AMAS: Chapter 52-Going As Su Nan’s Guest

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Even though Jasmine Lin paid 1.5 million yuan, she only got 40% of the shares.

Although at first glance it seems like it was a big loss, but in reality, it wasn’t a big loss for Jasmine Lin. Jiang Fei was confident that he would be able to pay it all back in just a few years, that she’ll gain hundreds of thousands, it was even possible that she would gain 10 or even 12 times of what she had invested.

It was clear to Jiang Fei that his medical skill would reach that point. The point where after his Medical Skill reaches level 9, he would not only really become the acupuncture king in a small part of the city of Jincheng, he was confident that even in china, no, even the whole world would recognize him as the King of Chinese Medicine!

And at that time, his fame and skill would reach the peak, even if she were only to get 40% now, but how much will its value be in the future?

Perhaps this 1 million yuan, compared to what she’ll earn in the future, is only a drop of water in a bucket!

Thus, Jiang Fei wasn’t actually taking advantage of Jasmine Lin, in fact, it’s more appropriate to say that Jasmine Lin was taking advantage of him!

If it was someone else that had invested in him, let alone 1.5 million yuan, even if they invest 15 million yuan, Jiang Fei wouldn’t be tempted to make business with them! But this is Jasmine Lin, so he wouldn’t care even if he were to get taken advantage of.

As for Jasmine Lin herself, she didn’t think much of it. After all, she didn’t know the specific situation of Jiang Fei, she also didn’t know how much more Jiang Fei could develop his medical skill, as well as how incredible it would become in the future.

In her eyes, even though she took out 1.5 million yuan, and only got 40% of the shares, she wasn’t being taken advantage of. She just heard Jiang Fei’s idea of opening a private hospital, and after knowing that he didn’t have money to do so, she wanted to help him, and at the same time get closer with Jiang Fei.

If the two were to become partners (in a relationship meaning), it wouldn’t be surprising at all!

That’s why she happily decided to make such an action. Jasmine Lin estimated that she’d get the money after a few days, however, for now, they can spend time with each other more, and understand each other more.

For example, they can go look for a building for their hospital, buy equipment, handling documents, hiring Chinese Medicine Doctors and nurses. Jasmine Lin had thought it through. After all, business runs through her vein, her skill and knowledge was definitely a lot stronger than Jiang Fei’s.

At this time, even Jiang Fei thought that Jasmine Lin was really capable, that in the future it was even possible for her to be the Business Commerce Master.

This was also just right, with Jasmine Lin’s abilities, everything would go smoothly. Jiang Fei would only need to remain at the side and eat snacks.

Of course, when Jasmine Lin was busy, Jiang Fei would take responsibility for all the logistics and meals in addition to him running the clinic. Nowadays Jasmine Lin was getting used to eating the food Jiang Fei makes, even Jiang Fei hadn’t eaten other people’s food for a while now.

After all, how can chefs who graduated from New Oriental Schools compare to his grand master like skills in cooking? The dishes that he makes were already far beyond what those fellows can make.

After being exposed to luxurious things, it would be really difficult to go back to the way he was before! After eating all kinds of delicacies, it was definitely impossible to go back to ordinary meals.

Today, Jiang Fei opened his clinic up until 6pm.

After Jasmine Lin finish her business and goes back to the clinic, he’ll be able to go back. He was supposed to only wait for her to get back to the clinic, but when Jasmine Lin returned, he could see the young female doctor Su Nan together, hand in hand.

Right now, Su Nan had taken off her white coat, which would also mean that she had already closed her clinic.

“Jiang Fei, tonight we’ll go to sister Su Nan’s house as her guests! I haven’t seen that little girl Tong Tong for several days now, let’s go see her.” Jasmine Lin said with a smile.

Hearing her words, Su Nan suddenly became embarrassed.

That’s because even though Jiang Fei would go to her house as their ‘guest’, but in the end, Jiang Fei would be the one cooking for them in her home….

Although Jiang Fei gave Su Nan cooking tips, but things are easier said than done. And no matter how clear Jiang Fei explained things, Su Nan’s cooking skills would still be nowhere close to Jiang Fei’s.

The same thing could be said to anyone, no matter how much you follow the recipe, it would still be impossible to make the same one as the one who made.

In cooking, the most important thing was experience (TL: He cheated his way through though)!

If one had enough experience, even without the secret formula that was left out of the recipe, the food made would still not be worse than the original one. While a person who doesn’t cook, even if they obtain a recipe made by the god of food, would still be unable to make something delicious.

“Well, it so just happens that I also want to see Tong Tong.” Jiang Fei with a smile. Jasmine Lin hugged Simba and closed the door as they left the clinic.

He didn’t care where he cooks, after all, no matter where he was he would still be able to make the delicacies with his skill. In addition, for the mother and daughter, Su Nan and Tong Tong, even if he has to make more than two dishes, it was no big deal.

After he bought some ingredients, he went to Su Nan’s home. Going inside, he could see Jasmine Lin and Tong Tong in the living room teasing Simba, in the past, Tong Tong didn’t like playing with Jasmine Lin, but now they’ve become closer than before. However, Tong Tong was still more intimate with Jiang Fei than Jasmine Lin.

Su Nan went into the kitchen to help Jiang Fei prepare the food, and although Jiang Fei’s hand was busy making the food, his pair of eyes would still not forget to sneak a peak, quietly enjoying the beauty of this young woman, occasionally taking a glance at her pair of beautiful long legs and her huge ‘tatas’.

Everything was the same as usual.

In half an hour, Jiang Fei made several dishes and served it on the table, even the Tibetan Mastiff Simba has its own special cuisine served before him.

Tong Tong and Jasmine Lin who were good friends a while ago had started their eating competition, while Su Nan and Jiang Fei sat on one side, eating while they talked.

“You and Jasmine Lin are opening your own hospital, right?” Su Nan asked.

Jiang Fei nodded and said: “Sister Su, you see, my clinic has been getting good business these past few days, there are just so many people that I need to look at that I just don’t have the time for most of them. Thus, we need to open our own private hospital, hire a few doctors, there’s just no other way.”

Su Nan jokingly said: “That’s good news, with you closing your clinic, my clinic will definitely get more business than usual.”

Although Su Nan’s clinic wasn’t as hot as it was before because of Jiang Fei, but she didn’t mind.

Just about the time Jiang Fei was going to say something, a bang at the door could suddenly be heard.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Nan Nan, open the door! It’s me!”

A man’s voice could be heard outside, for him to call Su Nan ‘Nan Nan’, they were apparently very familiar with each other.

“Who?” Jiang Fei became curious.

But at this time, Su Nan’s face suddenly changed, she was both furious and afraid. And even though the table was full of delicacies, she no longer had the mood to eat, putting the chopsticks down on the table.

Similarly, the glutton Tong Tong who heard the sound from outside stopped eating.

The nearby Jasmine Lin was surprised: “Su Nan, Tong Tong, what’s wrong? Who is that?”

“Nan Nan, hurry up and open the door! If you don’t, I’ll break it down!” The man was becoming more impatient.

Seeing the look that the mother and daughter were making, Jiang Fei could roughly guess the identity of the man outside.

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