AMAS: Chapter 5: Quick Way To Earn Exp

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After dinner, and tutoring Xia Xiaozhi for an hour, Xia Xiaozhi somewhat rebelliously packed up and left.

Jiang Fei who was idle sighed. Actually, now he can make such delicious delicacies, but also has to treat Xia Xiaozhi well.

He initially planned to play ‘Knight-Line’ and recharge his account with silver yuan, but he didn’t have enough time to buy equipment and level up his character, it was all used up to level up with the use of his secondary profession, as a result he was disturb who was caused by Xia Xiaozhi.

Jiang Fei was also mad at that time, as he almost drowned from the argument he had with the rebellious girl about food. Now, it seems that, if it wasn’t Xia Xiaozhi, he would definitely spend money in other aspects. At the time he possessed his game character, if he didn’t have his powerful secondary profession, at the same time have his character at level zero, then it wouldn’t have any use to him….

“Thank you, student Xia Xiaozhi!” Jiang cheerfully expressed his gratitude at heart.

Tidying up the kitchen, and after taking a bath, he lied on the bed. Jiang Fei displayed his character stats in his mind, looking at what effect of him cooking did.


Character: Jiang Fei

Level: 0

Experience: 5/500

Physical: 1

Spirit: 1.1

Agility: 1

Force: 1.2

Unassigned Points: 0

Martial Art Skills: None

Secondary Profession: Weapon Forging (Level 9), Planting (Level 9), Cooking (Level 9), Gardening (Level 9), Playing Piano (Level 9), Wine-making (Level 9), Summoning beasts (Level 9), Medical skill (Level 6+1%)

Most of it didn’t change, the only change being his Physical Strength stat and experience.

Recovering from his mild hunger condition, his Physical Strength value from 0.9 recovered to 1. But it wasn’t because he ate too much, if it was it would have become 1.1, but because at present the max of his physical strength was 1, even if he were to eat until he was full, it still wouldn’t have increase its maximum value.

His experience became 5 excluding the 2 exp he got at his clinic, it rose by 3 exp. He made six dishes tonight, in average, each dish raised his experience by 0.5.

Jiang Fei frowned.

“Not Good! I want to level up, and open up the level up gift box, but also learn a legendary martial art skill! God is so good to me, bestowing ‘Knight-Line’ system to me alone, but if this doesn’t allow me to become a first generation hero, then it would simply be too useless!”

It seems like relying on the secondary skill cooking, to earn large amounts of experience points, was simply too unrealistic. Even if I eat three time a day, preparing food for myself, but can only eat so little. A day later, the experience gained wouldn’t even exceed 10 points.

Preparing food that I won’t even eat, and just to throw it away? If it’s this, the money inside Jiang Fei’s bank, was not enough so that he could spend money freely.

As for taking a job as a cook in restaurant? This was too demeaning.

Him cooking at home was good, but if he really had to become a professional chef, it may be impossible for Jiang Fei. He might as well wait for a long time and treat a patient to gain experience points.

“Preparing food only gives me a small amount of exp, I suppose playing piano would also not level me up quickly. The finger removing calluses does not necessarily increase the amount. It seems like the best way to gain exp, is to plant vegetables, and plant fruit trees in this area. So long as a piece of land can be used, even if planting only gives a single exp, I can just do more! Disposing several hundreds, thousands of plants, how would my exp not rise?”

“Moreover, with my planting skill at the master level, the vegetable and fruits that I grow, would be good to some extent. When the time comes, I can sell it at a high-end market, and would probably be a continuous source of funds.”

“Not only can I raise my exp, bu I can also make money, this is a kingly way!”

Jiang Fei wanted to say cheerfully.

Although he owns a few of property, but he still wasn’t a nouveau riche and was also not short on money.

He rented a house to live in, and haven’t purchased a home. Now, the price of house in society, is far too high, wanting to buy a nice house in this city, was like the cost of fixing roads, he just didn’t have a few hundred thousand of money, it simply couldn’t be done.

If he hadn’t left the hospital as an ophthalmologist, with his earning, this wouldn’t have been difficult, and in just 3-5 years he would be able to fully pay it. Now he started his own clinic, but the situation wasn’t too good, it was already good if he wasn’t losing money, so he needed to think of a method to earn money.

He couldn’t just be idle and eat.

But there was a problem, if he decided to do the planting plan, he would have to leave the city, and go to a village to be able to fully use his ability and later learn martial arts.

Nowadays, lands are extremely expensive, moreover, they’re reinforced with concrete in the city, so where can he grow fruits and vegetables.

“Leaving the city to go to a rural area to farm, on the contrary I don’t have mental disorder. But if my family know, wouldn’t I be hacked into pieces?”
Thinking of this, Jiang Fei was somewhat hesitant.

At the moment, the news about him being fired from the hospital he worked at, he hasn’t even dare tell his parents. If he came out now, once his exposed in the future, it would become a bad end. Moreover, he had just opened a clinic, and had spent almost 200,000, so he can’t just close down.

