AMAS: Chapter 56-Massage

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In no time, the two arrived at Jiang Fei’s clinic.


It was 9pm. All the stores near Jiang Fei’s clinic were already closed so he had no trouble finding a parking spot, after which he and Su Nan walked into his clinic.


“Sister Su, go sit first while I go disinfect these acupuncture needles.” Jiang Fei put his keys on the counter and took out a needle box.


Su Nan looked for a stool to sit down on. After talking with Jiang Fei, she wasn’t down anymore. As if ridiculing herself, she said: “I’ve already seen your magic many times before, but I’d have never thought that I’d personally experience it myself.”


After Jiang Fei disinfected the needle, he smiled and said: “Rest assured, after the acupuncture treatment, I’ll give you a massage. After the massage, the swelling on Sister Su’s face won’t be a hindrance anymore. And by the time the sun rises, you wouldn’t see a trace of it anymore.”


Jiang Fei’s acupuncture technique was quite superb, improving blood circulation was a simple task for him. Even if Su Nan had a tender body and even if Li Wei had slapped her multiple times, with Jiang Fei’s acupuncture and special massage, a moment’s time was all that’s needed for the redness and the swelling to quickly subside.


And after a night’s sleep, it would be as if nothing had happened yesterday.

“Sit down. Close your eyes, I’m going to start now.” Jiang Fei took a seven-inch long needle and said to Su Nan.


Hearing his words, Su Nan closed her eyes with peace of mind. But because she mainly studied Western Medicine and had little to no contact with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the idea that a needle would pierce her face scared her and that the treatment would be painful, or at least that’s what she thought would happen.


But that only applied to other doctors.


Although she trusted Jiang Fei and knew of his exquisite skills, she still couldn’t help but doubt him a bit.


Contrary to her expectations, she didn’t feel anything but rather, she felt very comfortable. Her swelling cheeks quickly became less painful. She knew that the cause of it all was Jiang Fei’s acupuncture.


Su Nan was also a doctor but she was still amazed. Chinese Medicine in some ways, was really much better than Western Medicine. In this kind of situation for example, even after using plasters which is normally used in Western Medicine to improve blood circulation, it wouldn’t show improvement this quickly.


Under Jiang Fei’s acupuncture, Su Nan could almost feel her face becoming less and less swollen. At this time Su Nan’ couldn’t help but worship and admire Jiang Fei more and more. This kind of medical treatment was truly superb. It was no wonder the patients that he had healed in the past, all praised him and even called gave him the title Acupuncture King.

Truly worthy of his reputation.


Then Su Nan suddenly remembered. Jiang Fei, who had no connections with her, neither friend nor foe, had helped her during the moments she needed the most. Standing beside her, helping her out regardless of the danger it would put him in.


Being seen by a man during her most embarrassing moments, although she felt ashamed, but she was all the more grateful. Su Nan was grateful towards Jiang Fei but her gratitude also contained complex feelings towards him such as worship, admiration, as well as something else that she just couldn’t put her finger on.


The Acupuncture treatment didn’t take that long, after all compared to other diseases that he had treated in the past, this was a piece of cake. Thus he only needed 5-6 minutes to finish. After Jiang Fei took out the needle, the swelling on Su Nan’s face was no longer there. Still, there were a few red marks on her face, which could easily be removed with Jiang Fei’s massage.


“Sister Su, I’m done. You can open your eyes now.” Jiang Fei said as he disinfected his acupuncture needle once again, before putting them away.


After hearing Jiang Fei’s voice, the thoughts she was having inside her mind quickly ceased. She slowly opened her eyes while gently reaching for the part of her face that was supposed to be swelling and to her surprise, she didn’t feel any pain. Almost as if it wasn’t there to begin with. However, if she pressed hard enough, she’d obviously feel a little bit of pain. But this really was surprising. She knew of some medicines that would heal such injuries but none of it would take effect this fast.


“Jiang Fei, your acupuncture skills really are amazing!” Su Nan couldn’t help but praise him.

Looking at Su Nan’s surprised face, Jiang Fei smiled. Having his medical skills praised, felt really good. Moreover, the one who praised him was the beauty, Su Nan, which made him even more happy.


“Although the swelling on your cheeks is gone now, the red marks are still there. I’ll have to give you a massage for it to completely disappear.” After putting away the acupuncture box, he walked over to Su Nan and said.


Su Nan nodded: “I have to close my eyes now, right?”


“No.” Jiang Fei rolled up his sleeves and said, “There’s no water here, so I won’t be able to wash my hands here.”


Su Nan smiled, and sweetly said: “I don’t care if your hands are dirty.”


“I guess I’ll start then.” Jiang Fei nodded, and bent over. Both of his hands and ten fingers touched Su Nan’s face. When his hands made contact with her face, Su Nan’s delicate body trembled, as if ice had touched her body. Jiang Fei’s fingers started to move, delicately touching Su Nan’s face all over.


A woman’s body was indeed very delicate. Even when Jiang Fei was very close to her, it was almost impossible to see pores on Su Nan’s face. Thinking as such, Jiang Fei’s ten fingers slowly moved across her face, transmitting a marvelous feeling.


A moment ago, during the acupuncture treatment, Jiang Fei needed to be calm since any distracting thought could impede his performance and could harm the patient. But right now he was only massaging someone, thus he could relax a bit more and have unrealistic thoughts even during the process.


Today, Su Nan was wearing a one-piece dress with floral design as well as a white lace on her shoulders, one could just see her delicate collarbone. Her dress was coupled with a small belt, which not only showed her slender body but also her womanly chest. Jiang Fei already knew for quite some time that Su Nan, the beautiful young woman, in addition to always wearing black stockings, also has a killer chest. It was just very impressive. However, because she was in a dress, her chess parts had been concealed properly.


Looking at the lower part of her body, he saw her wearing black stockings and a pair of black high-heeled shoes. Seeing that, Jiang Fei thought that Su Nan really was fashionable, that she looked flawless.


Su Nan seems to particularly like to wear black stockings. Coincidentally, Jiang Fei also liked to see women wearing black stockings.


Seeing Jiang Fei’s dishonest look, Su Nan naturally felt somewhat moved and also muddled. However, Su Nan was too embarrassed to say anything, that she mustn’t allow Jiang Fei to overdo it, else it would become too awkward between them.


He’s trying to treat you, and not specifically to do business. Moreover, he’s already helped you so much, even if he looks at you, so what?


Or at least Su Nan thought that way. Suddenly, she felt Jiang Fei’s fingers pressed on her face. And just like magic, she could feel a hot sensation inside her that may even burn her skin off.

This is what happens to people after thinking something weird, their thoughts become obscure.


So now when Jiang Fei had pressed on her face, Su Nan suddenly felt something in her heart. And she even began to think that he may be taking advantage of the situation.

Thinking about it, how can a woman allow a man to freely touch and rub her face? Weren’t they becoming too intimate with each other?!


Su Nan didn’t have such thoughts a while ago but after having this sort of idea, she couldn’t sit still anymore. Without her noticing, her face gradually became red, blushing up to her ears!

Jiang Fei’s eyes were all over the place, but suddenly he noticed an abnormality. Surprised, he asked: “Sister Su, are you all right?”

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