AMAS: Chapter 54-Just Like Playing With A Ten-Year-Old

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Although Jiang Fei didn’t like to be nosy, but in most cases, his body would just move all of a sudden without him even realizing it. He just couldn’t control himself, and by then he had already done something that he can’t hide from anymore.

Today was the same. When he saw Su Nan being bullied by her ex-husband and being comforted by Jasmine Lin, he couldn’t just sit around. He couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

In addition to that, Jiang Fei really didn’t like to see the face of this guy called Li Wei!

Jiang Fei didn’t think that a man should never hit a woman. That’s because, there are certain women that one just can’t tolerate anymore, and just deserves to get hit.

For example, the middle-aged woman who had caused trouble for Su Nan’s clinic, was one that a person just could not tolerate.

However, the nice Su Nan, who hasn’t done anything wrong at all, didn’t deserve to get hit. It was just not right. Although Li Wei was her husband in the past, he was far too aggressive, not even hesitating to hit her at all. Who would have even thought that they were a couple in the past?

That’s why, Jiang Fei made a move once again.

Li Wei, who was suddenly held down by his shoulders and the strength behind it was not small, didn’t need to turn around to know who was causing trouble for him.

When Jiang Fei had levelled up from level 1 to 2, although he didn’t allocate any points into his Force stat, the system had increased his stats by 0.2 points.

Jiang Fei’s [Force] stat was now 1.4. In other words, the force behind his punches was now 1.4 times that of an ordinary person. Jiang Fei certainly didn’t have Herculean strength, but he was definitely not weak.

“You Brat! You’re looking to die!” When Li Wei saw his daughter being very fond of the other man in the room, his impression of him was already bad, but when he found out that his own daughter was afraid of him, and had gone to this man to hid from him, Li Wei became even more upset.

He had been waiting for Jiang Fei to stand up to him! And doing so, he could hit the man without any restraint!

Although Su Nan had already divorced him which was caused by his constant scolding, it was still a fact that they were together for a few years. So knowing that Su Nan had brought another man in his previous home, Li Wei was very unhappy with her.

That doesn’t mean he still loves Su Nan. Sure he may still have feelings for her, but in the man’s heart, he already owns Su Nan. He wasn’t supposed to be the one to be cuckolded, but the one who was supposed to turn others into a cuckold.

Li Wei immediately put the chopsticks down. He then tried to grasp the right hand on his shoulders. Li Wei wasn’t weak, on the contrary, he was a strong man. In college, he was a main member of his college’s Taekwondo Club. Although it had already been years since he last practiced, the basics was still engraved in him. So long as he could grasp Jiang Fei’s hand, he was quite confident that he could take him down and restrain him, making Jiang Fei unable to move.

Li Wei snorted as he imagined Jiang Fei’s face turning white.

In his mind, he felt like he was just playing with a ten-year-old!

However, when his hand reached his shoulder, to his surprise Jiang Fei’s hand was already not there.

Li Wei was surprised for a moment but quickly he stood up and turned his body. Thinking that Jiang Fei would still be behind him, he positioned himself and went for an uppercut aiming for Jiang Fei’s chin.

If he could accurately hit him, he was sure that he could make Jiang Fei lie down on the ground.

But yet again, to his surprise, his fist hit nothing but the air!

When he looked up, Jiang Fei who was supposed to be near him, had increased the distance between by two to three meters.

How did this kid get far away from me? Li Wei thought to himself.

Li Wei didn’t think too much of it, he mercilessly shot out, trying to land a blow on the kid! In this room, besides him, Jiang Fei was the only man here. He believed that so long as he takes this man down, the stubborn woman Su Nan, would have no confidence anymore, and would finally obediently listen to his words.

He wanted to beat up Jiang Fei already, and turn that moment to his advantage!

Making two consecutive strides, Li Wei closed the two or three meters distance between him and Jiang Fei. Quickly after he raised his right leg, aiming right towards Jiang Fei, and performed a high kick!

Taekwondo was a martial art that paid most of its attention to leg techniques. In his time in University, his club had brought down other clubs. They had won countless matches because of this martial art, winning Su Nan’s heart in the process of it all. Thus, it was only natural for his legs to be quite strong.

Even if several years had already passed, even if it had been years seen he had last fought with others, something that had been engraved into him would never be forgotten. Although his attack looks extravagant, but against an ordinary person, it was enough!

