AMAS: Chapter 50-Chinese Medicine Association

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The contents of Li Fei’s interview weren’t that difficult to understand, and since most of which wasn’t at the academic level, not only did Jiang Fei find it easy to answer, even the general public would find it easy to understand the contents of their conversation.

Her first question was about the history of the ‘Acupuncture King’ plaque, after hearing Jiang Fei’s answer, she quickly found out that Jiang Fei had superb acupuncture skills. She followed up with some questions about acupuncture, like what ailments can acupuncture treat? Jiang Fei talked about incurable diseases that he had already treated so that the publication would become a hot-seller.

Of course, it was inevitable that Li Fei would ask about his competition with Qin Zhengming.

Jiang Fei didn’t hold too much grudge, and instead, he gave Qin Zhengming plenty of face, deliberately praising the old man’s acupuncture skills…thus making it so that he would appear very generous.

Finally, Li Fei asked about his view on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which she recorded with a voice recorder.

And in half an hour, the interview was almost finished.

“Right, Dr. Jiang, I haven’t asked you, your knowledge in Chinese Medicine, did you inherit it from your family? You look so young, it even seems like I’m a bit older than you, and yet your Acupuncture skill is already quite superb, you inherited it from your family, didn’t you?” Li Fei asked curiously.

“My grandfather’s a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, when I was young he would always carry ancient Chinese Medicine books like 《汤头歌》(the book records more than 300 prescriptions), 《伤寒杂论》(one of the major basic courses offered by TCM colleges and universities in China, the book systematically analyzes the cause, symptoms, stages of development and treatment method of typhoid fever).

As for my acupuncture skills….” Jiang Fei was about to say that he had learned it in University, but he suddenly remembered that he had never learned it in University. If in the future someone wanted to look into the matter, they would easily be able to find out that he had never taken any acupuncture courses in University.

Jiang Fei hurriedly changed his tone: “Of course, I also learned it from my grandfather.”

“Dr. Jiang, your medical skills are so profound, you’ve even been praised by many as the ‘Acupuncture King’, does that mean your grandfather is even more skillful than you? Is he a venerable senior in the ‘Chinese Medicine Association?” Li Fei asked with a look of admiration.

This female reporter, indeed, has a soft-heart for Chinese Medicine.

Only, this question was something that Jiang Fei couldn’t answer, and in a surprised way he said: “Chinese Medicine Association? What’s that?”

“Dr. Jiang, your knowledge in Chinese Medicine is already quite advanced, haven’t you joined the ‘Chinese Medicine Association yet? Joining the Chinese Medicine Association is a difficult task for other Chinese Medicine practitioners. But for Dr. Jiang, it shouldn’t be that difficult to join.”

Li Fei was also very surprised: “The ‘Chinese Medicine Association’ is a group formed by our country’s most skillful Chinese Medicine practitioners, even Dr. Qin Zhengming who you had an acupuncture competition with, joined the ‘Chinese Medicine Association’ a few years ago.”

Jiang Fei was quite curious, in the past, he only possessed half-baked skills, he was only able to look at the common cold as well as other small diseases, so how could he have been contacted by the ‘Chinese Medicine Association’.

However, after listening to the female reporter, he learned that the standards for this association should be quite high, thus most people are unable to join.

Even the likes of Qin Zhengming, was only able to join a few years ago, it could be seen that the standards of the ‘Chinese Medicine Association’ is quite high.

Later if I get the opportunity, I’ll try contacting them. Jiang Fei thought in his heart.

Even if his current medical skill wasn’t yet regarded as outrageous, but after a while, when his medical skill reach Level 7 or even 8 or 9, who else would he have to fear?

At that time not only would he be comparable to Hua Tuo (Just search it up like this 😉), he would even become the real Hua Tuo. And when that time comes, he would definitely become worthy of the title ‘Acupuncture King’.

Before being sent off, the female reporter told Jiang Fei to keep up with Sichuan Daily for the next few days, and that the interview with him should be published within three days.

Jiang Fei sat on the chair, grinning. Without knowing it, he had become a celebrity on the newspaper for the second time, and later his fame would definitely not be the same as the past! If it was the past him, he would be looking for work right now, with his glorious resume!

