AMAS: Chapter 57-Not Good At Acting

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Jiang Fei’s reputation as a doctor wasn’t fake, but that doesn’t mean he could clearly see through people’s hearts! Suddenly seeing Su Nan’s cheeks becoming blood red, he thought it was a mishap caused by his acupuncture treatment.


Quickly, he stopped pressing on Su Nan’s cheek. And like that, he grabbed Su Nan’s wrist, pressing his finger to check her pulse. But it turned out that nothing was wrong with her.

Jiang Fei couldn’t help but wonder: “Are you alright? Sister Su Nan, what happened to you?”


When asked with such a question, Su Nan’s eyes widened as she angrily stared at Jiang Fei. To her, only he was to blame. But right now she wasn’t like herself, thus she could only complain inwardly, which appeared quite alluring to other people’s eyes. Although she felt bitter, she didn’t give out any feeling of hostility towards him.


Looking at Su Nan’s current appearance, Jiang Fei’s brotherly mind suddenly wanted to understand what was happening to her, when a thought suddenly flashed by: Why isn’t she acting like herself? Is it love? Don’t tell me the set of techniques that I’ve demonstrated not only improves blood circulation, but also affect people’s feelings?


After thinking as such, Jiang Fei once again looked at Su Nan’s blushing cheeks. Looking at her eyes, he could see some traces of wetness. He then looked at her rosy lips, and then her well-developed breasts. She was about 30 years old which was supposed to be the most splendid time of her life. She gave off a mature feeling which, compared to little girls, was just too alluring to men. The temptation was just too strong!


Suddenly, Jiang Fei felt his heart beat faster, the two were both looking at each other’s eyes. Jiang Fei coughed, pretending that nothing was wrong, he said: “So….Sister Su, I’ll continue the massage, else you won’t be able to open your clinic tomorrow.”


At this time, the feelings that Su Nan was experiencing was unbearable. The atmosphere between them had become too abnormal. With such thoughts, she wanted to stand up and forget about this matter.


But after thinking about the wound on her face, she felt that it would indeed be bothersome.

Thus, she could only endure and agree to finish the treatment.


However this time, she didn’t dare look into Jiang Fei’s eyes like a moment ago. When Jiang Fei’s somewhat rough hands touched her cheeks, her body shivered once more. She desperately told herself to not have any wild thoughts, that such thoughts shouldn’t exist.

Unfortunately for her, there were just some things that couldn’t be avoided.


Otherwise, how could instances where a 30-year-old woman falls for a 40-year-old man be possible?


Closing her eyes, Su Nan tried to calm herself down but all kinds of scenes emerged in her mind, scenes that she shouldn’t be having. It was like Pandora’s box. Everything would be fine when it’s closed but once its opened, it would almost be impossible to close.

Seeing the beautiful woman, Su Nan, turn red once again, Jiang Fei felt that he couldn’t bear it anymore. After all, it has been a long time since he had gone to a bar to have fun. (TL: if you know what I mean 😉)


He was usually with Jasmine Lin or Xia Xiaozhi. Just that was hard to bear but now, he was alone with this single young woman. This was becoming more and more dangerous.


I am Qiu Shaoyun, this woman is a weed, i shouldn’t touch her! If you want to do something, just go to the bar tonight! Jiang Fei thought to himself. He lowered his head after having a malicious idea of kissing Su Nan.


In the face of such temptation, Jiang Fei became confused. But in the end, he didn’t think about it anymore, and just gritted his teeth. Her being someone he was familiar with, he just couldn’t risk it being weird between the two of them.


Otherwise, later when the two were to meet again, they could only greet each other and pretend as if nothing was wrong.


Jiang Fei felt like he was one of those idols that had no control of their own actions.

Moreover, pretending as if nothing had happened was something he wasn’t really good at!

Su Nan roughly had the same idea as Jiang Fei. She also needed to restrain herself. Because on the very first day she and Jasmine Lin became acquainted, Jasmine Lin secretly proclaimed her possession of Jiang Fei. If she were to act inappropriately, what kind of person would she be?


In addition to that, Jasmine Lin right now was at her house taking care of her child. If she really were to do something, that would be too outrageous.


Time flew by very slowly, the two enjoyed the strange atmosphere between the two of them but also felt like they were being tormented. And the cause of this so-called torment was, generally speaking, the relationship between Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin.


After seven or eight minutes passed, the red marks on Su Nan’s face completely disappeared….although you still can’t say her face had returned to normal as the woman’s face was still red. Looking like that, she was like an attractive peach who to those who see, would instantly want a bite. But at the very least, the place where she had been hit was no longer noticeable.


“Good. It’s alright now Sister Su. You can open your eyes now.” Jiang Fei pulled back his hand and fingers away from Su Nan’s face, feeling displeased and relieved at the same time.

Doing this kind of thing tested a man’s perseverance!


Su Nan slowly opened her eyes, the water in her eyes was still clearly visible, thus she still didn’t dare look at Jiang Fei’s eyes. She wanted to stand up and step out of the clinic, forgetting about the unbearable atmosphere between them and breathe the cold fresh air.


But perhaps because she had sat too long, the blood in her legs hadn’t circulated properly yet. Adding in her wearing high heels as another factor, Su Nan who suddenly stood up, staggered. Unable to balance herself, her body was getting closer and closer to the ground.


When a person who’s falling to the ground wasn’t relaxed, the pain that the person will receive would obviously not be light.


Jiang Fei who was looking at the side, acted quickly, suddenly stretching his hand to pull her up.

And with his [Triassic Cloud], quickly grabbing hold of Su Nan was of no problem. But because he had put too much strength when he had pulled Su Nan, Su Nan was approaching towards him.


And as expected, a delicate and fragrant body was pressed on his. Jiang Fei’s hand was still holding Su Nan’s wrist while the other hand by reflex, held Su Nan’s slender waist. And at the same time, Su Nan’s chest was pressed on Jiang Fei’s broad chest. They were squeezed together, leaving no gaps between them.


“Ah….” Thinking that she fell, Su Nan whispered.


But finding out she was in Jiang Fei’s arms, she quickly reacted knowing that the situation now was just not right. However, she couldn’t do anything. The two of them were holding onto each other too tightly, thus she could only stay in place where she could clearly hear Jiang Fei’s strong heartbeat.


“Endure, must endure…Can’t hold on much longer!” Jiang Fei was in a daze.

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