His kick wasn’t only fast, but was also high and accurate that his leg could easily reach Jiang Fei’s neck. Jiang Fei knew that if this kick were to hit him, he would easily be knocked down on the ground.

But how could Jiang Fei, who had already learned the [Triassic Cloud], be hit by something of this level? If he really were to be swept by it, then that would simply mean that Jiang Fei was really stupid.

Instead of stepping back, Jiang Fei stepped forward and before he would even get hit, his right hand moved, his right thumb piercing Li Wei’s thigh….

“Ah!” Li Wei suddenly screamed. His thigh suddenly got soft. The strength in his leg left his body as Jiang Fei then blocked the attack with his left hand, and with his right hand, he dealt a heavy blow on Li Wei’s stomach.

Because of what had happened to his leg, Li Wei was knocked down to the ground holding his belly and screaming in pain.

The most painful part wasn’t his lower abdomen that Jiang Fei hit but his right leg that felt numb. He couldn’t feel his leg at all, as if it had been sliced off!

“What did you do to my leg!?” Li Wei’s eyes widened as he shouted at Jiang Fei, terrified of him.

Hearing this, Jiang Fei glanced at him in disdain. He said to the scum “Rest assured your leg is not broken, it will just be numb for a while. But if you try to do something again, I won’t be too sure that you’ll be keeping your leg the next time you attack.”

Hearing that his leg wasn’t crippled gave Li Wei some peace of mind. Immediately after, he looked angrily at Jiang Fei: “Why are you interfering with our matter? Who are you to Su Nan? Are you her new husband?”

Li Wei started to suspect that the relationship between Jiang Fei and Su Nan wasn’t so simple.

Otherwise, his daughter Tong Tong wouldn’t put so much trust on this man. And from his point of view, Jiang Fei was likely his replacement in this family!

Jiang Fei sent a kick towards his abdomen that almost sent the guy flying as he coldly said: “Who gave you permission to speak?”

Li Wei’s neck turned red and blue veins could clearly be seen on his abdomen. Words weren’t enough to explain how much pain he was in right now.

Su Nan, whose face was swollen, quickly walked over to him, she didn’t want to make the matter even worse.

She first thanked Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei shook his head as if to say ‘it was nothing’. However, deep down, Jiang Fei felt that this young woman was really unfortunate. He didn’t know how long this had been continuing. Not only did he see her get beaten up twice, but she also took a ruthless blow to the face.

He just didn’t know what this woman saw in this kind of scum, to even have the very idea of marrying him.

“Li Wei, I’ve told you many times, I don’t need your support to take care of my daughter. But still, you keep on me pestering me time and time again!” The tears on Su Nan’s face had finally dried, she stared at Li Wei who was lying down on the ground, as she angrily said.

Knowing that Jiang Fei could easily crush him, the fear of Jiang Fei finally overwhelmed him. This time Li Wei didn’t dare to act as arrogant as he was before. Holding back the pain, he said: “I also said that as long as you give me the money, I wouldn’t pester you any longer! I found someone to estimate the value of this house, and he said that it’s at least worth 1.1 million yuan. Plus our previous deposit, I should have a total of 650,000 yuan, you still have to give me another 150,000 yuan!”

“Get lost!” Hearing this, Su Nan became even more furious. She then pointed at Li Wei and said: “At the time of divorce, you and I signed a contract that states if I pay you 500,000 yuan, the ownership of the house will go to me and my daughter! Are you trying to rob me now?”

Jasmine Lin quickly interrupted: “Sister Su, do you still remember the contents of your divorce agreement with him?”

Su Nan nodded and said: “The divorce agreement stated that the house belongs solely to me, after paying him the money.”

“Then what are you afraid of him for! If he comes to pester you again, just call the police!” Jasmine Lin felt annoyed.

Jiang Fei who was actually not good at those things, also nodded: “Sister Su Nan, what Jasmine Lin said is correct. Whether you go to the police or in court. So long as you have that divorce agreement, this no good dung wouldn’t get a single penny out of you!”

“You…..” Li Wei once again exploded, now he really wanted to beat this people up.

Jiang Fei simply glared at him.

Li Wei quickly shut up, swallowing the words he wanted to say back down his throat.

“Are you still not leaving? Do you really want to stay here for dinner?” Jiang Fei was too lazy to look at the scum as he said in a cold manner.

At this time, Li Wei’s leg wasn’t as numb as it was before. A little bit of strength had already come back to his leg and with great difficulty, he stood up. He fiercely looked at them, unwilling to leave the house.

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