But now, it seems like his reputation as a doctor, as well as his skills in acupuncture, would once again be spread.

“Look at that face your making!” Jasmine Lin walked to Jiang Fei’s side, finding the face he was making, funny. But even then, she also understood why Jiang Fei was happy.

But to tell the truth, even she liked this kind of Jiang Fei, liking the happy and cheerful kind, rather than the Jiang Fei who had closed off his heart from others.

“It’s not my fault, I’m just really happy!” Jiang Fei corrected. Crossing his leg, he said: “It’s not every day that someone gets published in the newspaper, moreover a large newspaper agency like the Sichuan Metropolis Daily at that. How can I not be happy with something like that happening to me right now?”

“Hmph! Simba, bite him!” Jasmine Lin squatted down and said to the Tibetan Mastiff, that had obviously grown a bit after only ten days.

A pity that Simba remained unmoved, instead he swayed back and forth, acting like a spoiled brat while making a lovable appearance on Jiang Fei’s feet. Jasmine Lin was speechless: “Are you sure this dog’s a Tibetan Mastiff? It doesn’t look like it. Online, it said that Tibetan Mastiffs are generally vicious, on the other hand, yours act like a pug!”

Jiang Fei leisurely said: “Wait after six months, when Simba grows up, you’ll know whether or not it’s a Tibetan Mastiff. At that time, you might even say that it’s a lion!”

Right now, only Simba’s head resembled that of a small Tibetan Mastiff, but later on, its hair would grow longer, surrounding its neck just like a lion, and after it grows more than 10cm, not only would it look even more ferocious, people might even mistake it as a real lion.

Moreover, knowing that Simba drank the [Summon Beast Evolution Medicine], its IQ had definitely improved, so even if Jiang Fei didn’t train it in a special way, in two months, its skills would definitely be higher than what a Tibetan Mastiff should have.

Although, right now Simba looks like a lovable spoiled brat, and even though it seems like it didn’t have any power or bravery, and was even as docile as a sheep, Jiang Fei was still not worried of its growth.

Not concerning himself about Simba, Jiang Fei instead thought about his clinic. And after a moment, he suddenly said to Jasmine Lin, “Say, do you think our clinic is a little bit small?”

Jasmine Lin didn’t think otherwise: “I think it’s ok. The place is about 100m2, so it’s not that small.”

Jiang Fei shook his head, and frowned: “I’m not saying that this place is small…I mean, recently my reputation has been growing, seeing that I’m a miraculous doctor, many people come here just to look for me, so I can’t look at most of them.”

“But what can you do? Your only one person, while I can only write the prescriptions, you can’t just split, and become two people!” Jasmine Lin said.

However, after looking at Jiang Fei’s expression, she suddenly understood the meaning behind his words: “Do you mean you want to look for an assistant?”

Jiang Fei nodded: “Well, to be more accurate, I want to look for more doctors. Although many patients come to see me, most of them only have some small illnesses like the common cold, which even the most common doctors can easily treat. They only subconsciously think that they need my help for their treatment, but in fact not.”

“It’s the same with knives, to use the same knife used on a cow to kill chickens would still dull the blade, by treating patients all by myself, not only will I get tired faster, but it would also become unfavorable for the next patient. And finally, when I get too tired, I would have no other choice but to drive them away, right? That’s why looking for more doctors is necessary, having them help treat patients with common illnesses would definitely help both sides.”

“We only open the door for five or six hours a day, even if there are more patients, how tired can you be?” Jasmine Lin relentlessly looked at Jiang Fei.

However, she quickly changed her mind, nodding her head, she said: “It’s indeed a good idea, so long as we hire a few well-respected doctors, with our patients’ trust in you, they’ll subconsciously trust the doctors that you’ve hired. And even if these doctors are unable to treat the said disease, they can come tell you, and have you treat them yourself.”

Jiang Fei clapped his hand and said: “Smart! That’s exactly what I have in mind, so what do you think of this idea?”

“It’s good, it’s actually very good. With this idea, you can relax more, not needing to spend 5-6 hours on work alone. And just like those old doctors in the hospital, you’ll only need to use your name to bring patients in, and from time to time help treat patients. Doing so will not only allow us to extend our business hours longer….Our income will also soar.” Jasmine nodded.

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