AMAS: Chapter 59-Jiang Shi’s Hospital

Jiang Fei and Su Nan eventually didn’t do anything special, and as soon as they came back, Jasmine Lin quietly stared at the two. After finding out there were no abnormalities, she pleasantly pulled Su Nan’s hand and looked at her fully restored cheek, praising Jiang Fei’s abilities.

Only this time, Jiang Fei and Su Nan glanced at each other’s eyes thinking that they had a ‘narrow escape’. If they had done something back then and arrived at a later time, Jasmine Lin might have really discovered something.

At this time, Jiang Fei discovered that he should never look down on women. Especially on incidents like these. Possessing great vigilance, each one of them is like Sherlock Holmes!
Although Jasmine Lin was smart, Su Nan’s was also quite marvelous. Otherwise, how else could she have guessed Jasmine Lin’s actions in advance?

In addition to that, Jiang Fei also discovered that Jasmine Lin was quite competent. For example, at the time when they planned to make a private hospital and become partners, if it was just Jiang Fei alone, he would have probably been all battered up by now. What makes the matter more complicated was the fact that he didn’t know where to begin with. However with Jasmine Lin here, things were going smoothly. She handled everything that was needed to be handled, rented a building for their hospital, and also solved the matters about the equipment. Soon, their hospital would finally be finished. The only thing left to do was for Jiang Fei to recruit more doctors.

Now, Jiang Fei felt that working together with Jasmine Lin was really the right thing to do. Plus Jasmine Lin receiving only 40% of the shares was too unfair for her. True he may have the skills needed to make their business improve and become a doctor that no one else could hold a candle to, but opening and running a hospital was not a simple thing to do. A highly skilled doctor wasn’t enough. A good manager and coordinator was also needed. Only by having such resources can he maximize the growth and development of their hospital.

If Jiang Fei were to do all these things by himself, even with the various skills he possess, he would still end up in the red. Only by being together with a strong woman like Jasmine Lin could the two bring out the best of each other.

After returning to Su Nan’s house, Jiang Fei didn’t stay long, and quickly left together with Jasmine Lin and the Tibetan Mastiff Simba.

As usual, the one sitting beside Jiang Fei was obviously Jasmine Lin.

Jasmine Lin said with a smile: “Everything on my end is almost complete, all the paperwork has already been handled and submitted. All we need to do now is wait for their approval. The renovations for the hospital are completed and all the equipment that you’ve requested will be shipped within one week. You’re the owner so the hospital should be named ‘Jiang shi’s hospital’. There’s nothing else to do but for you to check and see if things are to your satisfaction.”

“I won’t need to, I have complete trust in you. If it was anyone else but you, I wouldn’t have left the matter to them much less have a partnership with them.” Righteous words left his mouth, but in truth, Jiang Fei was just too lazy to do all those things.

Opening a private hospital and buying equipment, Jasmine Lin used to work in a hospital herself so she knew all about those things. Even if she had something she didn’t know of, Jiang Fei could just make a list for her and all Jasmine Lin would need to do was to buy it all herself. These days, Jasmine Lin would be out busy while Jiang Fei was handling the clinic quite leisurely.

While driving the car, Jiang Fei thought for a moment and said: “When all the equipment arrives, let me know and I’ll take a look. If there’s still anything missing, we’ll have to go buy it. Right, how much did it all cost?”

Hearing this, Jasmine Lin’s face darkened, she seriously reported: “Opening a hospital is even more expensive than I’ve ever thought. We’re opening a Chinese hospital, so although we won’t need Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level Western Medicine doctors, but there are still minimum requirements that needs to be met. First, we need to have at least 5 doctors with one doctor in charge, that can be you. Also at least 8 nurses and no less than 20 hospital beds. Since we’re renting a building, buying equipment, and after going through a number of paper works; the total cost of it all is about 1.9 million yuan. But we still have to buy medicine. Hiring doctors and nurses would probably cost about 800,000 yuan. I took out all of my savings but since I only have 1.6 million yuan, I had to borrow 1.5 million yuan more from the bank!”
Jasmine Lin didn’t make a detailed report. If she did, she would have to give at least 11 reports. Even if Jasmine Lin had that sort of patience, Jiang Fei would surely not listen to it all thus she had summarized it for him.