As a child Jiang Fei felt that in his lifetime, it was impossible for him not to become a doctor.

He didn’t think about how much money a doctor can make in this industry, but about having a high social status.

First, Jiang Fei as a child was raised to become a doctor, after which he was taught the medical profession, so he became interested in this occupation, he rather liked the feeling of saving the sick and wounded; Second, his parents and grandparents had huge expectations towards him, and had wanted him to become a doctor.

Currently his character stats, have a medical skill in his secondary profession, although it only had six levels, Jiang Fei didn’t want to abandon it, but instead make good use of it.

“Forget it, I still have to find time first, then have a stroll close to the suburbs, to select a place to plant on, later I’ll these over again. Also, even if I have to plant massively, I don’t have to give up my occupation as a doctor. Later, my medical skill will definitely become more and more fierce, that it would be impossible for me to stay in such a small clinic. After my reputation becomes a hit, I’ll be able to go to any huge hospital and becoming a professor, is also a breeze. When it’s all right to leave, I can go to the suburb, and build my own resort. Planting is my second career!”

Jiang Fei had decided at heart. He decided to stabilize his medical profession; while slowly becoming a farmer as a side occupation.

Focusing on being a doctor, planting as a supplement.

In this way, him, his family, will get a higher social position and earn more money, all aspects have been taken into consideration.

Furthermore, after being fired in the hospital he worked at three months ago, although Jiang Fei on the surface didn’t say anything, and had no action. But at heart, he had actually been suppressing his vexed vigor. He clearly remembered, that bastard, hospital director’s son who got him dismissed, and his overbearing arrogance without restraint, coupled with his disdainful look.

If he doesn’t vent this out, it would be like a fishbone stuck in his throat, making his heart uncomfortable.

If he did something wrong, he would receive punishment without demur, as one ought to, and acknowledge the huge punishment. In the slightly unfair competition, he had lost.

Then, just as he opened his clinic, he was defeated by the opposite sex, a stylish young married woman, both time he had complained, but had never fuss about revenge.

However, the matter of him saving Jasmine Lin was clearly something good that he had done, but being treated badly like this, he wasn’t willing to.

Even if he was a person who did good but doesn’t receive anything in return, still where was the divine retribution to the people doing evil?

Before his medical skill was ordinary, relying on his parent’s huge relation to enter the hospital, sending a lot of red envelopes to get in. He couldn’t do anything to the director’s son, but receive insults swallowing it in humiliation.

Now the situation was different.

So long as his medical skill is strong enough, getting back up wasn’t difficult.


The next day.

Jiang Fei as usual came to his clinic.

All morning, his business was very bleak, having only one patient who had a cold and a fever, coming here to see a doctor.

Moreover, because the patient was a middle-aged aunt, she could disregard the charm of the stylish young female doctor, in addition to many people lining up in front of the building, which resulted in her coming here a moment ago.

In fact, seeing the doctor and then eating at a restaurant was another reason why she came here.

The better off the business, the more patients would come to their clinic, everyone would even be willing to go and line up even if it was at a peaceful and remote place. Because this explained that the clinic’s reputation was good, which meant that they had excellent doctors, which is the reason why many patients would come see a doctor here.

If the clinic doesn’t even have a single person’s shadow, it naturally explained that the doctor there had poor technique, who couldn’t cure their sickness, so nobody were willing to go there.

Therefore, the final result, was that the good business would get better, while the bad business would become even worse.

This was a vicious cycle.

As it is now, except for a few patients who didn’t want to line up would go to Jiang Fei. But even for some female patients that was immune to the young female doctor’s charm, they still wouldn’t choose to go to Jiang Fei’s clinic, but instead willing to go to the young female doctor’s clinic even with such a long line.

The reason wasn’t because of him, but only because they thought that the female doctor was wiser in medicine and was more likely to cure their sickness.

Looking at this situation, Jiang Fei looked up, sighed. This is really: heaven’s bestowing me an ability that’s certainly useful, unfortunately I’m not a beauty!

He now possessed the bug, his game character, but he actually couldn’t find a patient to use it on, it’s really somewhat sorrowful.

Since there was no business, at noon Jiang Fei didn’t have to call for takeout, but simply closed the door to the clinic, and went home to make himself something delicious, rewarding himself some good food and drinks.

As he was now a master cook, after eating his dish, and then trying the restaurant food, he felt that it was a bit flavorless!

Eating to sate his appetite, while conveniently gaining experience.

In the afternoon, Jiang Fei simply didn’t go to the clinic, but drove to the suburbs to inspect!

He prepared to have a look, to choose one a suitable place for him to plant, and rent it.

The so-called ‘appropriate’ condition must have two points.

First, the price must be cheap. Otherwise renting a few dozen acres of land, not knowing how much money he had spent, he’s not a local tyrant. Second, the scenery around the land has to be beautiful, it’s best to have mountains of water. He was ready to fight, in order to make his future resort, if birds don’t defecate, what fun is that?


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