AMAS: Chapter 53-Divorced Couple

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The knock on the door was getting louder and louder.

Su Nan knew very well who the person outside the door was, she knew that if she doesn’t let him inside, he would really take down the door. Although she really wanted to hide from the guy, she knew that it was really impossible to escape the past.

After putting down her chopsticks on the table, Su Nan banged on the table and stood up, her face didn’t show the usual gentle and tender look that she usually has on her face, it was obvious that she was very angry.

“Jiang Fei, Jasmine, eat first, I’ll drive this guy out, I’ll be back.” After that, Su Nan ran towards the door.

It looked as if she didn’t want the man to knock down the door. However, Su Nan was foolish, since the guy outside was looking for her, it was near to impossible for her to get rid of him. And just like that, as soon as Su Nan opened the door, the guy quickly pushed the door, Su Nan who failed to withstand the blow, staggered backward and directly fell to the ground.

“I’ve been calling you for a while now, how come it took you so long to open the door? What the hell is wrong with you? Woman! What’s the matter! Oh….i smell something good. It looks like your cooking skills have greatly improved. It just so happens that I haven’t eaten yet. Go get me a bowl of rice.” After the man came rushing in, acting as if he was the owner of the place.”

In fact, not too long ago, he really did own the place…

And right after he turned from the corner, he immediately saw Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin sitting on the dining table, who were curiously looking towards him. Surprised, he said: “There are guests. Who are these two, I don’t know them?”

And at the same time, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin, finally saw the appearance of the man.

The man was about 30 years old, he looked rather tall, but wasn’t as tall as Jiang Fei. And although his face was somewhat old, unshaven beard and unkempt hair, his face was good looking, giving off a mater ‘uncle’ character. If he had tidied himself up, he would have surely been popular with the ladies.

Su Nan ran towards him, and grabbed the man by the arm, she was obviously very furious: “Li Wei, what are you doing! Who let you in? This is my home!”

The middle-aged man named Li Wei frowned, and he who had a bad temper, pushed Su Nan away: “Your home? Originally, when the house was bought, my parents paid for half of it. This house is also half mine, so why can’t I go in?”

After Su Nan was pushed away, she didn’t give up and continued to pull him, “When we divorced, I paid it back to your family, this house is owned by me and my daughter now! This isn’t your house any longer!”

Unfortunately for Su Nan, who had a weak body, she couldn’t be an opponent with this Li Wei guy.

He didn’t argue with her any longer, he knew that Su Nan was telling the truth, that this house wasn’t owned by him any longer. Thus, he ripped Su Nan away and soon walked towards the table, looking at the table full of delicacies, he didn’t hesitate to sit down, he turned his head towards Tong Tong and said: “Good daughter, go get your dad a pair of chopsticks!”

Tong Tong looked really frightened of her ‘dad’, quickly, she jumped out of her chair and ran directly Jiang Fei’s back, and hid herself from her so called ‘dad.

Su Nan’s ex-husband was really Tong Tong’s father.

From the situation just now, Jiang Fei was sure Su Nan had really divorced with this Li Wei guy, but this Li Wei guy was really wicked, even though they had divorced, he still had the nerve to come here and cause trouble for the two.

It was obvious that the mother and daughter, Su Nan and Tong Tong couldn’t handle this guy.

Seeing Tong Tong run away from him, and hide behind some other man’s back, Li Wei suddenly became unhappy, he angrily said: “You little dimwit, now you can’t even recognize your own father?!”

And at the same time, he finally looked at Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin. He wasn’t interested in another man, so he looked away from Jiang Fei and instead looked at Jasmine Lin. When he saw Jasmine Lin, his eyes shined, he was shocked by the girl’s beautiful face and good temperament.

“Forget it, you don’t need to give your dad chopsticks, I’ll just use yours!” Li Wei stared at Tong Tong who was clearly hiding behind Jiang Fei, dared to only stick out her small head, after which the man took Tong Tong’s chopsticks to start eating the food.

Although Jiang Fei and them ate a lot already, the man ruined the taste of the food that they just ate. However, the food still exudes an unbearable fragrance, the aroma that it exuded didn’t diminish at all, making the people who smelled it unable to wait any longer.

Su Nan once again ran towards the man, taking the chopsticks away from Li Wei’s hand, the young woman face was red, she was extremely furious: “Li Wei, What do you want from us! If you have something to say, say it already!”

Li Wei was displeased with Su Nan, wanting to grab the chopsticks off of Su Nan’s hands, he said: “What are you so anxious for? Wait till I finish eating!”

Su Nan was not only angry, she was also extremely stubborn, just like the time in her clinic, she made the same appearance as she did when she was surrounded by a group of people in the past.

Li Wei who was robbed of the chopsticks again, was finally unable to bear it, he anger finally reached the peak.

He stood up from the chair, and without any hesitation, he slapped Su Nan in the face!

*Pa* a loud sound was heard, and Su Nan who was strongly slapped in the face had blood flowing out of her mouth. “You stinkin bitch! Don’t you have any sense of shame? Every time I come here, you always see me as an enemy, Give me some face will you?!”

“Sister Su Nan, are you okay?” Jasmine Lin quickly ran to Su Nan’s side, she supported Su Nan, as she stared angrily at Li Wei: “How can you hit a woman like this!”

Li Wei glared at her, he viciously said: “What are you talking about, this is my house, don’t talk to me like that in here! Otherwise, I’ll also hit you!”

“Who’s house?! You and Su Nan have divorced already, not only did you break into her house, you also beat her up! Do you believe that I’ll call the police on you?” Jasmine Lin was quite a chivalrous woman, unafraid of the man, she stared back at him and talked back.

The tears flowing down Su Nan’s eyes finally stopped, and although she reached out to stop Jasmine Lin, but deep down she herself was also angry and ashamed.

Today wasn’t supposed to be like this, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin wasn’t supposed to meet Li Wei. Su Nan thought to herself, ashamed to look at the two.

“Sister Su Nan, don’t be afraid! This kind of villain who only likes to bully the weak, the more you’re afraid of him, the more arrogant he’ll just be towards you. After divorcing with him, he still dared to harass you, go call the police, see if he’ll still continue like this!” Jasmine Lin said towards Su Nan, she was obviously angry as well.

She felt that Su Nan was stubborn in some things, but is also weak in some other things.

“Go call them! Call the police, and I’ll just tell them my point of view! That me and her paid half each to buy this house. But when we divorced, she got the house, and I only got Four hundred thousand yuan! Is this fair?” Li Wei sneered.

Su Nan wiped the tears on her face, she stared at Li Wei and said: “Just say it, how much do you want this time!”

Li Wei sneered, and sit back on the chair and said: “I told you already, wait until I’m finished eating!”

And just when he was about to start eating, someone suddenly grasped his shoulders, he could clearly hear a cold voice behind him: “These dishes are made by me. You…..don’t deserve to eat it!”

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