AMAS: Chapter 58-A Favorable Impression

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To tell the truth, Su Nan wasn’t disgusted of Jiang Fei. In fact, she had a very favorable impression of him.


Jiang Fei, at the times she needed the most, stood up for her and saving her each time. From that moment on, her impression of Jiang Fei had soared over time. Moreover, the feelings she held for him was more than that of gratitude.


For a woman, at their times of need or despair, the man who stood up for them is someone they would definitely remember.


This was also the reason why, in story books, the hero who had rescued the beautiful heroine would always end up together.


Later on, Su Nan learned of Jiang Fei’s talent as well as his skills. Then after even more time had passed, she saw Jiang Fei obtaining the title ‘Acupuncture King’. And finally, after inviting Jiang Fei to her house, she had personally witnessed Jiang Fei’s superb cooking skills. Later on, when he crushed those bastards who were causing trouble and had them kneel made him look even more omnipotent which only resulted in her increased attraction towards him. Even if Su Nan was divorced, still she had a girl’s heart which had given birth to her love towards Jiang Fei.


But being sensible, she didn’t let herself think about him any more than that.

That is, until her ex-husband Li Wei suddenly appeared today. And just like before, Jiang Fei once again stood up for her and finally, they were in the situation where the two found themselves in each other’s grasp. Their bodies pressed on each other’s chests and their heartbeats getting faster and faster.


The two of them were hugging each other, not moving away from each other’s grasp. Time slowly passed, neither of them pushing aside the other.


Although Jiang Fei wanted to force himself upon her, he didn’t want to violate Su Nan.

And if he were to really do it, then the problem would be how the two would act towards each other afterwards.


However, there wouldn’t be any problems if Su Nan would agree to him. Jiang Fei whispered into Su Nan’s ear: “Sister Su, I think, I won’t be able to handle it anymore….”


Su Nan’s delicate voice entered his ear: “We….can’t, sorry, but Jasmine….”


Hearing Su Nan’s reply, Jiang Fei’s heart beat even faster. Thinking that the thing he was imagining was possible, he quickly said: “It’s not what you think. Me and Jasmine Lin….we don’t have that kind of relationship. So, what happens between us has nothing to do….”


Listening to Jiang Fei’s confusion and before he had even finished his words, Su Nan roughly understood what he was trying to tell her. However, she still refused and said: “I know….but, I also know that Jasmine likes you. I’d feel sorry for her….”


Jiang Fei was disappointed. Blood almost gushed out of him and with some difficulty, he said: “But I really can’t bear it anymore. And sister Su Nan, I know you can’t bear it any longer too….let’s not endure it anymore!”


Jiang Fei wasn’t afraid of people seeing them. The moment they entered the clinic, he had closed the door and pulled down the curtains. At that time, Jiang Fei didn’t think that something would happen between him and Su Nan. He had simply pulled down the curtain, fearing that another patient would come into his clinic seeking for medication.


So now, it had become convenient for him, even after being in this kind of situation.

But suddenly, the soft and weak Su Nan all of a sudden gained enough power to push herself off of Jiang Fei’s arms.


Taking a few steps back, Su Nan was able to balance her body. Her face was still red and her hair was somewhat messy. Although she looked angry, she also looked at him with an endearing look. Obviously, she looked like she was charmed by someone. Yet she bit her rosy lips and resolutely shook her head: “No…we can’t do it!”


“Why!” Jiang Fei said.


But if Su Nan really didn’t want to, he also couldn’t force himself to her. Otherwise, what’s the difference between him and Gao Hengyuan. So he could only smile as he looked at the unwilling Su Nan.


Su Nan didn’t dare to look into Jiang Fei eyes. She lowered her head as she fixed her hair and dress: “Time….we don’t have enough time. Jasmine and Tong Tong are still waiting at home for us. We’ve been out for a long time….”


Jiang Fei at this time, regardless of the situation, blurted out: “We can be quick!”


Hearing his words, Su Nan’s face became even more red. She then coldly glanced at Jiang Fei and said: “Even if we do have enough time, after we go back, Jasmine would certainly notice something! Women aren’t like men. After doing that sort of thing, with just a glance they’ll know what happened….don’t underestimate Jasmine, she’s really smart.”


Jiang Fei could only helplessly force out a smile.


Although there was nothing between him and Jasmine Lin, but right now he had been c**kblocked because of her!


“Don’t just stand there, let’s go. It’s already late out.” Su Nan no longer stayed, she turned around and opened the door.


Jiang Fei touched his nose and took in a deep breath, then quickly following behind Su Nan afterwards.


After getting in the car, he started the engine.


On the way back, he felt that the space in the car had become much bigger than it was a while ago when they were on their way to his clinic. They were adults after all. After talking about some topics, they got along better than before.


Still, Jiang Fei’s eyes would sometimes secretly move. Stealing a few glances at Su Nan who was wearing a seductive dress, his heart began to itch again. He then smiled and asked: “So….Sister Su Nan. Since we don’t have enough time today, then you can just go find me. We can find a time where….”


“What do you think of me as?” Before Jiang Fei even finished, Su Nan glared at him and asked.

Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment. Looking at Su Nan’s furious expression, he frowned as he didn’t know how this woman was able to quickly forget about the matter just now.


But seeing Su Nan’s reaction, his interest towards her was immediately halved.

He wasn’t really a demon in the dark.


Just when he was ready to coldly say a few words, Su Nan suddenly laughed. She then looked at Jiang Fei and said: “I’m just joking with you. You should have seen your face! Later….we can just talk about it later.”


She didn’t refuse, nor did she agree.


After hearing that, Jiang Fei’s interest towards her once again soared. She was playing with his feelings! Knowing that, he didn’t hesitate any longer. He extended his hand towards her pair of long thighs, he fiercely said: “Then we’ll just have to talk about it at that ‘day’!”


Su Nan didn’t quite hear Jiang Fei’s pun. She hurriedly slapped Jiang Fei’s mischievous hand and said: “My face has already become normal so don’t do anything without permission again. Otherwise when I go back, Jasmine will really think that something happened between us!”

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2 thoughts on “AMAS: Chapter 58-A Favorable Impression

  1. I didnt believe the comments on NU first but they were true after all. His personality took U turn to an asshole. He has a girlfriend but he wants to casually have a fling with someone. Even ‘his interest towards her has halved’ when she naturally rejected. Like she did the wrong thing there. Even if author wants to go harem route this isnt the right way..


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