edge of the field, placing both his hands on his hips completely out of breath. Although he always paid attention training his body, and is still 25 years old which can still be considered as very young. But after all he did spent most of his time in the city, so he still lacked strength in his body.

Thus, not long after, his waist became a bit unbearable.

“It looks like my body isn’t that good. After I level up again, I’ll have to add a little bit points on my physical stats. After all, having no endurance is definitely not good, as I’ll be unable to do anything that’s too taxing on the body.” Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

Endurance wasn’t just about enduring work, endurance can almost be applied in another ‘special’ aspect! <TL: Physical and mental is what I thought>

So between the four basic stats, the physical stats was something Jiang Fei definitely needed to increase slowly.

“Let’s see how much exp I got today. Working the field is a lot harder than cooking, so I should get a lot of exp, right? Wiping his sweat, Jiang Fei mind shook, and soon his character stats appeared in his mind.

Ever since he levelled up from 0 to 1, a half of months’ time had already passed.

Although the exp from the fishes he breeds, and the exp from the fruit trees he planted hasn’t appeared yet. However, Jiang Fei usually cooks food everyday, and treats patients at his clinic almost daily, so the increase in exp he gets shouldn’t be that small.

<TL: Exp from those two are by installments>


Character: Jiang Fei

Level: 1

Exp: 367/1000

Physical: 1.2

Spirit: 2.3

Agility: 2.2

Force: 1.4

Unassigned Points: 0

Martial Arts Skills: Triassic Cloud [Master Level: 0 (0/100)]

Available Skill Points: 36.7

Secondary Professions: Weapon Forgery (Level 9), Planting (Level 9), Cooking (Level 9), Gardening (Level 9), Playing Piano (Level 9), Winemaking (Level 9), Summoning beasts (Level 9), Medical skill (Level 6 [81/100])

“Before I planted the seeds, I remember my exp was still at 339, not much time has passed, yet it rose by 28 exp. Not Bad. Tomorrow, after I plant all the vegetable seeds I have, my exp should increase by at least 100, moreover this is the same as the fruit trees and fishes, receiving exp by installments. In one month, I should be able to obtain more than 100 exp.”  Jiang Fei nodded in satisfaction.

This way, he can soon obtain 1000 exp, and when that time comes, he can level up again!

However, Jiang Fei’s happy expression quickly shattered, and was later replaced by a face filled with shock.

In his mind a towering information appeared!

Ding: Congratulations, you have cultivated a [spirit beast] rank summoned beast, you’ll obtain 300 more exp!

At the very same moment Jiang Fei’s exp changed from 367 to 667/1000!

Jiang Fei grinned, and after picking up the hoe and the unused vegetable seeds, he quickly ran towards the villa.

This news meant only one thing, that the Tibetan Mastiff that he bought today, had successfully evolved!

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