Jiang Fei nodded and without much to worry, he said: “Fortunately, it’s not beyond our budget. After the hospital is completed, we can start doing business right away and we should be able to pay off the 1.5 million yuan loan from the bank quickly.”

With a hospital, the ability to receive patients will be greatly improved.

After Sichuan Metropolis Daily interviewed Jiang Fei; the reporter, Li Fei notified Jiang Fei that she’ll report the contents of the interview the next day. After the newspaper is released, Jiang Fei’s reputation as a doctor would spread once again.

At that time, Jiang Fei would not need to post flyers nor will he need to advertise on TV. The patients themselves would take the initiative to find him while he on the other hand, wouldn’t need to worry about or do anything except sit back and wait.
After all, hospitals are different from other commodities. Sure, to some, having more advertisements would result in better business.

But in a hospital, the most important thing is to have a doctor with great skills and great reputation.

“I’ll handle recruiting the nurses and health personnel. But for the doctors, you’ll have to hire them yourself. I don’t have the ability to tell whether the doctor has sufficient skills, so you’ll have to check them yourself.” Jasmine Lin looked at him and said.

“Now, it isn’t that difficult to find a doctor. There are so many medical schools in Jincheng alone. There are three medical universities each year where, there are those that graduate but are unable to find a hospital to work for. The only thing difficult is to find a good doctor.”

Jiang Fei pondered for a moment, and soon said: “When I get home today, I’ll call some of my teachers and counselors from my old university. It’s almost June. At that time, there should be a lot of graduates waiting for employment. I’ll to go to my old university to see If I can find a few talents.”

Jasmine Lin nodded and said: “Although our hospital is small, our doctors’ medical skills still needs to be passable. It doesn’t matter if we have to pay more. Otherwise even with a highly skilled doctor like you in charge, if our doctors’ medical skills are bad, our hospital’s reputation would gradually worsen.

Jiang Fei smiled and said: “Rest assured, I’ll certainly hire individuals with good medical skills. I want to relax! If I hire college students that can’t even identify common diseases and would need me to assist all the time, then what would opening a hospital be for?”

Jasmine Lin sighed as she once again looked at Jiang Fei.

She was seriously considering the long-term development of the hospital yet this guy was only thinking of how to goof off even more than before.

In this way, for the next few days, the two became busy with each of their own tasks, not even having the time to go back to Rice Village.

However, thinking about it, being busy like this was good. Because when the hospital opens to the public and once it is on the right track, they’ll finally be able to have a proper rest.

And finally, in Sichuan Metropolis Daily, a report about Jiang Fei came out once more.
This time, the report about Jiang Fei used a lot more space than before. It was almost five times more than the previous one while the title and layout were very eye-catching!

The report was very detailed while talking about Jiang Fei’s capabilities. To improve the credibility of Jiang Fei, Li Fei reported his competition with Jincheng Hospital’s acupuncture doctor, Qin Zhengming, which resulted in the defeat of latter!

In the morning, Jiang Fei woke up in the earliest time possible to open the doors of his clinic. He saw the newspaper stand and bought five newspapers. He then meticulously read his article from beginning to end, intoxicated for a long time. He put away the newspaper and brought it back as a souvenir.

At the same time, in the Jincheng military special Sanatorium, the elderly man who had once read the news report about Jiang Fei before had seen it again in this morning’s newspaper.

In the past, the old man didn’t take the story to heart. But this time, when he saw that Jiang Fei had won against Jincheng hospital’s doctor, Qin Zhengming, he suddenly couldn’t sit still any longer.