AMAS: Chapter 51-The Idea of Making a Hospital

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Jasmine Lin was not only beautiful, she was also clever.

Otherwise, the real estate she previously worked for, wouldn’t have such high sales records. So today, even though Jiang Fei only mentioned a very small portion of his plan, she was basically able to guess Jiang Fei’s plan.

But the more she thought, the more she became suspicious of Jiang Fei just being lazy, but it indeed was a very good idea. Whether if it was for Jiang Fei’s sake, or for money and success, the idea was something extremely beneficial for them. As they are now, the small clinic was indeed not good enough with the way things are proceeding.

“If you want to hire more doctors, not to mention this small clinic, even a big clinic wouldn’t be good enough! We’ll at least have to set up our own private hospital, right?” Jasmine Lin was in her business minded state.

Jiang Fei nodded, he then smiled and said: “That’s why I said this clinic is small.”

In general, no one in the clinic business would specifically recruit doctors for help, thus it was necessary for them to open up their own private hospital. In the past, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin worked in a hospital, so it wouldn’t be too strange for them to open their own private hospital, the insides of which was something they know all too well.

For private hospitals, the most important thing was to have a good reputation, as well as a doctor with superb skills.

Otherwise, in the eyes of the people, if public hospitals are frauds, then private hospitals are thieves! The prices of which are oddly expensive, thus most people are unable to go to.

Of course, personal nursing homes are even more expensive.

Personal nursing homes are high-end services; thus, it wasn’t surprising that its price would be so high. Going to a hospital means that you’re not stylish at all, the rich disdains such people, which is why they don’t go to such places.

But the lines in the movie says it well (TL: I don’t watch movie much 😉): Don’t seek for the most expensive, just the best! By doing this, one would be able to grasp the hearts of many people in China.

Jiang Fei’s hospital may not be stylish. But by taking this route, not only would other doctors examine patients for him, he would also be able to create a connection with many more people, resulting in a hospital with an even better reputation.

Moreover, right now, Jiang Fei’s reputation and skills were high enough. So even if he were to open a private hospital tomorrow, so long as he was there, business wouldn’t be bad.

Of course, Jiang Fei couldn’t just raise the price all of a sudden. If he were to go with the market price, he would only be perceived to be a person obsessed with money, he wouldn’t gain anything with that.

“How big do you want your private hospital to be?” Jasmine Lin slightly tilted her head, her eyes were blinking, as she looked at Jiang Fei and asked.

Jiang Fei leaned on the chair and said: “I don’t have that much of an ambition to set up a hospital covering all the cities in China. It would be good if I were to open a small hospital with various departments, mainly in Chinese Medicine. It would be different from a Chinese Medicine Health Museum, but also the same as a Chinese Medicine Health Museum.”

“We don’t have the money to open a private hospital for Western Medicine.” He said. “With Western Medicine, you only have to buy a variety of machines, investing tens of millions is necessary to do so. Chinese Medicine is a lot more convenient, since it’s much cheaper. However, even if we were to open a small hospital, with the various equipment that we would need, we’d at least need a million…..”

“Which I’m afraid we can only achieve in a year or two.” Jiang Fei exclaimed. Right now, he only had tens of thousands of yuan in his bank left. Even if his daily income now was very impressive, it would still take him a while before he could save up 1 million yuan.

At this time, a cunning look could be seen on Jasmine Lin, making one unable to perceive of what she was currently thinking of.

And after a while, she laughed. She then looked at Jiang Fei with a smile and said: “Actually, it wouldn’t take that long!”

Jiang Fei’s eyebrows furrowed, looking at her laughable appearance, he said: “Why, do you want to lend me money? Even if you want to lend me money, you probably don’t even have a million yuan in your account, right?”

Jasmine Lin pointed at him, lifting her chin up, he proudly said: “Don’t look down on people, if you can make your own villa, why can’t I have several hundreds of thousands of yuan in my account?”

Hearing her words, Jiang Fei’s sat up straight, he looked pleasantly surprised: “Can you really lend me money?” Jiang Fei patted his thigh and said: “If you have money, lend it to me, I promise that in two years, I’ll pay it back with benefit!”

However, Jasmine Lin unexpectedly shook her head, she then laughed, and revealed a cunning look: “I can’t lend you the money…”

“Hey, why can’t you lend me money? How can we say that we have a good relationship if you don’t even let me borrow some money? Are you afraid that I can’t pay it back? A person of great ability like me, you can no longer find another person in this world! Lend me money, and I’ll quickly return it back, definitely.” Jiang Fei said.

Does she not believe me?

Jasmine Lin still shook her head, she then looked at him and said: “I won’t lend you the money because I plan to invest it to create the hospital and become the boss….Oh, no. I mean become a shareholder!”

Jasmine Lin was excited for a moment, she was only supposed to say the word “boss” in her heart. However, it was a good thing she had managed to realized her mistake, and had quickly changed her statement to become a shareholder instead.

Jiang Fei didn’t really take it to heart when he heard Jasmine Lin say ‘boss’, instead he was in his thought, and after a while he said: “You’ll invest as a shareholder? Right now I don’t have money to have a joint venture with you, later you’ll become the boss, then wouldn’t I have to work for you? No, absolutely not!” (TL: think of it as Jasmine Lin have 100% of shares, so he thinks he’ll have to listen to her)

Jiang Fei proudly refused.

Although, his relationship with Jasmine Lin is good, Jiang Fei wouldn’t be the boss anymore. That would be the same as working for another hospital, so it would still be better if he continued to open his clinic where he can still be the boss than not.

That’s why Jiang Fei didn’t trust Jasmine Lin about this matter, and was instead suspicious towards Jasmine Lin. Something ran through his mind.

If I want to become the hero of this generation, the doctor of this generation, then how can I work for others?

Seeing Jiang Fei’s unhappy look, Jasmine Lin became angry: “Who said I wanted to become your boss? Didn’t you hear what I said? I’ll be a shareholder!”

This man, he really thought that I wanted to become his boss. Sure, even if I wanted to become his boss, why can’t he just accept it? Jasmine Lin thought.

Jiang Fei was puzzled: “But I don’t have money right now, how can I open a hospital with you?”

Jasmine Lin stared at Jiang Fei, and angrily said: “Have you never heard of shares? I meant I’ll pay for opening up the hospital, while we rely on your medical skills and reputation to bring patients in, aren’t we partners?”

Jiang Fei had a bright look, as he finally understood what she meant.

If Jasmine Lin was really rich, then they could really open a hospital ahead of time.

Jiang Fei smiled, sizing up Jasmine Lin, he said: “I didn’t think you’d be such a rich woman. How much in your account are you prepared to use….how do we divide the shares?”

As she looked at Jiang Fei’s appearance, Jasmine Lin heart couldn’t help but beat harder. She had originally thought that they would split the shares 50-50, but seeing Jiang Fei’s reluctance to work for other people, she thought for a while longer: “I can come up with about 1.55 million yuan, if the money isn’t enough, we can just get a loan from the bank. As for the shares….”

Jasmine Lin frowned: “You get 60, I get 40.”

“We’re using your money, yet you only get 40. That makes me a bit embarrassed…” Jiang Fei was somewhat self-conscious.

“Then I get 60, you get 40, better?”

“No! Let’s go with you 40, me 60, I shouldn’t decline your good will.”


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